Sometimes I wonder why my life is so miserable... until I remember I have the air-con on every night when I sleep.

Good afternoon!

I just wanna remind you all that I have a Boys' Brigade camp to attend tomorrow for first aid duty and it's going to be SO amazing because it's going to be 5 days and it's going to be fucking hot and it's going to be at an army camp. Doesn't get any better than that.

No but really. It's horrible. I have to be at first aid duty and I am prepared to face HORRIBLE THINGS. Maybe someone will jump off a 2-metre wall and break his leg? Most people will not get this

But at the same time I'm excited because my first aid partner is Mrs Tan and she told me to bring Mahjong cards so we can play! How exciting is that? Playing Mahjong in an army camp. Awesome.

The very sad thing though is that the judgemental person I once blogged about will be there. Truly an FML moment.

Also I am bringing a non-camera phone since you know, security is tight and we can't record anything there.

However I will most definitely be tweeting so please follow me on twitter if you haven't.

Sometimes I feel like I have no shame at all for promoting my shit but I love it.

And now comes news that will concern youuuuuu!

When I am away for the 5 days from Friday all the way to Tuesday, you can expect these:

Japan Trip 2010 (Part 3)
Japan Trip 2010 (Part 4)
An incident when I went to the gym with friends on Wednesday you'll never believe. (as if me going to the gym isn't unbelievable enough)
(plus me trying out KFC's new Black Pepper Chicken)

Of course I'm not revealing the dates so you'll check back everyday. I am shameless like that. SUCK ON IT.

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