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Happy Boxing Day! If there's any cause of celebration for you, that is.

Since I am very lazy today, without further ado, here are my presents!!!

Big assed package and Mahjong strap from Eva! Second largest package from her mother, smallest package and the card from Casey.


Godma's pen and Eva's Mahjong strap!

And a PIG from Eva again. (What are you trying to imply HUH HUH HUH)

It's Velcro-ed at the bottom so when you pull it apart... (sounds cruel)

It becomes a pillow!!! Cute or what? I'm going to sleep with it every night.

This is, shockingly enough, from relatives!!! Omg they actually REMEMBER me. That's an achievement.

A bath towel and bedroom slippers from a cousin. How sweet! Maybe now I can finally stop using my Hello K-... ahem. MOVING ON!

Ferrero Rocher from my aunt! Of course she's going to give me food. I can't even remember when was the last time I had Ferrero Rocher though, so I'm not complaining.

I ate 2 just now but stopped because one of the nuts got firmly stuck at one of my extraction sites.

It's out now though after doing some tongue action and some sucking. Ooo that sounded dirty! ;)

Now comes the best gift this Christmas...

I know right? From my mother by the way.

Comes with a drawstring pouch that can also be a shoe bag.


Ok la I'm admittedly not that fond of the colors but it's D&G so I have no complaints!!!

Don't know whether it was intentional or not but the price tag was left intact. I almost died!

I think I'm too scared to wear this out already. And no I will not tell you how much it is.

I posted the picture of the bag on Facebook and I think some people got pretty pissed. But I really want to clarify that I'm not showing off (Ok I am but not in a IN YO FACE I HAVE MONEY way)!!!

It's not even paid by myself, it's just a gift! So don't be so bitter towards me. Or else I will watch you from the foot of your bed every night.

And these are all the Christmas gifts I got!!! You got more, you got less, anything, as long as we're happy! That was certainly the last thing you'd ever expect me to say.

Anyway I also received a card from Adeline for Christmas as well as a CD from Karen! But I'll leave pictures for the latter in CDs of the month.

Also a little trivia about Boxing Day... it's also my father's birthday! I think he was one of those victims of "lol you are born near Christmas so I'll give you only 1 present as a Christmas one and a birthday one". How sad!

Sometimes my Chinese New Year ang paos also double off as a birthday present. Whatever, tightarse! Only my grandmother wouldn't do that because she's nice.

Anyway this will probably be the last "interesting" post for the year because... let's just say you can expect posts within the next 5 days to be all CD-related. Does it mean you can stop reading until the new year?


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