Some of the suay events that happened to me today.

I did chin ups during PE until my palms bled. What the hell? And it's not even done by myself I had assistance one leh LOLOLOL. What can I say? I have soft hands.

Because of the above, my arms now hurt like mad (hurts to even wear a shoe no shit) and my abdomen hurts when I sneeze. Or cough.

I left my Physics textbook, A-Maths textbook and A-Maths Exercise Book on top of the HOD pigeon holes because I forgot to take them after helping Si Yuan sort out the exercise books there.

Luckily I remembered at the beginning of the debate meeting and I managed to retrieve them back.

During CCA, I helped people in the First Aid Competition take their water bottles to the classroom because ~I am a nice sir~ like that.

So I was kiaping Hui Ling's tube of heat rub in between my index and middle finger. Alas! Who would have thought? I subconsciously squeezed it and got heat rub all over the side of my PE shorts!!!

But putting all the suay things aside, which, is up to you whether I deserve it or not, what I really do not deserve is HAVING SUCH GOOD FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omg you will not believe what they did for me today!!! Ok la actually you can.

I wanted to cry but I couldn't cry because I was too happy so HERE'S A VIRTUAL CRY! ;_;

So on Wednesday they kind of celebrated my birthday during CCA but they told me they didn't have the chance to buy me a cake. Which was, as you can guess, a lie which I nonchalantly bought.

Since then Chandra keep on "Eh eh Travis I got something to tell you!" and would proceed to whisper into my ear "You don't have birthday cake!" #&^%$^!@%&

Anyway, today after CCA, Eva, Desmond and the others couldn't have left the school any faster. Except Christel so both of us took our own sweet time to get out of the school.

So we exit from the gate and then we turn to see Eva and gang nowhere in sight! Actually, I couldn't care less if they were there or not.

But anyway I then saw Vivian and she told me, "Have a nice day Travis!"

Wa Vivian suddenly got so nice to people ah? So anyway I just replied have a nice day back.

And then suddenly...

I HEAR HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then out of NOWHERE I see Desmond, Eva and Adeline walking towards me, Desmond holding a cake!!! A HELLO KITTY CAKE!!!!!!! WITH CANDLES!!!!

Then Adriel pulled me towards them and I went to blow the candles. Don't you like how I suddenly made everything sound so anti-climatic?

Anyway THEY ARE SO SWEET!!!! They actually bothered to buy a cake and everything!!! No wonder Chandra keep telling me I don't have birthday cake on my birthday! Cuz I was gonna get it 2 days after!!!!

And Christel was with me to delay me from leaving the school so fast so that Adeline can rush home to get the cake down! Omg I DON'T DESERVE SUCH NICE FRIENDS!!!

Even for my other friends' birthdays I've never bothered to make it big because I am lazy like that but omg!!! I feel so blessed!

I've been so mean to some people I didn't think I'd have many good friends left in school.

I feel so touched so I'm going to give another virtual cry ;_;

Anyway after that, they go put make up on my face with the whipped cream on the sides of the cake. I already knew shit like this would happen!

They also decided to give me the cake on Friday because they know I am an attention whore so they decided to do it on Friday where more people will be around! They know me so well leh!

Sigh. I really don't deserve this!!! I don't!!!

Really want to thank Desmond, Eva, Christel, Adeline, Chandra, Casey, and whoever else that helped plan this out!!! If I could I would buy back a Hello Kitty cake for every one of you.

Anyway birthday presents and whatever not post will probably be up by... Monday the latest. Because I like procrastinating.

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