Haolian time even though it's nothing good to haolian about

So I just received my report book the day I came back from Japan since I missed the last day of school so I didn't get to see my results until I came back!

Anyway, what I thought would be good results turned out not to be what I hoped:


Of all subjects to get A I get it for CME ONLY?! And CME isn't even like, a subject.

And I totally thought I would get A2 for Maths but I guess my mid-years really screwed me up big time!! 72.5 then 72.0 then 72.1 suddenly become 65!! FML

I'd say it's definitely a step up from my Mid Years though lolol.

And I just had the realization that because of my shitty results I think chances of me successfully DPA-ing into the course I want are super slim!!! Like | | this slim.

And I am suddenly depressed.

But I am still proud of myself because I aimed to be in Top 10 for the class and I did!!! Too bad not in the top 40 for the level.

And... eloquent debator who has done well... sure or not?

Oh well life sucks!

In other news, on the last day of school (technically the second last) I received my

I don't know if I told you all but I was actually a volunteer for the school to set up a booth about Belarus in the Youth Olympic Village. I didn't actually get to go there myself though I was just in the planning team lol.

So inside there is a tumbler which other volunteers didn't get in their goodie bag (but all that were involved in the booth got it la) which is weird but I feel so special like this HAHA

There is also a wristband, 2 pens, 3 pins (the VISA thingy is one huge pin if you don't know), a towel, a DVD of the recollections (haven't watched it yet and not intending to anyway), 5 antiseptic wipes (wtf?), 5 temporary tattoos and 1 badge.

Other than that I also received my class t-shirt on the same day!!!

Made with Cotton goodness. To hell with Dry Fit or whatever that material is!

And yea la I know it's too late for a 3E2 T-shirt but whatever.

Anyway the initial plan was to have our "nickname" to appear at one SMALL corner in bar code form but suddenly plans changed and it was just one big thing there. Damn I shouldn't have put MEATPAO ;_;

I don't know I just don't like it being there. Doesn't mean I won't wear it though. But I think I will be heavily judged in public and think I'm from China HAHAHA ok la maybe not so bad.

I know what you're going to say, yes, it's meant to be a peace logo but it's upside down and there is one missing stroke.

But it doesn't matter because my name there makes it awesome nonetheless ;) *shameless*

Ok so that's all I have to show you! Next year is totally going to be my O levels how exciting is that?

And last picture of random lulz before I go:

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