So touched today :(

So today was Wednesday and you can say it was our last Red Cross training. But technically it isn't, because I count this Friday's Pass Out Parade as our last!

While it is sad that my Red Cross journey is about to come to an end, I am also sad because I will be leaving my juniors who are the sweetest bunch of people ever!

Today during training they kept telling me not to go and that I should stay until the day THEY leave Red Cross instead. Aww!

I never really thought that I'd be on such good terms with my juniors because I was rather afraid they'd think I was shit fierce and be cold towards me but ever since I became an NCO I guess I just got nicer? I've never really punished anyone while being an NCO.

And then one of the Sec 2 cadets asked if I was leaving Red Cross already, and when I said yes she told me to just come back after that and don't care about O Levels! Lol!

Sigh but I guess all good things must come to an end. I'm just glad that our batch managed to sustain an EUA Gold for the unit once again.

And I shan't say anymore because I'll probably blog again some time after our Passing Out Parade. You know what sucks though? I heard the parade will be in the hall. In other words, there won't be any marching or anything. Sigh.

In other news, what's also worthy of a sigh is that my old friends would probably know that I've been having a slight Red-Green Defiancy (RGD) since 2007. Or some of you might call it colour blindness.

Like I said, it is only SLIGHT because the leaves are still green, and your menstrual blood is still red to me. So I don't know what's the issue.

But apparently the HPB sent a letter to the school saying that I REALLY NEED assistance for my O Levels Science Practical, especially Chemistry since we'll be dealing with colours and all that.

And according to Miss Teo on the phone call it was AS SERIOUS AS DESMOND. Shit son you kidding? Desmond can't see purple. I can see all colours, including red and green! What is this shit???

The reason why I feel so uptight about this is that... the school needs the official letter. I don't even know where it is now.

I have to find it somehow.

Don't blame me leh the letter is like 4 years old? And back then I didn't think it'd be so important in my lifetime so I just conveniently left it somewhere, never to be discovered again.

So yea it's getting quite late so bye!

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