Second week was pretty shit

The stupendousness of my week began on Tuesday when I was walking to school in the morning.

It was raining the night before, and this girl was walking in front of me.

We both walked under this big tree except that the moment she walked past the tree, this sudden gush of wind blew and you know what happened next.

All the water collected on the cheebye leaves dripped onto me. GOT SO SUAY OR NOT RIGHT?

We also took our height and weight on Wednesday. My height is now 173cm which is 0.5cm shorter than my measurement last year.


Things like this always scare the shit out of me!

Is that why teenagers are taller than most adults? Then as they age, they start to constantly grow shorter until they reach adulthood? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Speaking of height, please stop boasting about yours!

Boasting everywhere about being the tallest and whatnot, because apparently we are all blind and cannot see how tall you are.

You might be the tallest, but you might also be the ugliest! Hahaha!!! Don't feel so high and mighty now eh?

Moving on...

Don't you find it irritating that when you tell people how irritating this certain person is, they can't say anything else except to sing praises about that person?

"Eh this person very irritating leh I don't like him!"

"He's very nice what! He treat people very nice one."


I find this one schoolmate just like that! He gets on my freaking nerves!!!

I don't have any specific reason, I just somehow don't like him!

He, to me, is kind of unfriendly and recently something happened that made my impression of him worsen. (Sorry I cannot specify too much or some people might know!)

And just today we had our second debate training session! Which was, to be honest, rather shitty.

So we had this mock debate and I feel like my performance was really, really, disappointingly bad. I am so ashamed!

And with that being said, stop shoving words in my face that my standard dropped. You think I don't know how bad I did meh?

To be completely honest though, even though it's just the second week of training, I'm still apprehensive about our school even getting past the preliminary rounds.

I think I'll fuck everything up.


Stop saying I'm experienced and blah blah all that shit. All the compliments I received to me are LIES!

But leaning towards the positive side of things, I have awesome schoolmates.

Because they don't irritate me like a certain somebody and they don't praise to me about my debating skills because they know I barely have any.

They also don't pour cold water on me like that stupid tree.

And I really like going to Red Cross trainings now for some odd reason. Maybe because it's my last year in RC. Not that I didn't like trainings last year la I just like them more this year.

Oh yea and I forgot! The school management seems really inefficient to me!

It's already the end of the second week and we don't even have copies of our finalised timetables yet.

Actually we were supposed to get it today, and all the timetables were already printed and everything.

But who would have thought?

The timetables still had errors! Then they had to be returned again! God knows when we'll finally get it.

So before I end off the summary of things that went on this week, there is apparently this new star sign called "Ophiuchus".

I was cursing and swearing at first because the stupid adjustments changed my "new horoscope" to Sagittarius and not Capricorn.

Then I found out it only applies to people born after 2009! Phew!

How do you even pronounce Ophiuchus? Oh-few-shers?

Aunties that shop in Sheng Siong will probably pronounce it as Orh-Pew-Choos.

EDIT: Ok I think it's not applied to people born after 2009 but everyone. You know what? Fuck this shit. I have been a happy Capricorn for 15 years of my life and IT WILL STAY THAT WAY! Ophiuchus can come kiss my ass!!!

Not that I believe in star signs, but it irritates me because I can't bring myself to call myself a Sagittarius! I like Capricorn! LOL

Anyway I have Flag Day tomorrow with the Upper Sec. Only restricted to Choa Chu Kang! Wtf?

Also heard a certain teacher's getting married tomorrow. I know but I'm not going to reveal who!


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