Vietnam Trip 2010 (Day 2)

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20 November 2010

For our second day we spent pretty much our entire day doing CIP - in an orphanage.

I didn't think I'd have to face the horror of many small kids swarming up to you again especially after the Cambodia Trip in 2009 (well, actually back then they were rather scared of me) with traumatising experiences that were so terrifying I still get nightmares about it sometimes.

Oh well! Shit happens. Speaking of shit, at least I didn't have to touch any baby's butt whose pants were soiled with shit. No I am not molesting them you never carry baby before is it?

In the morning I woke up, got ready and went down to the lobby only to be greeted with one of the world's greatest delights...

A buffet!!!

Fish, chicken, whatever.

The roasted potatoes were really good except they shouldn't have used processed cheese on top.

And the cute little egg thing is, as the tag itself says, egg salad. It's like deviled eggs, but not really. Somewhat a lighter version with egg whites also. I loved it to death and took the entire tray of them. By entire tray I really mean 3.

They also served apple juice, orange juice and everything except that they weren't fresh but from syrup. Not only that but it's too diluted! Both orange and apple!

Sabrina camwhoring with my camera.

After everyone had their breakfast we took a 1 hour bus ride to the Que Huong orphanage!

Unfortunately the owner of the orphanage, according to a flier that was given to us upon our arrival, seems to have already passed away from a disease.

The flier said like how the orphanage is her only hope and that her final wish is to sustain the orphanage forever OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT LA! Don't trust me I lost the paper already.

Or I might have misinterpreted it so if the owner is alive and looking at this right now, oops!

Unlike the Cambodia Trip the orphanage there was actually bigger. By bigger I really mean it can already be a school on its own.

Oh yea and someone from the tour agency whose name is Sylvia also came along with us and she prepared those long balloons for the kids there la.

It turned out not to be a good idea after all when the kids would literally keep pulling your pants just to get the damn balloon out of your hands.

And trust me, it's not just the sides of your pants they pull.

And when they do get it, they are so violent the entire thing bursts in a minute or two. Then they cry. Then got problem again.

Also there was this boy that looked 11 or 12 that got a little too friendly with the girls because he literally touched them all over, while on the other hand he didn't touch the boys at all! Hmmm I wonder why...

Guan Sheng: LOL I got no baby to carry!
Sabrina: Whatever shut up
Eva: :P

Christel will grow up to be a good mother. ~predicting futures through pictures~


Vietnam's Next Top Model!

This one will grow up to accomplish great things. She literally just stares at you. You give her the milk bottle she also reject.

In the middle of rolling her eyes at me. Sigh.

He likes me.

After leaving the room where the infants were, things pretty much went downhill from there.

The moment I walked towards where all the small kids were playing one of them went to hug my leg, demanding me to carry him.

And after I did, he'd point to a direction he wants me to bring him to like I'm some kind of chauffeur service.

After walking halfway I just put him down and told him his instructions were too complex and that I'll leave him there on his own.

Also for some weird reason a lot of them had mucus running from their nose - and they were WHITE! Not transparent but freaking WHITE! How is that even possible?

There were some smart kids there though because they know how to say simple things like "Hello", "How are you?", "I'm fine", "Thank you" and "What's your name?".

Sylvia walking at the back.

After a while the helpers there came with huge packets of tidbits for them. Propaganda anybody?!?!

Those kids snatched them like it's abalone or something! Obviously having snacks are like a privilege to them. Imagine if got no visitors in 10 years how? 10 years no tidbits I bet!

Looking at them taking all the packets of snacks proved to be a bad idea later on when it was their lunchtime. Especially with the child I was feeding.

This is probably the only time he actually fed himself. Pikachu!

You'd think everything was fine but after that he threw tantrums when I tried to feed him because he couldn't open the packet of tidbits he was hiding under the table.

He opened it eventually and left his bowl of food alone.

But then...


If I knew my son was this adorable I would have thought twice about giving him away!

And you know what? The child sitting opposite me lagi best. He didn't eat his food. Instead, he picked them up with his hand and threw it AT ME.

How many of you can say you've been thrown at with cubes of potato before?

Now give the buay song face

Packed lunch from the same restaurant we had lunch on the first day.

Adeline and I looking tired as hell

I like how everything is so organized and packed neatly. Even the paper bags look so nice.

Also given how delicious the previous day's lunch was, we expected to get what we hoped for given how tiring our day was.

But look!

Fried rice with dubious-looking ingredients, an egg, and what looks like 3 fish fingers, but no! It's actually diced coconut inside.

Didn't even touch this

Yea la I know la I know la I'm at an orphanage where they probably don't even have enough to eat (more of they don't want to eat) yet I'm still complaining about what I'm given. I am a PRINCE! Happy now?

But in a word of fairness... I did save my longans for the kids! (Take that as you will)

An indication that our food was spiked. Adeline pretending to sleep though. EXPOSED!

Guan Sheng wasn't... sleeping. He was pretending to be cool. Son I am disappoint.

After everyone was done sleeping we went back to carry on with our activities.

Before our trip, we prepared, or rather Mrs Tan prepared coloring books for them! DIO! Did-It-Ourselves!

Well, it's not 100% DIO because the pictures weren't done by us but everything was printed and bound by us!

Much to our dismay, though...

...there's not much to speak of their coloring methods.

The Pikachu spoon boy happily eating a longan and throwing the skin everywhere.

"What the heck is this"

Seriously boy can your eyelashes be any longer?

Me looking as flattering as your mother. (just kidding love you)

Anyway this stupid boy (he's actually sibei smart) decided it would be very funny to hug both my legs really tightly desperately wanting to be carried.

The moment I put him down he will be on the verge of crying walao eh!

He eventually cried because Mr Lin was folding paper aeroplanes for the kids and he wanted one. Unfortunately I didn't have paper and neither did Mr Lin so he couldn't fold it for him. You know what came next.

So I just put him down which led to more tears (it pains my heart and I still cry about it sometimes) but eventually he woke up his silly idea and came back to me again.

Which I then threatened to do all sorts of things should he cry again as if he could understand me.


Eva was distributing some bread from her bag that she was afraid wouldn't last any longer and she wasn't going to eat it anytime soon so she gave it to the kids instead.

The unfortunate thing was that I took a piece for my "son" then everyone kept trying to snatch from him! Being the awesome dad I am (and will be) I fought them all off!!!

Not for long because after that they decided to come back again and this time one of them spotted my BRACES.
Obviously they won't even know what kind of alien thing that is so being the kids they are, started TRYING TO SHOVE THEIR FINGERS INTO MY MOUTH.


I got a freaking mini heart attack!

Thankfully the furthest anyone got was just the surface of my lips and I ran away before they could do anything else.

Then after escaping from all the devil children it started to rain so I just brought my son to shelter and faster ran away. The sad life I have. Sigh.

The "toddler section" is still the best.

Group photo! Can you spot Michael Jackson???

Dinner back at Halal @ Saigon.


Everyone looks damn tired.

Fried yam things that I love

Lady's Fingers


Salted Egg Yolk Prawns which were DE-LI-SH.

Seafood Tom Yum Soup which was also nice. We even wanted to order another bowl but unfortunately at that time they weren't serving that soup anymore but another one.

And for dessert...

I shall not say much except that it's just bread. Don't think so... *ahem* much. (What was the chef thinking?)

I totally forgot the reason behind making such lol faces.

After our dinner we were given some time to shop around the streets before heading back to the hotel.

Things that I bought. All of which are, as of today, STILL UNUSED! Hahahaha! I don't wear necklaces by the way it is a belated birthday present for Eva's mum, which is still sitting around in my room. I am late beyond belief.

You know what else is beyond belief?


Unleashing my inner auntie again. AIYA THE HOUSE NEEDS CHOPSTICKS ANYWAY!

Not bad what. The top part looks like jelly! *amused*

Sabrina and Fazurah in my room (I know because Fazurah is the only person to hide from the camera at this age) for debrief / reflection!

Everyone else!

So basically what I felt about that day after visiting the orphanage was... what the fuck is wrong with all those people?

THE CHILDREN ARE ALL SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can they even BEAR to leave them there? Ok fine they don't have money to raise them. Fine...


This is when your "lack of family planning" and "government no funds to invest in education" come in! Mdm Ruby will be so proud of me if she reads this.

Anyway, the sad thing we also found out was that when these kids grow up, they don't really go to school, but rather most of them would end up becoming factory workers.

Yea I know it's all good that they can have a job and such but here's the problem-

These abandoned kids' parents were also factory workers.

Apparently in Vietnam these workers don't have dormitories for males and females separately, and accidents happen!

By accidents I mean having high sex drives which usually results in a lot of sex in dorms. How can they even do it in the proximity of everyone else?

So it's pretty much a vicious cycle at the end of the day. Sad isn't it?

This is why you don't be a fool, cover your tool! Cover your stump before you hump! How do you say that in Vietnamese?

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