Japan Trip 2010 (Part 1)

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Day 0
27 October

I call it Day 0 because the trip has yet to even start LOL. And I'm putting this down just so to share this picture of Ashley who accompanied me to sleep the night before we left:

Awwww. I put on that shirt for her by the way. Whut whuuut!

It was also Eva's birthday on that day so Jia Rong and I bought her a magazine with Koda Kumi on the cover as a present 8D

Oh and if you didn't know yet I went to Japan with Eva's family again.

Day 1
28 October

I'd call this day the day of travelling because we spent most of our time for the day travelling!

I slept at around 10pm the night before and guess what time we had to wake up? Jeng jeng jeng 1:30AM!!!

I actually wanted to wake up at 1 but I guess I was sleeping too deeply to hear the alarm for 1am.

We reached the airport at roughly 3AM and our flight was going to be around 6AM if I remember correctly.

Our gate~

Boarding Pass. Yes the airline we took was Delta Airlines!

So after waiting like crazy we finally got to board the plane.

I forgot to mention how tight the security for Delta was! There were LOADS of police everywhere. The police at the check in area were really friendly.

I wouldn't say the same for those at the boarding room entrance though. It is apparently very difficult to at least smile or something.

Pillow and blanket provided

Eva and I got seats near the window but unfortunately the person sitting directly beside the window was neither of us!! It was some Indonesian woman.

Also the in-flight entertainment was awesome~

Some of the games available. I only played Reversi, Solitaire and Blackjack. Didn't win in any of the games!! Some more I am like, a self-proclaimed solitaire pro and I didn't win any of the games?!?!

I deem the game there flawed hmph.

A very limited J-Pop selection (only that plus one more album in next page).

Shut up K-Pop freaks your K-Pop also very small selection!! (Yes I checked)

Music system kind of screwed though... like, if you want to pause your music to watch a movie, when your movie finishes and you go back to the home page the music starts playing again! So irritating!

TV Episodes

At least this time round you get to pick what you want to watch rather than putting them into time slots on a certain channel like last year when I sat on Cathay Pacific.


I watched Julie & Julia and it's such a great movie!! I've been wanting to watch it for quite a long time already so I was quite happy to find it there.

But anyway, I soooo don't like the air stewardesses for that flight! They all had BITCH FACES. And by that I mean those with the look of arrogance on them in everything they do.

It's the kind of face you'd see of someone who would roll her eyes after you say something random to her.

They are also old!!! I bet they are all having their menopause or something which might be the reason for their bitch faces.

The only nice stewardess was this Caucasian lady (old, but definitely way better than the others) and she was so kind and friendly! They should learn from her. She even had a flower in her head lolol.

Anyway the in-flight meal was... not as good as I thought, unfortunately. And I was looking forward to it so much! Sad for me.

The choice of breakfast was, according to the stewardess, between "omelette" and "rice with fish...... cake" (yes she took quite a while before saying the cake)

So I didn't think that by fishcake she really meant those cheapskate ones made from fish paste but actual fish cakes made of real actual fish shaped into a ball or something like that (I did wake up from a short nap when she came after all)

I thought "Wa must be good I shall have that!!!" and Eva along with the Indonesian woman got the same thing as well. We are such Asians hear rice only then want.

If only I didn't take that short nap which made my brain half-awake when she came because...


And yes I was truly surprised at the sight of the fishcakes because, like I said, my brain was only half-awake!!! Well the unpleasant surprise jolted my brain to be fully awake afterward.

There was rice, one pathetic fishcake (cut into half), half of an egg, ikan bilis (ew) and long beans.

In other words, it's nasi lemak.

Ok la in all honesty it was rather decent tasting but I bet the omelette was much better!!! I only didn't like the ikan bilis.

The bread and fruit was nice as well. So did my cup of apple juice.

I didn't eat the yogurt because they didn't provide a separate spoon! And I figured the Indonesian woman would be grossed out to see me use the nasi lemak spoon covered in chilli oil.

After the meal I also watched Grown Ups which is another nice movie! And after the movie we were served a light snack which was a sandwich with ham inside.

It smelt funny to me at first but after I took a few nibbles the smell went away and then I realized how delicious it was. So delicious I forgot to take a photo!!! (Hooray for lame excuses)

And FINALLY after a really long 7 hour flight and an aching butt we arrived in Tokyo!!!

On the train from the airport to Tokyo station where we would have to transit to another train to get to Ueno which would be where our next train would be.

And the moment I go up to the train platform in Tokyo, you feel a big gush of fresh air in your face!!!

I seriously LOVE the air in Japan. It is FUCKING FRESH. You can literally feel the difference. I don't know how to describe but it's thinner? Maybe because it's less humid. Well I like it that way! Makes breathing easier for me lolol.

And smelling the familiar air makes me think back of my previous Japan trip. Oh the nostalgia.

Utada Hikaru billboard! Blurry because we were in a rush since the train came the moment we went up.

And speaking of trains, good lord! One of the first trains I take in Japan and I get embarrassed so much!!!

The train came and it was REALLY crowded. And the fact that we had our luggage with us didn't help the matter at all! So we tried to squeeze inside and I was the last of the 4 of us and guess what!


OMG paiseh like hell!!! I didn't even have that happen to me in Singapore before! Actually if it's Singapore the doors will just open back right? But this time the door would just firmly trap you there!

After I managed to squeeze my way through the door then trapped my luggage behind me but when we were finally inside the train safely I just looked up because I knew all the Japanese people were staring at me! I could feel it! How embarrassing.

And I think I was being really rude to get onto the train when it's packed or something like that. Eva said two Japanese women went something like "What is this?" at us when we went in. Argh so embarrassing to think back!

So yea. Paiseh moment right there.

At Ueno to collect train tickets. By then it was around late-afternoon if I'm not wrong.

Actually now to come to think of it, I also observed on that day how the Japanese people really know how to prove that trains really can be packed like a can of sardines.

And you think Singapore MRTs are bad?

I was observing this REALLY packed train and then this poor man runs along, about to be late for his train. I thought he was never going to make it and all of a sudden he manages to fit into the fucking packed train!!! OMFG how is that even possible right?

And when the bell goes off signalling the departure of the train, you'll see a lot of people beginning to run to their respective carriages!

You'd think some of them may not make it- but ALL OF THEM MAKE IT IN. I KNOW RIGHT??

Omg Singaporeans please don't be like that so I won't suffocate in trains like that kthx.


It was raining outside and we wanted to find McDonald's to have some lovely McPork but we settled for some ramen within the train station in the end.

Did I mention it was 10 degrees outside?

A nice big bowl of ramen and 3 gyozas!!! For only like, 730yen? (SGD11) (Cheap for Japanese standards!!)

I know right?

So after our absolutely delicious dinner we made our way to the train platform to wait for our train.

It was a 12 hour ride (9:15PM to 9:15AM) all the way from Tokyo to Aomori. Aomori is actually quite ulu and I bet it must be the first time some of you actually heard of such a place. Like me!

They're famous for their apples.

And of course when a train is going to take so damn fucking long you wouldn't expect it to be like an MRT.

Deng deng deng!

Eva and I had to share the top beds because the bottom ones were already reserved! Looks like we were a bit too late when making reservations. Godma and Godpa were just next door.


View from the bed.

Our shoes~

The train ticket

Questionable stains.... hmmm

Anyway our "roommates" for the night were 2 Japanese men whom obviously were sleeping below Eva and I.

I would have said Hi but too bad since I don't think they know English!! The one below Eva just sits and listens to music on his headphones.

The other one ate a Chicken bento and after that ate a friggin' bag of chips!!!

And on top of that he judged Eva and I (from the look of his face according to Eva) probably because we spoke some alien language to him also known as English.

We know because he judged us through the window reflection! And we knew that through the same window reflection. LMAO.

Sigh. I need someone to tell me what the hell are their secrets to staying so slim all the time?? Chicken bento AND a bag of chips at 10PM? Seriously?

I used to think it's their diet but after seeing all the shit he ate and the wonderfully rich ramen, I don't think so!!

I fell asleep around 2AM because I couldn't sleep! And you can draw curtains when you want to sleep by the way.

And that's the end of Part 1!! For Part 2 we went to a famous fish market in Aomori and visited some museum where they showed houses of an ancient civilisation there that had been excavated. So be patient and wait for it!!

Also if you're wondering this is the post with the least number of photos lol. I did say it was the day of travelling after all!! You expect me to take photos while I'm sleeping?

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