"Hmmmm.... 11.35 to 12.10??"

Last night I had this really crazy dream and I am surprised I still remember what happened!!! LOL.

So anyway in this dream we were in class and I think it was PC lesson because Mr Chian was around. Another weird thing was that I was seated at the back of the class when in actual fact I sit in the front.

Then Mr Chian was like talking and I wasn't listening because I was sleepy.

But noooo I didn't choose to sleep on the table. I did the next best thing - go to the metal cabinet and sleep inside while at the same time attempt to hide myself. I know right?

And the best part was I MANAGED TO DO IT!!! And I fell asleep for like, a few hours, before I was discovered at 11:35AM!!!

Mr Chian was yelling across the class, "TRAVIS! How long more do you want to sleep there?" in a very sarcastic way.

And then I just mumbled something indecipherable and went back to sleep. Then I woke up again to hear a really loud "TRAVIS!!!" by Mr Chian again.

I woke up, looked at him with a very tired face, and he asked again, "How long more do you want to sleep there?"

I said Hmmmm..... then paused for like, 5 seconds and replied, "11.35 to 12.10????" LOLOLOL!!! I can only imagine what his face would be like if I really said that in reality because the dream ended after that :(

But 2 nights ago I had this really freaky dream that I actually DIED. I was on the third floor of somewhere, and I just decided to jump off the freaking building. Now if only I sleepwalked...

I remember myself dying, but then all of a sudden it played a scenario of what would happen if I lived- I got plastic surgery because I was disfigured.

Sounds great right?! No!!! Turns out I ended up looking like shit. I looked so shitty I don't even know how to describe it here. I think I would've killed myself right then and there anyway LOL.

So yea that's all about my crazy dream which made me wake up in the middle of the night lol.

p/s. I got a Certificate of Proficiency for my Australian Maths Competition! It's nothing much, but I am proud of myself for not getting a cert. of participation instead. Yay!

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