Japan Trip 2010 (Part 6)

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Day 6
2 November

Good afternoon!

As you all know from Part 5 for our 6th day in Japan it was also our last day in Sapporo! Or Hokkaido, for that matter. Aww! It's okay you don't have to cry.

On a happier note, we're going to Tokyo bitches!

What's worth crying about though is how we had to check out from the absolutely fabulous 5-star hotel.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before but when we made our booking for the hotel before we went to Japan all the rooms on non-smoking floors were booked! So we had to make do with the rooms on the smoking floors.

But the really shocking thing is that the hotel corridor did not reek of cigarettes at all!!! I think it might be because other non-smokers were also given rooms on the smoking floor lol.

Also as I had mentioned in Part 5 I had a nightmare the night before.

I dreamt that it was already 6th Nov, which is supposed to be our last day in Japan. But that is actually not the scary part.

The scary part was that we were only going to Tokyo ON THAT DAY for only 4 HOURS (DISASTER) before our flight. I know right? And as you all know I refrained myself from buying a lot of things in Sapporo just so I'd have the money to shop in Tokyo as well.

But somehow in that dream I got teleported to Jurong Point (which was apparently in Tokyo) and I went into 7-11 to buy a curly straw. That's all I bought. ...the fuck?

I then woke up feeling sad and everything. Well not really I'm just ~dramatizing~

Purdy purdy

Anyway since we woke up quite late, once again, it was too late for breakfast so we went to have brunch at the... say it with me, train station!!!

But before I go into further detail...

How many of you can say you've ever bought a full meal (and I mean MEAL not potato chips) from a vending machine?

Because we all did!

What I got!

And out comes a ticket!

After that when you get a seat the waiter will just approach you for the ticket and your dish will be served to you!

I can make much better tasting udon though (I'm not even trying to brag) but the rice on the other hand was really nice.

Anyway to be completely honest, we didn't have an agenda AT ALL for this day. Like literally nothing. So it was pretty much a nothing-better-to-do day.

But you know what? Thank god for tourist information counters!

The lady over the counter also said that we should have went to the Asahiyama Zoo but you know, it was closed during our stay.

In the end she suggested a bunch of hot springs aka onsen we weren't interested in but she mentioned about Noboribetsu which has like, an onsen resort there.

The entire place smells of sulfur because of the volcanic activity there which causes sulfur to be naturally released or something along the lines of that.

And we also heard we can go for a foot-bath there so we decided to just go anyway! It's not an everyday thing where you get to go to a place reeking of rotten egg anyway.

It will be a very sad day for you if you fall and tumble down.

Outside the train station at Noboribetsu.

If I actually remember correctly the bear there has real bear fur attached which is really ironic because it's like you kill a bear to make a fake one. What?


The taxi ride there. If I'm not wrong that's the only way to get there and then you go back by bus or something.

The place we were going to is also apparently called the Hell Valley, and I could totally see why the moment we reached there.

Because there are only 2 words I can describe this hell of a valley-


If this is how hell smells like, I'm going to start praying for god to forgive all my sins. This place smelt like shit everywhere! Well, not literally shit but rotten egg aka sulfur.

But personally I didn't think it smelt like rotten egg at all but more of like cooked egg whites.

Unless you're telling me I've been eating... nevermind.

Though really after a while you will eventually get used to the smell anyway. I guess it's because after that we start smelling like rotten egg as well.

Aside from the excruciating smell though, visual-wise it was really awesome.

The pictures don't really show how really awesome the view is. I guess you have to be in person to experience it!

Weather is also totally awesome because of the chilly wind.

We then started our adventure to go to wherever the foot-bath is because there's really nobody there to help you but yourself.

And if you didn't believe me when I said the weather was awesome, check this out:

Okay maybe you still don't believe me but from all the leaves flying everywhere, you can probably tell WEATHER IS SHIT CRAZY

And why is this leaf blue? Mysteries in life. Or it could be from that avatar movie.

But hey the nature is amazing~

Something's going on there!

Another lame attempt at being artistic.

Let's just say that if you consumed 10 Big Macs and manage to walk all the way to the desired location, you can still lose weight.

Journey was absolutely arduous and even though you can't tell from the pictures, the paths have A LOT (and I mean A LOT) of steep slopes to walk up and there were thousands and thousands of stairs I'm not even joking about this one.

So as you all may have guessed, we didn't manage to reach our destination. We didn't think that the place would be so far because after walking like crazy we found out, that after walking for almost an hour, we didn't even walk HALF the distance. My goodness!

Maybe all this has a meaning to it. Maybe the stairs represent the stairway to heaven!

So if you want to get to heaven, which in this context, is the foot-bath, you'd have to suffer the pain, sucker!

But if heaven really was this hard to get to, I think I'd rather go to hell. I'm going down the stairs to get myself a bed and sleep.

It was admittedly rather embarrassing because while walking up a steep path, a group of old people, and I mean REALLY OLD PEOPLE, walking down BRISKLY, happily.

I swear they must have reached the supposed heaven and reached enlightenment like the Buddha! But I, on the other hand, am only 15 but suck so much.

Speaking of old people I actually realised how fit the old people are. It's no wonder that Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world. When I retire, I'm going to migrate there.

Then while we were walking back we gloated at whoever was going up because they don't know what they're about to get themselves into!

And it helps a lot that many of the visitors are Japanese and don't understand English.

We went back to the entrance where there was a souvenir shop and I bought 2 Hokkaido magnets! They were like, 400yen each so it's kind of crazy.

But you know what is one other crazy thing I saw? A tool to dig your ear. (What exactly do you call these things? Ear diggers? Mysteries in life.) The tool itself is not crazy. The price is. 1500yen (SGD24) for it.

Are Japanese ears made of gold?

Good luck suckers

So after getting our souvenirs we decided to walk to where the buses would be to take us back to Sapporo. Time went really fast when we started walking there there because before we knew it it was already 4PM!!

At a 7-11 store.

As you can see, they sell awesome shit there. I bought one of the bigass sausages you see, and Eva got potato wedges.

The sausages are absolutely fantastic and I expected the potato wedges to taste like shit but what do you know? It was fucking nice. It's almost as though they were made fresh!

Ticket for the bus that will bring us back to the train station!

Waiting for the gates to open

Anyway when we were back at the Sapporo station, I totally saw this!!

So I decided to check it out since, if you don't know yet, I'm a fan.

I think she's more popular among casual foreign fans with "Sakurairo Maukoro" or "Yuki no Hana" or "LIFE" if you're wondering who she is.

Her entire discography in one wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it's not just pictures but the real, actual CDs in their original sealed form encased inside there!!! :(

And seriously man, I've been hunting for the first press edition of her BEST album for god knows how long and there it is, right in front of me, brand new and everything. Fuck this shit!

Shall end Mika Nakashima picture spam here because 99% of you will be uninterested, with the remaining 1% being me. I could have posted up all 20 over pictures I took!

But moving on to things that are less depressing...

Look how cute these lockers are!!

In case you're wondering (you totally are) the reason for these lockers, they are for travellers to put their baggage and everything into these lockers to safe keep them so that you can go walk walk or shopping while waiting for your night train!

We had dinner at the Chinese restaurant again and this time we all ordered fried rice!

Eva had egg and lettuce, the adults had pork ribs with leek + garlic sauce and I had, as the menu there said, shrimp & various ingredients. How ambiguous right?

There's nothing scary inside though.

So after dinner we made our way back to the hotel, sadly not to stay for the night, but to collect our luggage since we're leaving Sapporo already.

One of the rare occasions where you actually see recycling bins around.

And look how considerate the Japanese people are. If in Singapore you see how. Ask for newspaper go and put used condom.

Buying a nice can of hot beverage to drink while on the train.


I just realised I haven't mentioned this but the train we were taking for the night was actually to Aomori, after which we would have to transit and shit before reaching Tokyo.

Temperature outside!

And then it started to rain.

Also, train seats can be rotated 180 degrees. Whut whuuut?

Before I end of this post though, I just want to say that I am now truly convinced that the Japanese pack their entire kitchen into their small little bags, just like how Hermione is with her pouch in Harry Potter.

The reason for this is because


I think they just might eat when they're taking a shit also.

First it was the man who ate a chicken bento late at night followed by a bag of chips plus a box of sandwiches the morning after.

Then while waiting for the train to Sapporo, I saw another man eating a bento as well in the waiting room.

Then on that very day on the train to Noboribetsu, I didn't see one person neither did I see two people eating.


In fact, although this would count for Day 7, at 3am in the morning on the train from Sapporo to Aomori, I saw this man wake up from his sleep.

The very first thing he did after waking up was to eat his biscuit sticks.

And on that very scary note, I shall end off Part 6!

For Part 7 you will learn that we had to transit trains as soon as possible because the time of departure for the next train was really close to the arrival of our previous train.

But who would have known that the train would actually arrive LATE?!?! *TER NER NER NER!!!* Did we make it to the next train?!?!?!

That was just a really lame attempt at creating a cliffhanger... but... *gasp* did we make it to the next train?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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