Exciting things (but not really) in my life this week

Last Friday, a significant event took place that I would have never imagined would happen to me one day.


In the hall. Walking up the stage. Saying hi to Mr Goh. Actually I didn't say hi I said good afternoon.

Anyway, the event was generally embarrassing for me and I could sense myself being laughed at by some people but it doesn't really matter since I'm there and they're somewhere else.

But hey bitches. I have a stripe on my rank y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay nevermind I'll glorify it in another post hahahaha

We also celebrated Desmond's birthday in advance yesterday. We went to Seoul Garden and the food was gooood. I gained 2kg after that. Happy Birthday!

I also went in and out of the house 4 times throughout the entire day. Highest record ever?!?!?!?!!?

In other news, I also listened to Lady Gaga's Born This Way for the 195, 482nd time (I am Satan's child, happy?) and Britney's Hold It Against Me for the 104, 729th time (I am also immortal)

Things that will take place this coming week:

Social Studies test which I foresee myself failing, last prelim round of debates I foresee myself losing, and the losing of my vi-

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