social conduct; a socially acceptable way of behaving; and external behavior in social intercourse.

Today's CCA Open House was, in my opinion, a success!

I'm glad I pulled through the evacuation performance and I think I did pretty well in fact!

But that was before I realized I had my underwear exposed in the video filmed by Mr Lin. Or it might be my white undershirt.

Either way, I had a fun time talking to others even though I didn't talk to many people because most would just walk away from me (am I really that scary?) after saying they're not interested or just simply walk away rudely without even giving a reply.

In fact, one of the people who rudely walked away immediately got his retribution because after turning and walking away for a few steps, he dropped his bottle of Iced Lemon Tea.

After the open house my friends and I went to Singapore Polytechnic's Open House! Went to look around and I liked what I saw, except it was super crowded.

The crowd was worse than Ngee Ann's! I literally had to squeeze my way through everywhere, and some bastard even pushed me to the side. Go and die. I saw Zhang Yao Dong!! That Channel 8 actor.

Nonetheless my priority would be SP mainly for the fact that it is the most convenient to travel to.

When I took public transport to Ngee Ann the other day, it was so crowded and on top of that the bus tried to beat the traffic light, failed, and jammed on the brakes causing people to even fall down. I swear I would have died if not for the pole in front of me.

So you must be wondering what the title has got to do with all this right?

They are definitions of "manners" which I Googled.

Today, during the CCA Open House, the UGs had their usual booths at the parade square.

What was different this time was that we were given 5 minutes per CCA to do a performance in the middle of the parade square with the Sec 1s and parents watching from the second / third floor.

There was a group of basketball boys standing near the canteen on the first floor.

After Red Cross' item, I noticed that they were laughing, in a really teasing way.

But then after it was the last item, I noticed that they were laughing at every single item out there, and there was nothing funny about any of the items.

In fact, I thought the items the other UGs put out were impressive.

I think everyone else would agree because during the items performed, everyone was silent.

Even the Secondary 1s. The only noise was their laughter.



Even more so when they are in SPORTS. Whatever happened to having great sportsmanship?

And it is really appalling with them coming especially from Basketball.

Never would I have thought that a CCA under one of the strictest teachers in the school as their in-charge, Mr So, to have its people with such outrageous behaviours.

I know I am not the kind of person to talk about manners because I barely have any myself, but they are already 15/16, can't they at least be respectful to others' efforts?

Even Secondary One students got more manners than you, shameful or not?

Just because you don't have an item to perform doesn't mean you have the right to fucking laugh.


They started scouting to every booth in the parade square and did the very same thing.

They just somehow managed to find something to laugh or tease about.

That already made them right at the bottom of the ladder in terms of my level of respect for them. It pissed me off so bad, my head was literally filled with "fuck you"s.

If you know any of your classmates from basketball that was at the open house doing that, tell them to go fuck themselves.

This is just one of the things you CANNOT forget.

In fact, I heard from someone that they do it all the time. Lord have mercy! Unacceptable.

It is horribly insulting to the UGs.

You so good, why don't you come up with something better?

You think you are good at shooting balls so what? Big fucking deal. Doesn't give you the right to look down on people AT ALL, so get off your high horse!

Seeing how I have proved earlier on with the boy that dropped his bottle how much of good karma I have, maybe shit will happen to them soon. Or even now! That actually made me smile a little.

I shan't waste any more of my time ranting on. Just one last thing to say:

Since you've shoved most, if not all, of your manners up your asshole, why don't you shove your entire life up there too?

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