Yay for version 7!

Well, things were certainly done faster than expected!

Anyway this is the official layout for version 7!

But I'll admit that I didn't really add in anything new so don't get excited.

In fact, I've brought nothing new to the table at all! It's pretty much just an improved layout.

The changes that matter in Version 7:

1) Star Ratings reintroduced!

The star ratings were around back then in version 5 but then Haloscan decided to close its services for that so it was gone for good.

But now I've found another host for star ratings so go and happily rate away! Even one star will be fine no it's not

2) Comments system changed

It used to be Haloscan as well before it decided to close down and switch to Echo which is a paid service but for some reason after its closure for 10 months I was still able to use it without paying!

But anyway I think eventually they're going to shut it down on me so I managed to switch back to the default one by Blogger. Yay!

Sad news though- any previous comments you may have made before are all deleted.

Sorry to say that! But better to lose them now when I barely get any comments.

Plus it's more convenient to moderate comments now since I can approve them right from Blogger. You all know how lazy I am.

3) Older Posts / Newer Posts button

Originally intended to be implemented with Version 7 but I was afraid I would take too long so I added it in earlier anyway! You all know what they're for. If not then read the post below this.

4) Minor improvements on banner

Even the banner is just redid into a more improved version because of the lack of enough inspiration to do a completely new one!

With all that being said, I highly doubt this layout will be changed for a while. By a while I mean the next few years.

Actually I think I've more or less given up on working so hard on html. It just drives me nuts all the time and it doesn't help that from the beginning I self-learnt html! (No I will not teach you)

Which is why every time I start getting sick of the layout, I get worried. The combination of the two feelings are almost a form of torture.

So the bottom line is, the layout is fixed and here to stay for a long time! Yay! If you don't like it, well, shit happens, can't please everyone.

Admittedly though this is really far from my desired outcome. Nonetheless I am still satisfied with this! Quite proud, in fact.

Anyway that's all I have to say! I really do hope you like the skin. Also don't forget to rate this post!

Would be great if you'd rate it according to how much you like the new skin compared to the previous.

Also if you encounter any problems please inform me about it even though I most likely won't do anything about them BUT JUST TELL ME ANYWAY.


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