Vietnam Trip 2010 (Day 1)

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19 November 2010

I don't know about you but before my trip, all I knew about Vietnam were cone hats and spring rolls. No shit man.

But after that I realised Vietnam is not just about spring rolls! Well duh what am I saying. I didn't see many cone hats while I was there though.

It's really tragic too - the weather was just horrific resulting in what may be unflattering photos of yours truly. Let's just say... it's like trapping yourself in a room with heaters everywhere.

Nonetheless it was a great experience!

The road on the way to Changi Airport at 4am! We met outside school at 3:30AM.

With that being said I didn't sleep at all the night before. I am secretly a vampire.

Christel and Eva sitting behind me with Mr Lin's hands on top of their heads.


Eva, Christel and Adeline

Group photo~

Christel being very desperate for attention. YOU WANT ATTENTION EH?? HERE YOU GO!

With Chandra and Adeline

Then Nisa decided to butt in

My tag!

The back of it. Kind of makes me feel like a dog with a tag that has the "home" address at the back.

Lovely iced Mocha from Burger King for breakfast


That chicken looks good.

That was the in-flight menu by the way. I sat beside Adeline and Guan Sheng, both first-timers! They weren't excited for the take off at all though. Adeline just wanted to go to the hotel.

Why thank you

Outside the airport

Somehow reminds me of a... slightly better Cambodia? I guess.

We thought we were going back to our hotel first but we were wrong!!! We went to the War Remnants Museum which is more or less just history here and there.

Gun bullets!

Is this what I think it looks like? ;) ;) ;)

Oh dear I just made a sexually suggestive line as a caption for a picture of a bullet. I need help.

After that we proceeded on to this gallery with pictures from the war.




So disgusting right?

The thought process in deciding to take a picture:
"EWWWWWWW grooooossssss........ PHOTO!"

But of course

That was just the tip of the iceberg.





It's surprising that even Picasa can detect its face and ask me to name it.

Tsk tsk. What if one day Singapore breaks into a war and you end up looking like that? Embalmers also got hard time...

Tsk tsk again

See how the cells prisoners-of-war used to look like (or so I think)

Boom! Actually it looks less scary because of the camera flash. Without it it's really dark and you will get the shock of your life when you realize the "human" there.

Have fun reading this while having to say "ouch" here and there.

This is crazy man. Sex organs bo dai bo ji also want to burn?

Speaking of burning, by the time we finished touring the place, I swear my face had already melted and become disfigured. My whole face turned red!!! Or so they said.

In fact according to the tour guide the temperatures can get way worse than that! Around June temperatures can get as high as 38 degrees!!!

Our next destination!

No idea where this is but the fountain looks pretty nice. It's basically some museum of how the president's house or office or whatever looked like la!

Ok I just googled and it's the Reunification Palace!

The conference room.

...somewhere. I like how bored everyone seems listening to the guide explain.

So instead of listening I take random pictures of chairs.

How the president's office apparently looks like. BORING! No computer, no TV, who are you kidding?

Some kind of... living room. Must have been Chinese New Year when they did that.

And then walking along the corridor there's suddenly this big carpet in the middle of nowhere.

The best part?

How they expect us not to step on it. Do they have people monitoring that place 24/7??? Nonetheless I stepped on it. Or so they say

Nice lights.

At first sight you'd be thinking those must be some rare species of elephants that have hairy trunks. Turns out they just attached their tails to their mouths. Why would the they do that? Mysteries in life.

This is very apparently real. Or so they say. No matter how I look at it it still seems fake to me!

The view from the 2nd or 3rd storey.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you...

The worst bedroom in the history of mankind.

Anyway that's located in the basement, so the president won't get killed in the middle of the night when he sleeps!! During the war, that is.

Why he would have two telephones is beyond my comprehension. Probably one to order McDonald's.

And no good ventilation there leh! I admire the president back then for having such high tolerance.

You walk through the narrow passageway and it seemed as though the walls were closing in on you. Suddenly, the doors behind you shut tight and the lights went off. Wasn't that a lame attempt at writing a story with suspense?


Our next destination was this church place but we only hung out at this park looking thing outside.

Spot something sad?

It certainly is.

A post office! I personally find the head above the clock really creepy.

They had souvenir shops inside and right in front of me was a little beacon of hope - A FAN! Bought it without hesitation.

I lost it after the fourth day though.

Anyway after looking around at the post office we went back onto the bus for LUNCH! Oh ho ho ho

The restaurant signboard.

Drinks served in dubious black cups. Why dubious? You can never see if there are any unwanted substances inside your drink! Smart, I must say. I drank it anyway.

Had to crop Ella out of the picture because she had the most unglamorous face ever.

Yay time for food picture spam!!!

Although it may not look like it, it's actually fried tofu in sweet and sour sauce.

Stir-fried chicken


Soup with spinach, tofu and mushrooms

At the end of our meal we were given complimentary dessert! I had coconut jelly. There was also durian one I think. The lady boss is actually from KL!

After lunch was what everyone was so excited for, which of course includes me as well...

Our lovely 3-star hotel!!!

Pronouncing Hoang Phu Gia is a challenge on its own.

I have this weird habit of taking pictures of ceiling lights...

Christel with a lol face

Our room number! Don't forget to knock before you go in! ~superstitious~

The room was, needless to say, shared between Guan Sheng, Mr Lin and I.

But being the selfish bastard that I am I quickly laid on one of the queen-sized beds leaving poor Mr Lin with the lao pok single bed... lol!


Horrendous window view.

Me showing off how much of a millionaire I am. Wahahahaha!!!

We rested in the hotel until it was about 6PM then we headed for dinner!


The very best of Singapore in Saigon wor.

Oh and by the way Ho Chi Minh City for some weird reason is more commonly referred by citizens as Saigon.

Christel's hair making her look like a lion herself.

Too much lettuce, too much lettuce.

This plate of Mee Goreng was so good!

Fruits for dessert!

When you go to Vietnam, or any third-world country for that matter, don't eat anything that's chilled with ice if you have a weak stomach!

Because they say that the ice is delivered without any protection whatsoever; it's just strapped to the back of the delivery motorcycle to the restaurant so it's full of bacteria and shit.

At least that's what they say la! I didn't die or anything so I don't know about you.

Kim Linh - Vietnam's very own Sim Lim Square.

After dinner we went to what was the worst supermarket I've ever been to.

Not because of the goods sold, but because of the crowd. I didn't take a picture because I didn't want to risk my camera being stolen! It's that crowded! I felt raped after that.

We went to the supermarket because we wanted to get some milk powder and other things for the orphanages we were going to go to the next day.

You can probably predict what I bought.

Yea. Food.

As of now I actually finished them all already hahaha!!! And they are yummy as hell! Especially the udon. Which I believe can be found here also but aiya, it's cheaper there la! ~unleashing my inner auntie~

We went back after that to call it a night!

Before I end though here are pictures of the toilet:

Bathtub that scams people into thinking it's a jacuzzi tub instead.

Let's just say... everything that took place in the bathroom during my trip was horrible. Oooo what are you thinking?


At first I thought I was just too stupid and inept at differentiating between hot and cold taps, but no!


And the water is either very hot or very cold. What have I done in my previous life to deserve this?

After a few days though I somehow managed to find the sweet spot where the temperature is just right.

Secondly... brushing my teeth was a form of torture in Vietnam.

The tap water tasted so weird!! It's freaking sour! Too much Chlorine or something! Bleah. Singaporeans be grateful for your tap water!

But other than the bathroom, everything was rather enjoyable!

Touring third-world countries are never an issue as long as you have an air-conditioned bus to take you places.

It's amazing how by just switching two letters, Laksa can become Laska Drinking Water!

By the way...

Bombs are no joke y'all!!!

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