Probably the last time I'll ever get to show these off

Exactly 7 days ago was none other than our Passing Out Parade! Can't say I'm happy but I can't say I'm extremely sad about it also.

Also because I am so lazy, the fact that it was the last time I would be wearing my uniform wasn't a valid reason for me to painstakingly polish the boots using the proper method. So I used liquid polish again. Little effort, little time consumed!

Speaking of boots I am probably one of the last few people in the unit having owned and used the same pair of boots for Red Cross for 4 years straight! It looks so tattered that I'm actually sending it to the national museum soon because it's so antique-looking.

Ella, Shamira and I

With Shiela

Both of us have the same rank and the same IBS badges. Then I see her lanyard and curse and swear.

Award-winning crybaby of the day

Mindfuck of a picture because I look tiny beside Khairi.

Juniors watching in the gallery

And these are the 3 cadets from our batch that were awarded with the Best Cadet plaque!



and Shoba!

Shoba is the saddest of all because Mdm Sangeetha, whom was the emcee, missed out her name.

Speaking of Mdm Sangeetha... she should never be the emcee for anything ever again! This is like one of the most significant events in our lives yet her speech was impromptu, and she just conveniently left out names without even being aware that she only read out 2 names for Red Cross. It wasn't until Mrs Tan had to walk up to her and tell her she missed Shoba. SIAD.

Well that was embarrassing. Aside from the fact that this picture exemplifies my epic slow reaction, but when we were bersurai-ing I totally forgot to salute before marching off. *hides in shame*

Threw our berets again! Try to pump me now suckas! Come to think of it this looks like it could be a screenshot from the national anthem music video.

Doing our last Billy Banja as a Red Cross cadet! It is moments like this that make me regret buying my Red Cross shirt in XL.

And who the heck is Billy Banja anyway? Who is Billy? Who is Banja? Even Google doesn't give you answers.

So for the past 4 years I've been looking like an idiot going round and round chanting someone's name I don't even know exists or not! ~Life's mysteries~

Oh yeah

With Mrs Sherry Tan whom is probably one of the best Youth Officers ever! Bet you didn't expect me to say that did you?

After the parade we all went to do our last pumping for her! And after we did it she did what we all would least expect her to do - CRY! ;_;

She even handmade nice little cards for each of the graduating NCOs. It's also her last year as a YO with our school so she is also in a way graduating with us too! When she handed mine she even went "Can I have a hug?!?!" hahaha

And speaking of crying everyone just started crying after that. The Sec 4s, and even the Sec 3s like KIMBERLY and PINXUAN among many others.

I am a strong person because I didn't cry! Lol no la but honestly speaking I felt that the parade was rather... underwhelming?

I know it seems weird but I somewhat feel indifferent after the parade. It only started to hit me while walking to Jurong Point and just didn't talk for a while.

So while everybody was crying the only consolation I could tell them was "Don't cry, later got buffet!"

Unfortunately because we took so long the other UGs pretty much stole everything already, so we were just left with fried rice or fried noodles. They were still nice though.

Zainab BEE BEE, Mages, Me, Vince, Nazzer and Shiela

A cake for us specially bought by DARREN SIM from his own pocket! So nice of him leh.

I felt bad that day because 2 trainings before I mentioned to him about his unibrow. IT WAS JUST AN OBSERVATION LA OKAY! Then on that day I realised he shaved the unibrow away. GUILT.

Adeline crying for the 52nd time

Mrs Tan feeding the Sec 4s cake one by one LOL.

Well this is embarrassing


With Zafira! The little vajayjays are actually supposed to be her spectacles LOL. Because when she started wearing them I constantly made fun of them by doing that and putting it on my eyes during training.

With Mr Aziz!

With Pin Xuan the second crybaby

With Amos who was one of the 3 NPCC Cadets to win the Best Cadet plaque!

And the last picture of the post will be a very inappropriately vulgar one:

Hehehehe. Unfortunately Kimberly wasn't game for it so yea.

Anyway the day was a happy occasion rather than a sad one which I initially expected the latter to be. Lesser tears from people than I had thought.

And now that I come to think of it, I'm quite happy to be at my position in Red Cross. I didn't participate in ANY competitions at all and I still can become a Warrant Officer! You GOT to give it to me!

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