First week = busy with shit

Sorry for not updating! I actually intended to blog 2 days ago but I came home late after CCA so I was lazy to do it. I also wanted to do it yesterday but I was busy with things as well!

I feel like some sort of weird-arsed alien because for the past few days I'd reach home after school feeling VERY motivated to blog but somehow after an hour or so the motivation wears off! Wtf?

Well since it's already Friday and the end of the week I shall blog about my first week of school. It's not the end of all my miseries though because there is CCA Open House tomorrow!

Anyway for 2011 there were more changes in school!!!

Apparently our recess time, for the upper secondary, is now from 11AM-11:30AM instead of 10:35AM-11AM.

I honestly don't mind because some people already have lunch at 11 so recess can pretty much be your lunch already.

Before the change, assuming you eat breakfast in the morning and still eat rice or what during recess, do you realize you're actually eating 4 meals a day? You siao ah?

And recess is extended by 5 minutes! Which, in all honesty, is as good as not changing anything at all.

On Tuesday which was the first day, we thought we could only start walking back to class at 11:30AM since that's when recess ends.

Ended up getting scolded by Mdm Lock when we reached class because we were supposedly late for her lesson.

Then I realized that you are supposed to REACH your class at 11:30AM. I take 5 minutes to climb the staircase because I am slow like that, so in other words, it's normal recess without the school bell ringing!

There are also changes in the system for the timetables! Lessons before recess are 35 minutes per period, whereas lessons after recess are 30 minutes per period. I know right?

Because of that they managed to fit another period into our curriculum though, assuming school would end at 2PM.

I find it quite ridiculous leh! 5 minutes may seem like nothing but as Miss Ho, my Maths teacher, lectured to us about our late-coming once, "one day waste 5 minutes, one week waste 25 minutes, one month waste 100 minutes you know!"

And because of that for my Computer Studies coursework in future we'll have to stay back after school when it's the last period because Mr Chia doesn't want us to be shortchanged like that!

Handphones are also allowed now! The catch is that they are only allowed after curriculum time, and only in the canteen. Personally cannot be bothered.

Anyway, my form teacher is...


I know right? I also still remain as her English rep.

My Chinese teacher is Mdm Lin Lan Theen and I am now in the second last Chinese class which is at 4E3. Le sigh!

My Maths teacher as mentioned is Ms Ho Fue Ming, and she is honestly quite friendly leh! She's really nice.

4E1 and 4E2 had to split into 3 classes, the best being taken by Ms Ho and the other 2 by Mr Aziz and Miss Chiam. I was one of the 9 pupils from 4E2 to go to Ms Ho's class.

I was really surprised because my Maths is really shitty and it has already proven everyone else who thought I'd do well in Maths wrong because I got the lowest for 4E2 on our very first assignment. 18/47.

The only consolation I have is that I am not the lowest in the entire class for that assignment!

Miss Azzeani is our Social Studies teacher. Miss Viknes lied!!! She said she'd take graduating classes this year.

Mdm Ruby is back as our Geography teacher too! Thank goodness! Despite me already being the English rep, she still made me the Geography rep anyway.

How it happened:

Mdm Ruby | Me





Oh Mdm Ruby you are so funny.

My PE Teacher is Mr Lee who we haven't had our first lesson with yet because he wasn't free on that day.

Chemistry classes are also split into 2, where 17 go with Mdm Chiew and the remaining 20 go with Mdm Lock!!!

And luckily enough, I am in Mdm Lock's class! Now that there's only 20 people in class our lessons can be more... up close and intimate ;)

Physics classes will also be split into 3 classes! I also wonder why everything split split one.

In fact we just had our diagnostic test today to determine who's going to which class. Mr Anwar will be taking the weaker class which will be combined together with 4E3.

Mr Shah (I think that's how it's spelt) will take half of the remaining, and Ms Czarina will take the other half. Crossing my fingers to get into Ms Czarina's class.

And that's all for the teachers I have this year!!!

Overall for my timetable, the only lessons we'll have together as a class are CME, English and SS! We have to split up in other lessons. That's sad.

Recently I went to Ngee Ann for their open house and it wasn't bad. I'll be going to Singapore Poly's tomorrow.

The CCA Open House is also tomorrow! The UGs are having this 5-minute performance each and I am involved in Red Cross' so I am rather nervous.

And just to update on the debate competition, we just had our first session with our coach but I shan't touch on this now because I am lazy.

That's all for my week! It was pretty enjoyable and I didn't land myself in any kind of shit so I am happy.

So bye! I shall go and take a good rest for tomorrow's open house.

Oh yea and today we did the 4E comprehension paper for the Mid-Years in 2010 and I came across this sibei funny idiom.

"Throwing the baby out with the bathwater"


Why so funny one?

eg) We should not throw the baby out with the bathwater. There are some good features of this device that we should retain.

It is so funny that I am going to try to use this idiom in as many compositions as I can. See? Tips for English teachers: TEACH FUNNY IDIOMS.

And since I am so horribly shameless, here's another example:

eg) Teachers have expressed their disapproval of Travis’ blog as it is heavily plagued with profanities, tempting them to take it down, but they do not want to throw the baby with the bathwater as his blog has an extremely high value of entertainment.

Conceitedness at its best, yes?

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