CDs of the month! (#15)

I know, I am once again ~late~ so I apologize to you 5 or so people.

What shouldn't be apologized about is how I only have 1 CD this month! That's right!

Britney's Femme Fatale! The deluxe edition, of course.

I actually wanted to order the Japan edition which had 1 more bonus track than this (because I am a tight-arse) but before I could even do it it already sold out on all online stores.

~*Luxurious digipak*~

It actually looks like something you'd see in super high class dark chocolate sold out there, except this isn't.

The digipak is also surprisingly thin. Thinner than Teenage Dream's in fact. Not that it's a bad thing la can save space!

I really need to say that this album is actually mind-blowingly good! I prefer it to her previous 2 albums Circus and Blackout, really.

The first half of the album is better than the second half though, but the bonus tracks are definitely top-notch. If only they swapped places with songs from the second half of the album.

One reason not to buy standard edition as well: UGLY BLACK FONT ON THE COVER WTF.

At least the digipak one the font is goldy goldy. (Yes I coined it myself)

Anyway the reason why there's only 1 CD this month is obviously because of the disaster that took place in Japan.

There were going to be albums from Namie, Kuu and Ayu but they were delayed!

And you know why?

Because they decided to use the trucks for transporting medical supplies and stuff to the victims instead of manufacturing / transporting the CDs. Seriously man, the Japanese never fail to amaze.

Even Yakuzas donated money to aid the victims.

As for Singapore... I went "really?" when I read that the government donated only $500k.

So yea, that's why there's only 1 this month!

That's all for the post so goodnight and have a nice day. That sounded formal didn't it.

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