OMFG I made it in time for my anniversary?!?!?!

Omfg I actually made it in time for my anniversary?!

Anyway banner is a total mess because of the text but I cannot be bothered really. I just slap words onto a picture. I'M BEING HONEST.


Yayayay! It honestly doesn't even feel like 4 years to me. It feels like 10 years. But either way I can't wait for the 5th because nothing will happen so it's going to be exciting when that day comes.

But what would really be exciting would be if I would actually make it to my 7th because that will be in 2013 and we don't even know if there's going to be a 2013 or not! Hahaha.

I really do wish though that one day I can reach my 10th!! Because when that day comes nothing will happen either!

As you can see I am not making any sense at all.

But yea I really have nothing to say and I just want to celebrate my anniversary alone. By myself. And that's sad but it's okay. :(

Before I end this post just a short "announcement" that there has been a small change in the blog where I now have buttons at the bottom of all the posts on the main page for Older Posts and there is also a Newer Posts button if you are reading the archives.

So I've now tackled the problem that is the auto-pagination!!! I am a genius. No more posts that cannot be seen~

Also I am still working on the new blogskin and I honestly don't know how long I'm going to take because converting from classic templates to blogger layouts is a major pain in the ass (BIG TIME pain in the ass) you cannot even imagine.

I think I just might give up trying to convert there really. And just improve on the classic template.

So unless you are some professional web editor out there who is willing to help me, BE PATIENT.

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