Back from Vietnam!!!

Hello I am back from Vietnam!!!

And I have to say it is REALLY DAMN FUN!!! But it's sad knowing this is my last overseas trip with JWSS RCY :(

Anyway I will try my best to do up the posts as soon as possible and I will probably devote most of my time in December doing that.

Sadly 3 December to 7 December I will be having first aid duty for a Boys' Brigade camp at some army camp here. I know right? 5D4N? Seriously?

So that is all I have to say! I am really tired now and I shall go get some rest soon. :)

Also I'm feel cheesy tonight so I just wanna say that I really appreciate you guys always reading my blog. I do put in loads of effort in this and it's nice to know it's being appreciated even if it's just like, 2 people reading it. Thanks! :)

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