Japan Trip 2010 (Part 3)

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Day 3
30 October


In Part 2 I told you that this day was the last day we spent in Aomori and we went to the *famous* Lake Towada where they have this statue that I call the lesbian statue. You'll see why later!

The hotel we were staying at had a breakfast buffet at the lobby area in the morning so we went to have our breakfast there when we woke up.

What I got for myself. 2 onigiris with dunnowhat, 2 meatballs, egg, red pickled shit which I've always been a big fan of but sadly don't know what it is and a nice bowl of miso soup.

It was okay only la. Soup is nice though.

Random vending machine

Anyway to get to Lake Towada we took a bus at the bus station which is like, a stone's throw away from the hotel. (omg using this idiom reminds me of primary school)

And it's actually a tour bus that anyone can get onto (provided you bought a ticket) and it will bring people around some tourist attractions around the Lake Towada area, ultimately terminating at Lake Towada.

Only got one bus for the whole day if I'm not wrong! So you miss this bus, you're screwed.

Some window shots while on the way there!

Entering forested area!

How nice.

Our first stop was at this place where they have this famous tea of longevity which I do not know the exact name of.

Here it is!

So what you do is

You open the lid and use the ladle to scoop up some tea into a teacup provided as you can see.

And you have a nice cuppa tea! Well, actually I didn't think it was really nice. Had an aftertaste of corn, how strange.

According to the signboard located somewhere around there it says that 1 cup enables you to live 3 years longer. 2 cups for 6 years, and 3 cups not for 9 years but UNTIL YOU JUST FUCKING DIE YOU BASTARD so yea.

Since I only drank 1 cup it looks like I'll be sticking around for another 3 years suckers!

After you drink you're supposed to wash the cups in the water basin as you can see in one of the pictures above. No soap though... :S

A random patch of snow on the floor. Omg my first time seeing snow!!

And after 20 minutes everyone should be back on the bus (the Japanese people are forever on time) and the bus captain will check by doing a headcount.

But trust me throughout the entire bus ride NOBODY was late. All of them were right on time. Freaks.

Our next stop was at this souvenir shop but I didn't buy anything because such souvenir shops are meant to make you spend shitloads of money on overpriced items. Lesson learnt from previous Japan trip.

However there was this really cool pond outside the shop.

And just look at this cutie right here:


It's a fox!!! It kinda looks like a dog too. So I shall call it a Dox or a Fog.

Bitch refuses to look at the camera


Half-successful shot.


Sadly we had to leave it in the end. It pains my heart so much I cry at night sometimes.

Omg can you feel the awesomeness already

Anyway we finally arrived at our destination which is the Ishigedo nature walk, nature trail, nature whatever where we would have to walk like, 2km to the Keio Falls! Followed by another 2km to reach Lake Towada.

Also I made this observation from my first day that there are rarely any rubbish bins around.

It's almost like playing hide and seek with a 4-year-old child in the middle of the night in a banana plantation located in an obscure part of Malaysia, but not really. You'll never find it anywhere!

And then I saw this sign and I totally know why

"Please take your rubbish home" "Do not pick wild flowers" "Keep to the paths" "Keep your pets on leash" "No camping"

Pardon the blurriness I didn't know it was going to be this bad.

But the Japanese really follow the country code! (Well duh) I can imagine that if Singapore had such a thing nobody will really give a flying hoot about it and just litter.

And so begins the nature walk!

Creepy man standing at a distance


There's an old man at the side that was painting the river slowly. I can never have patience like that. I'll just snap a picture and call it a day. Something like this.

And this is why I said we were going to be half-surrounded by nature because there's a road!!!

How lame can I get?

Some stone thingy



I really need to stop asking questions like that when it's right in the middle of the picture. :(

Anyway I think the moth is already dead because it was right in the middle of the pavement and I don't think anyone would bother looking out for moths in the way.

And after walking for 2km we finally arrived at the Keio Falls!!!

I didn't bother to go closer.

Anyway here comes the little twist with regards to the supposed 4km walk.

After walking for 2km to the Keio Falls... we saw a bus stop... and the bus was approaching...



But unfortunately our laziness made us miss this:

Windows are an amazing invention

But really, walking 2km already took around 2 hours. No shit man.

And we're heeeere. Totally loving the trees.

And when we were there there were roadside stalls selling food and we stumbled upon a stall that was selling beef chunks on a stick! I really don't know the exact name for it.


Just to clear things up I only ate 1 stick. I am not as greedy as you perceive me to be.

The beef looks good and TASTES SOOOO GOOOOOD. It is really juicy and really chewy. Love it to death. And it's only 300 yen or something. That's SGD5 but once again, cheap for Japanese standards!!

And this is Lake Towada!!

With cute swan boats

And check out the size of these crows


Totally huge. I don't know if you can tell the size of these crows based on the pictures but trust me- they were huge.

Random photo of a vending machine with a note slot. Which Singapore only has like, 3 of.

Check these out bitchesssss

I know what you're thinking of. Don't.


I have no idea what this island is for though. For you maybe?

And here we are at the famous BRONZE MAIDEN STATUE!!! Also known as the lesbian statue for me.

The reason why I call it the lesbian statue is because it's supposed to depict two female lovers or something like that. Go Google it yourself!

It is said that one of them looks more masculine than the other to show who's the "man" and the "woman" of the couple. No difference leh. And can't really be bothered either. BOOBIES

On the way back we decided to get some of the yummy looking snacks as I showed just now with the hot dog and everything. So we decided to get some!!

A blur picture of the karaage chicken I bought. It is REALLY GOOD I'm not even joking. Easily the best I've ever tasted and the chicken meat surprisingly tastes sweet.

I also tried the hot dog which was equally as good.

So after returning to the starting place we made our way back to the bus station because we didn't want to miss the last bus or we'll be screwed!

But since we had a little bit more time we went to a souvenir shop to get some (cheap) things.

While walking along the shops we went into one where the shop owner, an old lady probably in her 70s with long blue hair. How cool is that?

She even gave Eva a set of postcards from her shop for free.

Your blue hair ain't cool anymore when you're sexist!

Trees from a distance at the bus station

Lovely looking leaves

And a bunch of dead leaves on the floor.

But I thought some of them still looked rather pretty so I picked out 3 leaves for myself to keep! Hehe

Tada! Today it's still hidden inside a ticket holder inside my notebook.

Spider crawling up a water pipe I was sitting beside.

And when the bus finally came we made our way back to Aomori City!

We were in the bus since 4:15PM and by the time it was 4:30PM the sky was already pitch black. I thought it was 8PM!

So because we couldn't be bothered to really find a new place to have dinner (we skipped lunch if you haven't realised) we went back to the fish market restaurant to have dinner again LOL.

And all of us ordered oyakodon! Which is rice with chicken and egg as I have mentioned before.

We did more souvenir shopping after that before getting our luggage back from the hotel to the train station to go to our next destination which would be Sapporo in Hokkaido!

Also I've never said this before but their escalators actually have sensors! When nobody is near the escalator the thing would stop.

Then it would start when someone approaches the escalator. What a good way to save energy.

But actually before I knew that I thought the escalator wasn't working so I always took the stairs. Kena cheated!

Nice hot can of cocoa from a vending machine (by hot I mean HOT) to drink during the loooong train ride. From 10:42PM all the way to 6:30AM. It's almost the duration of a plane flight!... thought I'd add some obvious information

On the other hand some people just wanna get some AKEEHAW (alcohol)

At some resting area or whatever. Those aren't my glasses by the way they're Eva's fake glasses which I'm wearing for the lulz.

Also the seats in the train can be turned 180 degrees! How cool is that?

But actually everyone will turn their seats 180 degrees when the train changes direction lol. Which is really the whole point of the turning seats. I'm not making any sense at all.

And with that we spent our entire night in the train! In other words this is the end of Part 3.

Now now don't cry everything will be alright!

For Part 4 we will arrive in Sapporo and that day would also be Halloween! Don't get excited we didn't celebrate Halloween and neither did the Japanese unfortunately.

But do get excited for the post because we went to Otaru to visit the famous canal, McDonald's and some other places. Hell yeah I'm ambiguous.

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