We lost.

Ok so the title will totally spoil everything for you once I tell you what it's about.

So if you all have been reading you'd know that I was taking part in a national debate competition and just last Friday it was our first preliminary round against Woodlands Sec!

The motion was
This house believes that Singaporeans and foreigners ordinarily resident in the country should not be allowed to gamble at casinos in Singapore.

We were the opposition team.

BUT AIYA anyway we ended up losing but it's all good!

Personally I didn't really feel sad or anything I just feel very disappointed in myself because I know I underperformed. I totally forgot to do my signposting (slap me now) and my reply speech was just lackluster.

Also my hands could not shake any harder when I was speaking.

I think Woodlands totally deserved the win and in addition they also had experience whereas this is the very first time our school participated in a debate competition so it's more of the exposure rather than trying to win.

The thing is though I WANT TO WIN! Seriously! In fact, I really hope to make it into the semi-finals AT MOST.

Even though we lost the first prelim round, the good thing is that there are 2 more to go.

On the other hand, if we lose the next round, we are definitely out since we have more losses than wins in the prelims.

The teachers were all proud of us and everything but I still can't help feeling disappointed. In fact, I could totally see disappointment on our coach's face after the debate. I'm not trying to act all emo and shit but it's really true!

Anyway right now all I can hope is that we will do well for the next few rounds. WE MUST!!!

The adjudicators said they were like "on the fence" with the decision though in all honesty, even if I were an adjudicator, I would probably say the same thing just to make the losing team feel better. So I didn't really buy what he said.

If I had to blame anyone though, it would be the bus service because they were totally late. How does late for more than 30 minutes sound? And we were late for the debate for close to an hour thanks to the traffic.

So I guess the judges already had a bad impression on us even before we entered the room. You know what can happen after that...

Nonetheless, if you're reading this and you're from Woodlands Sec, congratulations!

Next preliminary round is not long from now so I'll update about it when the time comes!!!

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