Hooray for ~complete~ set of braces

Check this out bitches

As told last month my laterals now have brackets on!!!

The cool thing about my new upper wire is that it is thermal reactive or whatever you call it.

If I drink a cup of cold water, the wire will react to the cold temperature by loosening and become more flexible / softer / whatever you like to call it. I'm actually supposed to do this before every meal so it won't be as pain lol.

Then when it is the normal temperature it will tighten again. How cool is that? What would I do without technology like this?!

My prominent gap at the bottom is also closing up! Actually he said that gap was making progress slower than expected so he made it link tighter over there.

And with that it's already the 6th visit to my orthodontist! And the 5th month since I've had my braces on.

As I'm typing this post my teeth still hurt like a bitch since I only did it earlier today but for the sake of straight teeth ;_;

Okay that's all!!! Tomorrow will be a very special day that I actually remember to make it in time for since forever. You'll see.

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