Japan Trip 2010 (Part 8)

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Day 8
4 November


So for Day 8 of our trip we went to Ryogoku aka the sumo town because that's where the sumo stadiums and whatever not is at.

Breakfast for the day which was bought the night before. Brownie and canned coffee that only cost 50yen LOL! Eh nice okay.

At the Subway station to Ryogoku

Some weird statue thing. Why is he smiling happily while standing on top of a tortoise? This is animal cruelty!!!

Something for tourists to take a picture with. I didn't because I think the face in the middle looks like your grandmother, don't you think?

Donation box.

I think many Japanese people can agree with me that 1YEN COINS ARE REALLY FUCKING USELESS.

Wise choice to donate them all instead.

Eva and I in our new Hokkaido T-Shirts.

We didn't think people would really think we're from Hokkaido but we were so wrong!

We got an increased number of stares for that particular day, and occasional judging from territorial freaks. "YOU IS FROM NORTH YOU STAY IN NORTH! ò_ó"

Even walked past this bitch in her 40s saying something about Hokkaido dunnowhat when we were walking past her in a really spiteful tone. Why so mean one?

One of the stadiums which was closed

Couldn't help but laugh

Anyway we went to this museum but picture-taking was disallowed! It's okay it was pretty boring.

I also found out on that day that Sumos actually have a shorter average life span than average Japanese people! And by shorter I mean having a life expectancy of only 60-ish. Wtf right?

And I read that because of their diet and what not later in their lives they get shit like high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes and increased chances of heart attack!!!

Walao eh would you sacrifice this much just for your supposed "passion" for a sport like this?


Honestly find it kind of stupid and redonkulous.

What's not stupid and redonkulous though are how even the STREETS have NO SMOKING ZONES! Considerate or what? They paint no smoking signs on the pavements! Too amazed to take a picture.

Then for the rest of our afternoon we went to Odaiba to do SHOPPING!

Why hello there

Monorail ticket to Odaiba!

Hi Eva

Never thought I'd see a game of Battleships happening in real life. Not that hard after all!

No idea why the Singapore flag is there.

And suddenly...

I am in New York.

Just a replica!

Japanese posters for Harry Potter and Crap.

And inside one of the shopping malls I got the shock of my life

I've finally seen your true colors! You're an absolute pervert. Son, I am disappoint.

Yes I am being completely oblivious to the apostrophe... wait, what apostrophe? I don't see any! All I see is Amos being a total perv.

You should totally show this to all your friends called Amos because they have style issues.

Before we did any shopping we went to have lunch first at this sushi restaurant.

With a lovely view

Eva's coke


Unagi sushi which is even more awesome

Seriously looking at this makes me drool already because it was JUST. SO. GOOD. You know it has to be good when it's expensive. Forgot the price though.

Rainbow sushi or whatever it is. It was quite big and you can't really tell from the picture

Mixed tempura! This was just mediocre. Realize how it looks rather different compared to the tempura you see all the time? Well, it's also not as good in terms of taste.

Awesome unagi sushi however compensates it!

Chawanmushi! Which has sliced mushroom and shrimp inside and is nice.

And the last dish is...

Complimentary coffee jelly on the house! I think the lady boss saw us and since we're tourists decided to give us complimentary dessert. How nice!!!

For that day I bought some small items you'll see at the end of the post along with some other stuff from DAISO and a pair of REALLY AWESOME SHOES which you'll also see at the end of the post.

Omg is this beautiful or is this beautiful?

Night lights!

So after everything we made our way back to Ikebukuro to have dinner before heading back to the hotel to rest.

We decided to stop by this Japanese & Western fusion restaurant that serves steak.

And it is once again ordered through vending machines!

Eva's beef patty

Godma's steak

And mine! Happily sizzling away!

The reason is because they only pour on the sauce after it reaches your table!

And then you get to watch the sizzling in awe. With a paper towel in front of you because it will splatter all over your face.

And I must say this. It was


It was fucking juicy and fucking tender. Not only that but also cheap at the same time. Seriously how do they do it? It's like they went to kill the cow only after we ordered.

This place is full of win. The only flaw I can find is when they forgot to give me my soup but other than that, OMGOMGOMG ♥♥♥♥♥

So after our really satisfactory meal we headed back to the hotel and called it a night!

Eva dunno doing what on her phone

Shopping for the day!!!!

Check out my awesome shoes man. But you can't really tell its awesomeness from its front view so you'll see it better in the last part.

Also bought the bag (to store all my extra shopping because I already ran out of space), shoelaces and mask thingy to use at night to sleep because it looks cute from DAISO! 100yen each!

As you can see I bought everything for myself! Not to show that I am self-indulgent but to show that I didn't buy any of your souvenirs from DAISO!!! See? I am so nice.

Also bought a mechanical pencil that looks like a syringe with red liquid inside (there were many color variations but I chose red because you know, blood) and fake spectacles. Cannot ah?

Anyway the shoes actually cost more than 15,000yen which is SGD238!! Crazy right?

But I bought it because IT WAS 50% OFF!!! WAHAHAHA!!! So it was only around 7,500yen! Lucky or what?

And that brings us to the end of Part 8.

For the next part, which will be on our ninth day, was our last full day in Japan! I know right? How sad.

So for that day we revisited some places we went before such as Asakusa and Shibuya so you can look forward to that!

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