Japan Trip 2010 (Part 2)

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Day 2

29 October

Good Morning! As mentioned in Part 1 for Part 2 I'll be writing about the time we spent at the Auga Fish Market, one of the tourist attractions, strangely enough for a fish market, in Aomori.

If you didn't know our first city to tour was Aomori and if you don't know where the fuck that is, don't worry, neither did I.

So I woke up in the morning at around 8AM++ and look at the lovely scenery from the window!!!

Awesome or what?

Also, remember the dude that slept below my bed whom ate a chicken bento and a bag of chips the night before?

The moment he woke up he opened up A FREAKIN BOX OF SANDWICHES. Goodness gracious. What on EARTH did he pack in his bag? Oh, right- FOOD.

I went to the toilet to wash up and the toilet was so small! I almost knocked into an old lady who apologized after...

And when we finally reached Aomori we made our way to our hotel, which luckily enough was just in the vicinity of the train station!!

Our hotel~

Cigarette vending machine! Don't know if I've ever shown one in the previous Japan trip post. It was located inside a really small smoking room in the hotel lobby for smokers!

Unfortunately we could only check in at 4PM so we let them hold onto our luggage while we go tour the city and do some shopping at the same time.

We managed to find the Auga building where the fish market was quite quickly. You'd think it'd be some kind of wet market in Singapore right. But noooo it's located in a shopping mall!

Hi Namie

Another vending machine.

And here we are!!! There weren't a lot of tourists around though, but I think that's because we went there super early LOL.

The place smelt of fresh fish everywhere. Not as sickening as Singapore wet market smell though.

As I mentioned Aomori is famous for their apples! And they're big! But I wouldn't call this one big yet. (though these are a lot bigger than normal ones) Later on got bigger one!!

Oh my god salivating right now

Pretty fish

This is, amazingly enough, the floor. Look how clean it is!

Oh hohohohohohoho

Look at how big the fish are. JUST LOOK AT IT.

And then... lo and behold....


Damn that fish's head is bigger than the old man's!!!

And I noticed that the fishmongers there really take pride in their work! (Ok la it's the Japanese in general) They really put great precision into slicing the fish.

Look at allll those roe. Also known as fish eggs.

After walking around the place we went back up to do some souvenir shopping around the place.

Nice fountain

Traffic lights


Look at the lovely glass vase there attached to the wall. It looks so lovely right?

Well the price is just as lovely!!!

Heart attack inducing.

That's SGD1158 for a freaking vase. You don't even know if it comes with the artificial plant displayed together with it or not!

And the award for the most expensive tissue box ever goes to:

8400yen which is SGD$132. It's not even used to store gold it's used to store TISSUE.

One of the more reasonably priced items in that shop

So after suffering numerous heart attacks just by looking at crazy prices and buying reasonably priced things we went to take a taxi to some ancient civilisation museum!

Why can't Singapore have taxis with automatic doors? Argh

Autumn leaves!

A miniature version of the place we'd be going to then

The huts villagers used to live in!


This looks like an animal lol. (Not me but the hut) And obviously they are just replicas because you can't expect something buried so deep underground from millions of years ago to still look pristine now right?

Anyway the smell inside is like wtf. Smells of... hay? And the smell is fucking strong omg.

And this is the actual hut that they excavated out!

What used to be their hot springs.

Deng deng! Ancient onsen!!

And this scary tall thing is what I believe to be the skeleton of whatever buildings they would plan to build in the past.


Look how purrdy it is. Needless to say, I blew it. And then I became amused like a 5 year old child.

So after the ~historical~ trip we made our way back by bus!

Book OoOoOoff~~~

So after we went back we decided to head back down to the Auga Fish Market for lunch because there was a restaurant located beside the market.

Lovely sushi. Pardon the blurriness!

And this is my dish!! Rice with pork slices. I initially thought the portion size was okay but I didn't know there were loads of pork slices hidden underneath!!! Omfg.

Eva's oyakodon which is rice with chicken and egg.

So after eating our really large portioned meal it was apparently still a bit too early for checking in so we went to the shopping mall to shop around for anything we'd want to buy.

And I did find a really nice pair of shoes! Which I bought for about 8000yen. Which is like SGD125. Bam.

No picture at the moment though but you'll get to see it on the last part of the series. Lol.

So then we went back to check in!

Had to share a room with Godpa because they apparently didn't have 4 bedded rooms.

And there's that box with the awesome but expensive pair of shoes.

The bathroom.

I don't even know who the heck this is

View from the window. Not very exciting.

Yes the TV was showing some China drama with Japanese dubbed over.

Another picture

After that we went back out to get dinner!!!

Check out the time. Now check out the sky color. Bam!!

And if you didn't believe how big their apples were....


Hallelujah it's almost the size of Earth.

Aiya but I don't think you all will believe me anyway because the pictures don't do the size of the apple any justice!! It looks much bigger in real I swear! That barely made any sense

Anyway while we were being so heavily amused by the big assed apples this old lady came and asked us if we were from Okinawa (some city in Japan) like wtf whuuut?

Then we said we were from Singapore and she suddenly became SO EXCITED (Like you cannot IMAGINE) and spazzing about how awesome Singapore is and that she even went there twice! And she said she went to Sentosa and she liked how it was so clean there.

She kept going on about it we didn't even know what to say... so we just said we had to go and it was awkward.

You must be wondering how I could even understand her right? I am secretly Japanese.

So we went back to the same shopping mall I bought my awesome shoes from because when we were there we saw this Western Restaurant promoting what they call their special HALF+HALF SET.

How ridiculous sounding is that? Only in Japan.

Basically your dish will encompass half of one dish and half of another. It's ambiguous because I have a very limited vocabulary.

The ironic thing about this Western Restaurant (keyword being western) is that the waitress did not know English at all!!! Oh no! The only word she knew was "cake".

But thank god for pictures on menus!!! 8D

Though when we picked what we wanted we realized it actually came as a set ("setto setto" point point point) with a choice of drink plus a dessert. That's when I found out the only word she knew was cake.

So here's what I ordered!!

Now you get what I mean by HALF+HALF SET?

I got a small sized salad with a small sized omurice with a small sized pasta with clams and cream sauce. Absolutely delicious.

I also had a glass of iced milk tea.

And of course the bitch lied. It was actually mousse.

Strawberry mousse with berries on top! It was awesome nonetheless.

A side order of fries to share with everyone. It was fucking salty.

So after our dinner we went for some souvenir shopping which ended up having me buying more things for myself than for other people. I'm awesome.

And after that we went back to the hotel to get some rest for the night!

But not before having some..


I can stare at this all day but sadly I have a life

And for NEWS fans, I watched NEWS perform Fighting Man on Music Station.

That is all for Part 2!

Part 3 will be rather exciting (for me at least. I don't know how exciting it'll be by just reading about it) because for our last day in Aomori we went to one of the main attractions which is Lake Towada and also where they have this famous... maiden statue? I don't know its exact name because I just call it the lesbian statue.

But to get there we have to walk a 4km route while being... half-surrounded by nature? (You'll see why) But there is a surprise with the 4km route! Lol.

p/s. My god weather there was SOOO GOOOOOD. Seriously Singapore?

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