Made another trip to Dr Ho my orthodontist yesterday!!!

Once again it's nothing special because I used the clear transparent bands again.

But the interesting part is you see that tooth at the top row to the left that doesn't have a bracket attached??? (It's on the right for me la)

Next week THERE WILL BE A BRACKET ATTACHED!!! Yay!!! That's what I'm very excited about. But the one in the top right still has a bit more to go though.

Also he chained up the 2 front teeth with the linking bands because he said the gap is becoming unsightly LMAO sad life for me.

But he did say I was making slow but good progress!!! He didn't even change the wires because the current ones are working fine.

Comparison time!!!

Also I don't know if I've mentioned before or not but the extraction sites at the area where my molars are for the top row are very close to closing up already! It's like around 80% to closing up now.

But the shitty part is that it's fucking hard to get food out when it gets stuck there while eating. Oh well!

So that's all!! After the CDs of the month post I will focus mostly on the posts for my vacation trips!!! Be patient!

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