The Big 6! | I'm going overseas AGAIN

OMFG it's my 600th Post!!!!!!

Ok anyway as the title suggests, YES I'M GOING OVERSEAS AGAIN!!! LOLOLOL I know right?

So the place I am going to rhymes with Shitnumb.

That's right it's........

Please stop judging me severely because I'm going to a third world country again.

Just like last year's Cambodia trip this time I'm going overseas again for the Red Cross overseas trip!!! We'll be going to the Ho Chi Minh!

It will be 5 days this time rather than 4 days which will be from Friday all the way to Tuesday. I'll be back by 6pm-ish.

And with that being said by the time this post is up I'll already be on the bus to Changi Airport!!

And of course I will be bringing my camera along to take pictures so I can blog about it when I'm back.

We'll be sightseeing for 3 days and doing CIP for 2 days so I am excited! Less CIP more vacation. Awesome.

Anyway for the CIP we'll only be going to an orphanage (hopefully no more embarrassing incidents) and a government school. Like, a secondary school there.

Ok I have nothing else to say already! I might be tweeting occasionally so that's something you can look forward to for the 5 days I won't be around.

Unfortunately I have no scheduled posts to entertain you while I'm away but come on it's just 5 days!!!

Tạm biệt! Nhìn thấy bạn trong 5 ngày!
Goodbye! See you in 5 days!

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