Vietnam Trip 2010 (Day 4)

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22 November 2010

What better way to spend the last day of the March holidays than reading a blog post of mine? Pretty much everything, but that's not the point.

For our fourth day we made our way to a government school in Vietnam, similar to a secondary school here.

We also went to another tourist attraction very related to the war which is the Cu Chi tunnels, which, trust me, is fucking scary, and is a place you wouldn't want to go with people prone to heart attacks. You'll know why.

Breakfast comprising of the usual things with lotus fried rice that tasted horrible. But to compensate that, awesome agar agar woohoo!

After breakfast we took a 1-hour bus ride to the school! Of course we weren't going empty-handed. We long prepared a special gift for them before the trip!

...because we all know that the Vietnamese will remember what JWSS is in many years to come!

Anyway, all of us sewed whatever pattern we wanted on separate fabrics before piecing them together into one big fabric!

Mine is obviously the nicest which is the second last row and third from the left. Like hello? Red-sequined apple. Doesn't get any better than that.

Interesting looking tree outside the school.

The school's outdoor bookshop! Interesting shit. You know what's sickening though? That they had a magazine stand which sells Vietnamese magazines containing new of K-POP STARS. Good lord even teen girls in third world countries go crazy over them.

Here's how one of their ~better facilitated~ classrooms are

Shit son, TV on top of blackboard?!?!?!

Their English textbook which is damn cool because I remember on one of the pages they even printed the lyrics to Avril Lavigne's Sk8er Boi. No shit man.

But My Pals Are Here is better! (Or so they say)

The school showing off how much more effort and hard work their students put in to make such nice teachers day cards.

Then again I can't even get glue to stick paper together properly, let alone make flowers like that, so that's pretty impressive.

A very significant monument that I forgot what it's all about. Please don't come after me with a cleaver.

My personal tour guide for the day! I don't know his real name, he just tells me to call him SEAN KINGSTON! LOLOLOL! Resembles him right? (Ok I'll admit he doesn't)

Then there were also students that associated themselves with Western artists like Eminem and dunnowhat.

Presenting our lovely present to the school's principal.

Me with "Gordon". Actually looks a bit like Adriel.

Sean, Gordon, John, Eminem and I.

The reason why Sean's wearing a blue uniform and not white is because their school has like, 2 "sessions", like "part-time" and "full-time", but not really.

The curriculum time for the white uniformed people ends at 2PM whereas the blue uniformed people end at like, 6.30PM! Crazy!

The good thing however is that if I'm not wrong in between they actually have a 1-hour slot specially allocated for taking a NAP! Awesome or what?

And then sometimes when their area gets flooded, the water reaches up to their waist and have to even SWIM to get to school! They have their lessons drenched! I will never survive in places like that.

So after we bid farewell we headed for lunch next! Ooo yeahhhhh

Sharing Facebook addresses hahahaha

Random ATM machine outside the school.

I'll ban you alright

Oh yeaaaah. Actually the food was okay only, but edible nonetheless (duh)

Anyway after our meal on our way out I actually noticed something rather peculiar (almost a little scary) but I noticed that there was this table with a really big person sitting there. And by big, I mean REALLY BIG. Like sangat gemuk, you know?

Then I noticed that for every table that had unfinished food they'd just dump them onto plates at the table for different dishes.

See the omelette above? Yeah. I literally saw before my eyes a tall stack of unfinished omelette from different tables. That is disgusting and goodness knows what the big piece of lard would do with so much food before his eyes.

But scary obese gangsta-looking people aside, we made our way to another tourist attraction in Vietnam known as the Cu Chi tunnels. Please don't ever go there. (Just warning you upfront)

To cut its long history short, basically during the war the civilians dug secret tunnels underground and lived there for god knows how long so the American soldiers don't find them and kill them. Smart concept, terrible execution.

Imagine you standing there looking straight ahead to see a black silhouette doing the same thing as you right at the other end. At night.

As silly as it sounds, we thought this was the tunnel itself. Now if only going through the tunnel was this easy.

And here is Mr Lin trying to create the illusion that the both of us are of the same height.

Sticker given to us to prove that we paid our money! Or something like that.

This is the Vietnamese version of The Price Is Right and you are supposed to guess the price of that television.

No but actually Loi showed us this video of how the Cu Chi tunnels came about but I really didn't understand a single thing at all.

Anyway in the tunnels itself they also had kitchens to obviously cook food (ingredients fell from the sky or something).

The really smart thing they did was to also dig several chambers to contain all the smoke that was given off because that way, the soldiers won't be able to locate where their exact location was because the smoke from the chamber would go up to the ground and the soldiers would bomb that place only to realise there's really nothing!

You might think this is just a patch of land with fallen leaves. You are about to be proven wrong.


Mrs Tan being her ~adventurous~ self

The best part was how she got stuck afterwards and needed assistance to get out of it. LOLOLOL.

An unsuspecting patch of grass. Or so you think.

Or so you thought, bitch!

Everyone listening attentively to the guide unlike me.

And here is Mrs Tan acting cute.

After that we went to see a display of the various traps these smart Vietnamese people placed during the war.

If a solder accidentally steps into the trap, it will trigger the sharp sticks and pierce through your bloody leg man!

Upon stepping inside the trap would immediately fling the sharp stick thingies up and kena your armpit! Sad day for the victim.

Goodness gracious

Sucks to be you


This door trap is just wicked.

Usually when they invade homes or something, they'd kick the door open to shock anybody inside then seize the opportunity to kill them right?

So the smart thing was that they put this behind the door so when they kick open, the momentum would fling the trap forward.

Right now you would probably be thinking "Haiya you think they no hand dunno how to stop meh?"

Wrong! Even if you use your hand to stop the trap by grabbing onto the rod at the top, the planks with the nails attached to them can still move and hit your ass.

And to add the cherry on the cake, the "nails" are actually fishing hooks, so even if you do get pierced, it is extremely difficult to get them out without yanking off your flesh as well.

After saying so much, the moral of the story is that if you have Vietnamese friends, please please please don't ever piss them off.

They're nocturnal so they only come to life at night.

Why hello there!

After reading so much you must be cursing and swearing right now because there's no tunnel to be seen yet.

Well, curse no more because what happened next was probably the worst experience throughout the entire trip.

Remember when I said the concept of the tunnels were good but not the execution?

That is because even though they did manage to hide and everything, what you need to know is that living under a tunnel is not easy at all.

The height between the ground and the ceiling was only approximately one metre. No shit, son.

It's not because the Vietnamese are short! All of them had to bend down in order to walk! Can you imagine after the war? Hunchbacks galore!

And everytime they walk, they would walk at least 1-2 kilometres. All while bending down, looking at the floor, and maybe occasionally forward to check if they're going the right way. CAN YOU IMAGINE???

I'm only smiling because I was not aware of the predicament I was about to land myself into.

So amidst all the suffering I only managed to snag this photo while going through the tunnel.

It isn't even a matter of just crawling. There was also limited light and sometimes you even have to climb up to somewhere or something.

Imagine people got heart attack there how?

Trying to console us that "everything is going to be okay" after getting so traumatised by the tunnel with tapioca to be dipped into peanuts. It tasted horrible. In fact, there wasn't any taste at all that's why it's horrible.

I took a bite and put it back onto the plate telling others not to take that one hehehehehe

Mrs Tan's new boyfriend. Woman at the side is like "bitch."

On our way back for dinner!

Once again, at Halal @ Saigon! I'm not complaining though.

Yellow chwee kueh-like things which are rather nice.

Yummilicious fish.

And after dinner we made our way to another pretty famous market known as the Ben Tanh market that sells shitloads of things! But once again, just like pasar malams, there are shops that sell the same things anyway.

I managed to buy two things but I'll only show you at the end of this post!

Unfortunately no pictures of the market itself because it was really crowded and I didn't want to risk getting my camera stolen. Google it yourself la wabiang eh.

Oh and I also got the shock of my life because I actually saw someone whose face was severely scarred that I swear I was looking at his skull rather than his face. Looked like acid burn scars to me. Traumatising ;_;

Enjoying some Cartoon Network in the hotel. It was in ENGLISH! Hohohoho! Thank goodness.

And for some late-night entertainment...

Hellz yeah bitches

I like how Christel looks so... seductive there ;) ;) ;)

Anyway I played with Eva, Christel and Mrs Tan in their room until about 11:30PM. Also went to partay partay (or so they say) in Hui Tung's room LOL

Ready to see what I bought?!?!?!

TADA!!! That's right!

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

But you know what else I bought that I also couldn't resist?

This epic chess set.

Check this out!

Cool or whuuuut!

Not that I play chess on a regular basis, but well...

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