Vietnam Trip 2010 (Day 3)

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21 November 2010

For our third day we went sightseeing again! This time the weather was just fine so my face didn't melt.

I took a picture with none other than the Buddha himself, went to the Mekong Delta which was a lovely experience and also went to a water puppet show, which is supposedly something that tourists must definitely watch.

Usual chicken, spring rolls, fish, and whatever. NO EGG SALAD! ;_;

There was watermelon juice though which I loved because firstly it was fresh and secondly it's watermelon.

The duration to our first destination which was the Vinh Trang (HOW DO YOU PRONOUNCE THESE THINGS?!?!?!) pagoda was around 45 minutes.

Something I really want here - timer that counts how long until the green light.

Random shot of my phone

Another great thing about being on a tour bus is that on long journeys, you get to do things that will make your friends hate you for life.


~lol~ 2

You're welcome everybody!

I deserve to be shot.

Ominous black smoke coming from nowhere.

More ducks!

Disrespectful photo of the day!

How scary it is that a banana plantation (or so I think) is so near a cemetery? Go play Hide and Seek there at night!



The moment we alighted from the bus we were greeted by a lot of women with a lot of cone hats stacked on their head! Looked so funny! The price wasn't so funny though, it was damn expensive if I remember correctly.

Anyway, the place was pretty boring. We went from temple to temple to temple to temple and saw many monks while we were there.

Other than that I only recall seeing a really dirty pond (and I mean FUCKING DIRTY) which actually had fish living in there. Immortals.

Only comment Mrs Tan had: "These are groupers I think... they're very nice." SMH

After taking pictures here and there we headed to the Mekong Delta afterward. On the way back to the bus this time we were greeted by beggars asking for money!!! The world is interesting.

The shocking realization that the shop assistant is actually standing in the middle of all the mannequins. Scary shit right there. I like how she's also barefoot to match the others. Purposely one.

Not the only tourists at the Mekong Delta!

Chandra who was damn scared on the way to board the boat since the plank was rather narrow.

Tour guide of the day for the Mekong Delta! I don't remember if he told us his name before or not.

Oh and the man holding onto Mrs Tan's bench is our tour guide for our whole trip! His name is Loi. I can remember because it's the auntie way of pronouncing Roy!

The guide taught us something that sounded like "Bee Tai Mak" but I can't really remember what is it and what it's for also. Participate in gang slashing after that shout Bee Tai Mak!


Making coconut candy which is the little island's specialty I guess.

They are individually wrapped in rice paper followed by the paper wrapping before it's packaged and sold to tourists!

There are 3 varieties sold - coconut, coconut with nuts and durian.

You can actually just take the pieces of unwrapped candy on the table and eat them. They are reaaaally sticky but nice! The workers all had bitch faces though, probably to intimidate those that like to steal a lot of the candy LOL

I bought a packet of coconut without nuts one and a packet of durian one.

They also sold something that... isn't really my cup of tea, and quite likely not for you either.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you...

Snake Wine.

Can you find its head? No?


Soooo groooossssss. They pack the wine inside little coconut husks for tourists to buy and bring home to enjoy. And Mr Lin actually went to try the sample! He said it was not bad.

Amongst other snake-related products were also belts, wallets, shoes and bags sold there made of snake or crocodile skin for AWFULLY CHEAP PRICES.

I doubt they're fake because if they can find so many snakes in that area to kill and make wine, might as well make some accessories from the skin too right? RIGHT???

They also sold rice paper there. We got to see how they're made and it's really more or less how they make popiah skin also.

I remember when I was young I'd be scared shitless to cross bridges like that. Not anymore!



After that... we went HORSE RIDING!

Well, to be exact, horse cart riding ~budget version~ hahahahahaha

On the cart with these 4 people. All of us wearing cone hats that were provided LOL! We are so touristy. Who cares if it's hot wearing that? We're tourists!!! ~lame excuses~

Booty shakin'

Them being very un-touristy because they didn't wear cone hats.

A random stray dog along the streets.

Anyway we only travelled for less than 5 minutes and we had to get down already. :(

Treated with samples of snacks they were selling. Coconut strips and peanuts!


Honey that cannot be any fresher.

And in order to try the honey...

Woah woah woah!!!

But being the pussy that I am this was the nearest I got.

Some honey lime tea something. It's nice but tastes like your typical home remedies for sore throat.

Royal jelly! To apply on your skin so that it'll be smooth or something along the lines of that. I think Mrs Tan tried tasting it and she died because it was horrible.

The freaks of nature. This deformed penis is actually a pineapple!!!

After that we went to take a nice little boat ride along a canal.

With Eva, Christel and Mr Lin.


A boat that we cursed and swear at because they overtook us. When we reached the terminal the angmoh called out to us and said, "Hey! We beat cha!" walao!!! LOLOLOL

Mrs Tan attempting to row the boat

Happy because they were starting to overtake us also.

After that we went back to our ferry and took off to another island!

Stopped by this place for lunch!

A cow-looking dog. A dow / cog.

Once again, packed from Halal @ Saigon.

French baguette which was awfully hard...

The food was a vast improvement from the orphanage one though!!

So cuuuuteeee

A chicken with its little chicks scurrying off to hide under the bushes after they saw us. So cute!

En route to our next destination!

I wonder why Guan Sheng and Hui Tung are always walking together alone... ;)

We alighted to a village that provided us with some fruits (locally grown I suppose) and performances by the villagers themselves!

What are you thinking of, perv?

Pineapple that is supposed to be dipped into this salt thing. Let's just say I was on the verge of dying after tasting it.

These were lethal because they were sour as hell. I also died after tasting it.

Performance by a villager! Didn't think they'd be so hi-tech because they even have a CD of their own songs for like US$3 each.

We had coconuts to enjoy while on the way back.

Check out that huge pile of soil or whatever at the back. Now if it were gold...

After that we made our way back to catch the Water Puppet Show.

But before that, may I present you something which will get me killed as soon as the subject sees this:


At first she said she would hide "strategically" so nobody could take her sleeping photo.

Evidently the plan failed.

Ohh I see what you did there. ;)

At the entrance to the theatre! Those life-sized puppets at the side of the entrance are shit scary.

Flier distributed to everyone

Notice how the staff are wearing those chinese funeral clothing. Scares the shit out of people.

Can you imagine one day you wake up in the middle of the night and you see the puppet pictured above standing at the foot of your bed? Oooooooo

Anyway, they say that you must watch a water puppet show when you are in Vietnam. Or so they say!


The only interesting thing I could see was the mystery behind how the puppeteers control the puppets, since there is water and stuff. But other than that, it's shit.

I don't want to sound mean but on what grounds can they say "all tourists must watch it"


I couldn't understand a single thing. At all. Besides, cameras were allowed and it was so annoying to see the cameras flashing every second. Even the picture I took had its flash off.

And in addition to that the theatre is also smelly, so if you want to go to Vietnam please don't waste your time.

I did have a good laugh at some truly ridiculous elements though! Like... fairy puppets spinning around and around and around.

At another Halal restaurant for dinner. The great thing about this restaurant is that they actually top up your dishes. Cool shit.

Appetizer which is really cucumber with this weird chilli sauce. But quite nice leh actually.

After dinner we went to a night market, which is like the pasar malam of Vietnam, because every stall sells the same things! It's like the food in pasar malam also.

Except in Vietnam, they are so hard-up for customers that they'd lower their prices like shit just to get business.


I've been wanting to see these because I am sua ku like that. I would buy one only if they weren't actually illegal in Singapore.

Then again I can imagine them coming to life at night and crawl all over my balls.

I also saw this blouse on sale that had the freaking LV print all over it. Gaudy as hell. Whoever dares to buy it will be put to shame everywhere she goes.

With le 3E2 peeps

The coconut candy I bought!

And that was pretty much what went on for the third day.

The fourth day was much more interesting though but I'm kind of lazy to say it now so you'll just have to wait.

Don't complain okay I already deserve royalties for writing posts so long!

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