What would you do if you found a wallet with $500 dollars inside?

Because that's exactly what Adeline, Christel, Desmond, Eva and I encountered.

A wallet.



We found it on the road at the bus stop below Pioneer MRT station and it turned out to belong to some domestic worker because her work permit was inside.

Omg how much of an FML moment would it be if she dropped it while entering a taxi? No money to pay taxi anymore!!!

So being the nice people that we are instead of stealing the money we decided to just give it to the police.

But the sad thing was that the police post was fucking far from Pioneer MRT I feel like killing someone because we had to climb places like THIS

Seriously? Is it very difficult to build a staircase or something?

And it's not like we're idiots or anything because we reached a dead end and there was literally no other way out at all.

We finally reached the police post only to discover that it was CLOSED.

OMG LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT? It's 11:30AM and the police post is closed.

What if someone gets molested or raped and you go to the police post only to find that it's closed?

Anyway since it was at the community center we just gave it to the lady working at the office or whatever that is.

And she told me to write my name and contact number on a piece of paper so the police can find me if they need more information.

I was so happy because I kept thinking they were going to reward us with an awesome citizen plaque or something! I mean like hello it's $500 and we didn't take it!!!

Turns out I received no call. Sigh!! But who knows maybe sometime in the future?! Omg I better get something good out of doing such an awesome deed!

Especially after wasting so much time just to go to the freaking police post. It's so hard to be a hero sometimes! It would have been much easier if I just took the money and ran away.

So that is the exciting incident all of us experienced which is really nothing at all but I just like to make a huge deal out of things, you know?


After being such heroes we celebrated our triumph by going to KFC and sin!

I tried their new Black Pepper Chicken because I've been hearing how godawful spicy it is so I thought I'd challenge myself with that.

So I tried it and IT'S SPICY. I'll admit that, but I personally find it tolerable!

For me, on a scale of 1 to 10 on how much spice I can take I'd rate myself a 6 so if you're like me then it should be fine!! Will sweat a bit though.

And on a scale of 1 to 10 on how spicy the black pepper chicken is I'd probably give it a 7/10, compared to the normal spicy chicken there which I'd give a 4/10.

So yea. YOU PEOPLE ARE SUCH DRAMA QUEENS. I survived 2 pieces!

And check out this hilarious picture I saw at the gym:

This can only mean 2 things:

1) His crotch stinks
2) He has hair fall over there!

Oh the hilarity.

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