Japan Trip 2010 (Part 7)

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Day 7
3 November

So in reference to the end of the previous part... did we make it to the next train?!?!?!

We were supposed to have 13 minutes to transit onto the next train the moment we reach our destination, but what do you know! The train decides, of all times, to be late!

From what I've always believed, the chances of trains in Japan being tardy are just about as good as the chances you'll ever see me wearing clothes like this


Impossible! But since that has happened, one day I just might wear that out to get myself beer in broad daylight.

And it wasn't even late by 1 minute or 2 minutes it was, if I remember correctly, about 6 minutes late!

But thanks to Guan Yin Ma the train to transit to when we alighted was RIGHT OPPOSITE!!! So yea, we did make it after all. So much for creating suspense right?

That was, unfortunately, not the end of our worries because after that we still had to transit to another train to Ikebukuro, but this time in 7 minutes!

I think I am the only one who finds the timings crazy because apparently according to the ticketing lady that's the way it is in Japan and everyone rushes too! Shit man, want to go Japan also cannot be lazy. I'll never survive there alone!!!!!!!! (unless I get famous and have my own chauffeur)

On top of all that rushing, it didn't help that I pretty much felt like shit on that day.

I say that because for the entire night I didn't get to brush my teeth, didn't get to bathe, didn't get to wash my face so it was oily as fuck and my hair was greasy + a total mess from the sleep. I felt homeless!

Therefore I shall deem this day as the ~feel like shit~ day. Only for half a day though.

Some scenery pictures on the train:


The moment we reached Ikebukuro we went to our hotel to put our luggage there before going out again for brunch.

We could only check in at 3pm! Just what I needed to make me feel shittier. I did get to wash up a little bit though, but felt like shit nonetheless because my hair was just greasy all over.

We went to this restaurant nearby and it takes orders with vending machines again!

What I got! Which has rice, a very tiny portion of spaghetti, an egg, chunks of beef and a beef patty. Wasn't bad at all considering all those cost less than 1000yen.

I was a bit scared of getting food poisoning though because the chef just uses his bare hands to prepare everything and I find it really unhygienic. Put on a glove man!

Business was quite good though. And I didn't get food poisoning after that. But I did feel a slight stomachache after that so you can't blame me for being skeptical!

After the delicious meal we took a train to Akihabara!!! We went there because I wanted to go somewhere... if you read the 2009 trip post you'd know where!

But I think even if you didn't you might have guessed so already la. It's none other than...

BoOoOoOk OfF~~~~♫

The on and off caps lock thing was totally necessary.

I know right?

Who in the right mind would sell this off after buying it for such an expensive price?

Right after that we made our way to another place we've been before which was the Ueno Market! (If you've read the 2009 post it's the place where they sold the fucking big octopus tentacles)

Fox tails are becoming trendy again!


Only managed to snap this much because firstly, it was really crowded. Secondly, I bought so many things I just didn't have any hands! And thirdly because I was just plain lazy... and forgot all about my camera.

I bought 2 belts, shoelaces, socks (this is only the beginning of my sock-buying frenzy), and other food related things. I just had to buy instant ramen again.

So after shopping it was already past the check in time so we went back to FINALLY check in! Yeah I could finally bathe!!!!!

And our hotel room was so cool because it was literally like a small house.

Hi Eva! Yes there was a computer with internet connection too.

We didn't even have a lobby or anything. No lifts to take, nothing. Our "room" was located in a house just like everyone else's! If I remember correctly the people living next door to us were from Hong Kong.

Separate rooms for the toilet and bathroom!

Toilet. Comes with two rolls of toilet paper and an air freshener.

Our mattresses! You can probably guess where I slept.

After bathing and feeling a thousand times fresher we went back out again for dinner!

Not before going back to the Ueno market though, because the place is so big we didn't finish exploring the place!

The only picture of me you'll see for this entire post.

I didn't buy anything from the Ueno market when we went after that though!

I actually saw this really nice pair of shoes that I wanted to see when we went back because my greasy hair was desperately wanting to be washed (I swear I felt like Snape for a moment) when I walked past the place on the way back.

Bad mistake because I couldn't find it afterward! My only consolation would be that it might be some kind of fake brand.

After shopping (Eva bought a wallet) we decided to da bao McDonald's back again for dinner!

While walking back I saw a Tsutaya outlet!!! (Which is a CD store) I just had to go there.

In the end I bought Yuna Ito's latest single and also bought NEWS' Fighting Man for Jiarong.

You'd think that this McPork was mine because I'm as greedy as a pig. You're wrong! That's Godma's.

As much as I would love to eat McPork again, I just couldn't resist...

...eating this again.

It was so good I couldn't help it! Hehehe.

Shopping I did at Ueno excluding the 2 CDs.

I didn't regret buying the dark chocolate kit-kat at all because it's so good! Not that I regretted buying anything there, but still.

CDs from Book Off! The Limited Edition of Angela Aki's Home is so hard to find now that I almost died when I saw it on the shelves.

I also almost died when I managed to find a first press copy of Utada Hikaru's Distance! Thanks to eBay for selling them so expensively causing me to not buy it because Book Off was selling it for only 250yen! That's only SG$4.

Let's compare prices again!

If I bought all these brand new it would be a grand total of 20 700yen, which is also SG$324!!! What will I do without Book Off?!?!

I only bought those for 6110yen! Which is only SG$95.

There was a 100yen shop near the hotel so we went to check it out. It only sold boring things though. Almost as boring as how this post is. The only things I bought were like canned coffee that went for 2 for 100yen.

We also bought some grapes and bananas from Ueno and they were so good, so fresh.

And that is all for Part 7. What, that's it?!?!

Yeah, I cannot believe it myself. This post is so boring! Well too bad I only did shopping for this day, what do you expect me to write about?

If it helps at all, for Part 8 we went to visit Ryogoku, which is known as a Sumo City because there are sumo stadiums and everything there.

We also decided to wear our Hokkaido T-Shirt and I didn't think people would really think we were from Hokkaido. Aside from that, I also had the best unagi sushi one could ever ask for!

This is really getting more boring than I thought! Even I got distracted by things myself while I was typing this out. In fact, I'm kind of impressed with my lack of... everything.

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