So I went to watch Scre4m.

And let's just say... it was pretty awesome. I wouldn't say it's better than the first but I feel it's better than Scream 2 and Scream 3. Especially how this time round the number of times you hear "fuck" is phenomenal.

I remember how I watched one of the movies when I was young (tells you a lot about my parents' upbringing of me) and have since grown a liking to it though I was scared shitless back then but I would still watch it again anyway every time they'd randomly air it on Channel 5.

Oh, and also, it's my first NC16 movie! I feel so old and mature. The cinema was also very empty. You'd wonder how full the cinemas would be for M18 movies.

Also, bet you watched the Royal Wedding yesterday didn't you?

It was absolute torture.

The grand castles... in Britain... everyone looking fabulous and rich... so luxurious and grand... while at the same time, believe that hidden somewhere in the castle lies a chamber with shitloads of cash in it.

And not to mention the most important highlights of the event which are none other than hats, as well as a bal- I'll leave it at there.

Her hat looks so pretty! Her hat looks so this! Her hat looks so that! Is she wearing two hats?! Is she wearing a hat in a hat? Is she wearing a hat inception?

So many questions, so much JEALOUSY! And then you start wondering WHY AM I NOT OF ROYALTY and then start slashing your wrist and/or jump down buildings.

Watching the programme was like eating chilli. They trigger your pain receptors yet at the same time release endorphins, making you unable to stop watching. It's a tragic thing.

But hey, I am going to be so motivated and achieve success GREATER THAN ROYALTY!!! Muahahaha and I'll become so rich I can buy 10 castles to myself.

Then I can ask the queen to kiss my more-than-royal ass. (This will come down later in my life to be one of my greatest contradictions ever made)

And not to mention Kate Middleton looked damn beautiful in that dress. She is, as I like to call it, a RILF. Go figure that out yourself. This will be a statement heavily looked down upon by teachers that read this.

Speaking of the queen I laughed so hard when they say she's part of the illuminati!!! Lololololol!!! Can you imagine her saying that with the finest English accent?

"Why, this devil business seems pretty interesting! One is intrigued! Now make me a lovely cuppa tea while one discusses with Satan to be part of his marvellous club. And bring along some gin as well."

Sigh. I'm going to get sued one day.


  1. Ledo9312:09 AM

    LOL its creepy how me and you think alike!! xD i actually LOLED hard on the ppl that said the queen was part of the Illuminati. anyways i would love to watch scre4m i also saw the first ones when i was young lol although now i cant believe i was THAT scared =P. keep up the hilarious posts and its been a while since you've done the CD of the month thing??? Did you not get Namie's Checkmate its FLAWLESS!! ranting sorry bye now

  2. Hey thanks for commenting! Yea I can't believe it either haha. My CDoM posts are now on the first Saturday of every month, so the next one will be up tomorrow! And yeah I love the new songs on Namie's Checkmate! Mine's on the way together with Koda Kumi's Driving Hit's 3, so I'm waiting for its arrival :)

  3. Ledo9310:56 PM

    ill be looking forward to it :D
    i actually always wanted to comment but i JUST figured out how lol =P