A clean record gone in a matter of seconds!

Today marks the end of my clean record of something...

...concerning the science lab. Hah! Bet you thought I committed a crime.

I feel very sad, depressed and devastated because today, I broke a 50cm³ measuring cylinder. Yes, it is a big deal.

...because despite managing to survive my first 3 years in the Science lab experiencing no breakages, I JUST HAD TO IN MY LAST YEAR!

And because of the OCD son of a bitch that I am, a clean record is always nice!

Okay I shouldn't harp so much about it so this is what happened!

We were doing an experiment today which required the use of Parafilm to seal up certain openings in the apparatus.

In case you don't know we have to pull the film first before use, so I was pulling it when...


The parafilm snapped in half.

After snapping, my left hand hit the measuring cylinder and it fell into the sink.

Then there was a loud piang and the whole class was suddenly staring at me. I stared back for like 5 seconds before going "Oops!"

Thankfully Mdm Lock only asked what happened and said "Why you so clumssyyyyyy" before asking the lab attendant to help me clean up.

Fortunately I don't have to pay! They didn't even record my name in the file or something, so does it mean I still have a clean record?

Then again deep inside my heart I know I have sinned! Oh god forgive me for I have sinned!!!

On the bright side though, at least I didn't break the supposedly super expensive gas syringe! Not like I'll have to pay but at least there will be a lesser degree of guilt right?

Speaking of which I got really amused when the syringe started pulling back all by itself because of the reaction! Like got ghost like that!

In other news, I don't know what the occasion was today but I saw a lot of teachers today wearing red.

I don't mean just 1 or 2 teachers but Edrie counted 16 teachers wearing red! Mrs Chong say "got special occasion" which was sarcastically said and Ms Lin said "Chinese New Year is coming!... again." Both of them wore red too.

Also, tomorrow the graduating batch (not all though but I'm going) will be going to watch H is for Hantu! So excited! Will probably blog about it within the next few days. Bye!

Vietnam Trip 2010 (Day 5)

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23 November 2010

Our last day in Vietnam, which was really sad but then again I also couldn't wait to get back to Singapore to finally just stay at home all day like the lazy being that I am.

So on our fifth and last day in Ho Chi Minh City aka Saigon I ate two bowls of Pho (pronounced Fur) which is supposedly a must-eat in Vietnam. Once again, similar to the water puppet show, you've not been to Vietnam yet if you haven't tried it.

My first ever bowl of Chicken Pho that is super cheapskate, looking at the pathetic amount of chicken. Other than that it was really nice.

Christel's handwritten letter to Loi on behalf of everyone. How sweet is that?

After breakfast we made our way to our very last shopping destination which is again at Ben Tanh market.

We went again because we were told that the day market sells different things compared to the night market only to end up being disappointed because it was still the same things dammit!

What I did buy was a pair of fake glasses that I wore for the rest of the day because I am that modest and decent and I also bought this

as a souvenir for Edrie because it's a crab. He's allergic to crabs. Not that I'm being biased because it was only US$1. Any higher I probably wouldn't have bought it.

Then again now that I've mentioned it I suddenly remembered that I also bought a bunch of souvenirs for schoolmates as well which are still in my room until today. Efficient and good friend, I know.

After going to the Ben Tanh market we just went across the street to this restaurant that you might have probably guessed to be a Pho restaurant! I did say I had 2 bowls after all.

Speaking of crossing the street, while doing so they actually had security guards specially there to safely get tourists across the road since there were limited traffic lights!

Now this is what I call Chicken Pho. Lots of chicken, lots of Pho, Chicken Pho!

They even had a separate plate of mint leaves and beansprouts you could help yourself to. Not bad!

Oh yeah

Speaking of Pho I don't know if I've mentioned this but I bought an "iPho" T-Shirt on one of the nights at a market that is sold in almost every Vietnam tourist spot! You'll see it later.

Even Bill Clinton came before. Goodness knows I might have been sitting in the same seat as he did! Big deal, I know.

Happy Mrs Tan

Adeline is like "HUHHH I WANNA GO HOOOME", Pinxuan looks like she's digging her nose and Nisa looks disgusted by the sight of Pinxuan digging her nose.



Awesome hotel minus the stupid bathroom heater

All our bags along with those of other tourists waiting to check in. Crazy!

Adeline and I looking ridiculous while waiting for the others.

Found out that Pinxuan actually brought this along. Seriously?


Rather amused by this packet of bread filled with loads of air. It was actually for Guan Sheng because he was sick for the past few days and missed quite a lot of the tour stops.

Good thing he didn't go for the Cu Chi tunnels though, that horrid place.

At the airport sporting our sexy iPho T-Shirts

Sitting with Adeline and Guan Sheng on the plane. Again!

Piao liang

Home sweet home!!!

It was about 7pm when we reached back so everyone was pretty tired.

But not for me so I went around camwhoring with people!

The iPho T-Shirt gang again outside school! Lol!

Anyway I also want to say that while we were in the airport in Vietnam before we boarded the plane, I abruptly had a devastating flashback moment.

I suddenly remembered that on the second day, I put my house keys into the side pocket of my luggage.

The side pockets of my luggage do not have any zips whatsoever.


Of course I didn't make a big hoo-ha out of it and didn't tell a lot of people because nothing could be done anymore so all I did was just cross my fingers hoping it would still be there after I get it back in Singapore.

Obviously it did not make it and was gone for good! I guess it was a sign for me to change that Ayu keychain that I had which is like older than your mother.

So I bought a new one from Ayu's latest 2010 tour online (because I am a cheapass like that having not attended an Ayu concert in my whole life) and made new keys!

Hellz yeah

And that is pretty much it for my entire Vietnam trip!

The trip was definitely fun going there with all my friends and it was overall a great experience for me once again that was different from the Cambodia trip in 2009.

Anyway if you have nothing else to do you might also want to read my previous Red Cross trip as well to Cambodia in 2009 if you haven't yet and see how much more attractive I've grown. ;)

Nah just kidding I'm so unattractive that I blog. Where's the link in that? I don't even know.

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