Japan Trip 2010 (Part 4)

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Day 4
31 October

Why hello there!

So from Part 3 you would know that for this day which is also Halloween we would be in Sapporo, Hokkaido and we went to Otaru and McDonald's.

Don't you like how I first named a city and then immediately after named a fast food restaurant which is more or less the leading cause of obesity?

Ok la actually I mentioned McDonald's because I went to try something I've never tasted from McDonald's before and I doubt Singapore would ever have it so you all can look forward to see what it is!

From the train windows!

So when we came out of the train at 6:30AM (when the sky's already bright as hell as you can see) we made our way to our absolutely lovely 5-Star Hotel which is Keio Plaza Hotel!

But we couldn't check in first since, once again, it's too early to do so.

So we made a trip back to the train station because they had McDonald's there so we decided to head over there for breakfast!

McHotdog with a hashbrown and a carton of milk!

The McHotdog isn't the new one I tried there though, I actually ate that last year in Japan already. I don't think I showed the picture of the actual hot dog last year so here it is!

Ooooo look how delicious it is. And the hashbrown tastes exactly the same anyway.

So after our breakfast we made our way to our first destination in Otaru! It's a 45 minute train ride away from Sapporo.

Random window shot.

I actually saw a lot of seagulls gathered around a rock at one point but I was too lazy to get my camera out to snap a picture. You're welcome.

700m to go!

Traffic lights there are so cool because they actually have a countdown timer beside it to let you know how long more you'd have to wait before it turns green and vice versa.

The temperature for the day. Hokkaido at that point of time should be the coldest of all the places we went to but surprisingly for my first time I could take it quite well!!!

And then we arrived at the Otaru Canal!!

Actually it's nothing special right? I think it's supposed to look a lot nicer at night because promotional images of the otaru canal by tourist agencies are always taken at night! Google it yourself.

Random tap... thing

Anyway the next picture is Not Safe For Work!!! Neither are they safe for your parents to see. Don't say I didn't warn you!

So we went into this shop while walking and GUESS WHAT I FOUND!!!


As you may have guessed already they are stress balls! Certainly helps in relieving stress...

I didn't buy one though... or did I? ;)

Gross shop selling real animal skin...

And I know it's real because I'm an expert at these things.

Ok la I shall impart some of my expertise to you!

All you have to do is to check the price! You're welcome.

Ho ho ho slap my ass and call me Sally.

15 750 yen / SGD245 how crazy is that? Or 12 600 yen / SGD196 which is less crazy.

Interesting looking things.

Look at these cute little things! They apparently belong to the owner of the shop I think. And they're there so they can take pictures with people!

This picture is rather NSFW animal-wise if you know where to look.

They're looking at the camera because the shop owner holds up this clam shell behind the camera which I have no idea why the dogs are so attracted to. Mysteries in life.

It looks really sad

Would you like some crabs? This is a trick question so think before answering!


Forever alone

Totally loving the way their streets look.

I didn't take any pictures, but we also went to see how people made glassware (glass blowing), a music box museum with LOTS of music boxes for exorbitant prices and a Venetian art museum with even crazier prices.

I didn't think they'd allow picture taking so I didn't!

One of the "street markets" as they call it. It looks like a shopping street but the path is also used for vehicles to drive through!

Also while going around souvenir shops, I observed that they sold these little containers of water with an algae ball inside.

They also sold items with pictures of what I believe to be the mascot of Hokkaido which is some green creature. But the thing about this green creature is that IT HAS THE BIGGEST BULGE EVER. And by bulge I mean bulge at its crotch.

It's SO FUNNY! So I did some online research and found out that the mascot's name is "Marimokkori". Google it yourself.

That thing was really everywhere and the creature is supposed to be an algae ball which also explains why they sell the containers with algae balls.

So after seeing everything we decided to head back to Sapporo for lunch.

The express train was going to take another 15 minutes to arrive when we were at the station so we decided to just take the normal train.

It's totally like a better version of the MRT because of the cushioned seats.

The entire ride this time round was over an hour since it's not the express train.

We were craving for some Chinese food (we're Chinese after all) so we decided to just have lunch at a Chinese restaurant while at the same time see how the Chinese food there is like.

That's 4 of the word Chinese in a sentence.

We shared fried rice, fried noodles, gyozas and karaage chicken. Lake Towada's karaage chicken is still the best!

And after that we finally went back to our hotel to check in!

How lavish is that?

4 bedded bedroom!!!


I can live here till I die.

And a bidet. How lovely. Logo looks really lulz too.

Neater bed is mine. Messier bed is Eva's.

The adults

All the coins in my wallet! I can't believe they even have 1 and 5 yen coins because who the fuck is going to use that?

Window view!!

After resting around for a while we went back out to hunt for Book Off for the sake of ~*me*~

For those that do not know Book Off is like heaven to CD Collectors because they sell used CDs (may even have rare ones) there mostly in really good condition for really low prices and I fell in love with the place ever since I first stepped inside!

Cute green telephone

This is the Sapporo TV Tower~ looks like an Eiffel tower rip off to me.


Check this out bitches

After shopping we went to buy dinner which would be... you guessed it... McDonald's!!!

Daiso which we didn't go to

Some promotional banner on the glass walls. That Bacon Potato Pie looks fucking amazing but I didn't try it at all! Damn.

McPork which I have already tried last year.

After buying dinner we proceeded to walk back to the hotel and eat our food there.




The sky was already dark and so the lights for the TV Tower lit up!


Tada!!! Junk food in your face!!!

Big Mac and Quarter Pounder.

And this is what I got! An Ebi fillet-o, which is like, a prawn fillet or something lol.

Sounds gross but once you taste it you will die on the spot and fly straight to heaven. Obesity heaven.

But if you still have trouble visualising it let's just say it's basically this:

Formed into a patty. Which gives you


There are even bits of shrimp in it! So incredibly delicious and so incredibly sinful at the same time.

Look at how cute their paper cup covers are! They have little shapes to press in for whichever drink the customer orders. Singapore only has boring circles.

And none of the shapes are pressed because I chose Qoo which is neither of the shapes lol. Besides the one that says Others.

And this is my Book Off shopping!!!!!~

Check out all the shit I bought:

(Will post up titles and everything CDs of the month style in the last part when I show all the CDs I bought)

Buying every single one of those brand new (heck, some of them can't even be bought brand new anymore) would cost a total of 18,190 freaking yen which is SGD283 (all CDs have a fixed price that is stated on the CD itself so shops cannot overprice them!!)

Look how crazy expensive is that? Well... I bought all those for...

ONLY 6250 YEN!!!

Totally worth it or what? 5 of the 9 CDs are also limited edition and cannot be bought brand new anymore.

After having dinner I went to take a bath with

Te ne!

This is just lulz.

I actually stole that from the hotel in Aomori. Oops!

Ok la I didn't steal it they gave me a basket of those and I just took them all okay! At least when I returned the basket there was still one packet left!

And speaking of the packet it also contained this:


Omg it's so exaggerated! Yea like it's going to work. I tried it

So after we all bathed we went to sleep!

But before I end this post I forgot to tell you all that I actually wrote and published a book!

I know right, who would have thought I would become an author. Anyway, the book is

The teaching of Buddha. I felt so proud when I found my very own book inside the hotel for people to read.

So that's the end of Part 4!!!

In Part 5 we went to the Sapporo Beer Museum, took the subway for the first time in Japan (it's THE MRT of Singapore, not the trains) and went crazy over Gachapon machines. You'll see, you'll see.

All that will be written and up after I'm back from my camp! So bye!

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