I can't believe they're getting so straight

My teeth!!!

I now have turquoise rubber bands!

I am really glad that I am finally back to change the bands because I think I've mentioned before that the transparent ones will stain if I eat curry.

And for the past month I've been eating so much curry it's like I'm in India itself!

Then I get so embarrassed because a few people were telling me "Eh Travis you change your braces to yellow already ah?!?!" and I wouldn't expose my teeth for the next 5 minutes after that.

Anyway I am so happy!!! The laterals are making so much progress! Dr Ho tied steel bands in place of the rubber bands for dunnowhat reason I couldn't hear properly.

Which would explain why one rubber band only occupies the corner of the bracket and the other, only half. Apparently no space.

Yay! My teeth now look more pleasant.

What's more gratifying is that my treatment is estimated to be done by August / September!

Next month when I go back if I didn't hear wrongly I'll be starting treatment to correct my bite already. Which will apparently hurt like a bitch.

I can actually start now but Chinese New Year is around the corner so Dr Ho gave me some mercy LOL so I can eat whatever I want without pain!!!

Ok that's all bye bye!

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