As this is my 666th post, I would like to commemorate this milestone by making a confession specially made relevant for this special occasion.

I am, in fact... part of the...


For a very long time now I've been very keen in learning about the devil and his doings. As such, I have decided to become Satan's servant and I am PROUD OF IT!

I prove my dedication and commitment by calling my physics formula triangles "Illuminati Triangles". I draw Illuminati triangles with the eye whenever I decorate something. I secretly put on eye makeup to resemble that Illuminati eye-looking thing.

Heck, I even have Satan's phone number secretly stored inside my phone in a hidden area where nobody can gain access to.

On nights whereby I feel lonely and feel like the entire world is going against me, I turn to capital H-I-M. He is my saviour. Satan is my all.

You may have heard of the last supper, but Satan has the last hunger pang. He'd continually encourage to binge on food as it is a facet of life that is pure indulge.

You know what they say - NS,NS. No Satan, No Satay.

If life cannot be a bed of roses, I'll just fall back in Satan's embrace.

At times when life became hard for me, Satan made them all easy again. He'd make me overcome all my difficulties within a blink of an eye. All I had to do was to do things to the best of my ability and Satan would do the rest.

Satan has also made me gain connections in Hollywood. Lady Gaga. Rihanna. Britney Spears. Beyoncé. Even Barbra Streisand and Betty White!!!

I've seen them all during Illuminati gatherings and meetings. It would always be a great pleasure to meet them. YOU JEALUZ?

I have to admit that Lady Gaga is an absolute genius in hidden symbolic Illuminati messages.

Her song, Bad Romance? Rah rah rah ah ah is most certainly not a word play on the word "Romance". It is a message. A message from Satan. To spread awareness about the cause of Satanism, and that she does indeed have a bad romance with none other than the devil himself.

Judas, in fact, had a ghost writer - Satan. He was indeed a king with no crown. He was a king with horns!

Yoü and I may sound like a song that doesn't have the devil's influence, but in actual fact, the "You" refers to... say it with me - SATAN! Why else would it be specially titled as Yoü?

And she'll die living as free as her hair just like how Satan will die (if he ever will) living just as free as his horns.

Rihanna's Only Girl (In The World) truly sends out a strong message about the Illuminati. "WANT YOU TO MAKE ME FEEL / LIKE I'M THE ONLY GIRL IN THE WORLD". The only girl in the world in the eyes of Satan.

And Satan does indeed make her feel like one. In fact, they go on regular binging sessions on human meat, especially those of old virgins above the age of 55.

Beyoncé Run The Flop (Lulz), though not performing well on charts, still sends out a strong meaning too. The fact that 80% of the song is sampled from some other weird-assed song already states the very obvious - that the devil has absorbed away most of her creativity.

Britney Spears... she freaking recorded a song written by Ke$ha, of course she's in! And not to mention Barbra Streisand. I don't even...

Last but not least,

Betty White.

But what about me? What has the devil himself influenced me to do? Well, he was the one that made me start this blog. To tarnish the reputation of blogging and you know what they say - black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love.

Sometimes, Satan himself visits me often. Usually, he'd give me money, but the moment he leaves, they mysteriously yet expectedly turn into hell notes. I can't believe sometimes how he'd troll me like that. But hey, I like a mischevious friend sometimes.

I wouldn't say he's exactly that good-looking, because sometimes I find it really hard to look into his face without vomiting, so what I do is shift my eyes from one horn to the other and back and forth so it'll seem as though I'm paying attention.

But hey, it's nice to have a friend visit me since I don't usually... have... friends. They all think I'm weird and crazy.

But just you wait... one day... just one day... I will gain ETERNAL GLORY for being Satan's servant! My efforts will then finally be recognised... then you bitches be all up on me like cray cray!

Though seriously, stop it with the Illuminati bullshit already, or imma call Satan deal with yo ass! That's as ghetto as I can possibly get.

And erm, please don't sue me because this is all a lie, and as we all know, that's what servants of the devil love doing.


So my results are actually pretty disappointing.

First time ever I actually failed my Combined Science. My Physics is at 49% which I will pass after adding CA, however, my Chemistry is D7 for SA and F9 for CA! It's impossible to pass it entirely! Sigh.

Another disappointing thing is that I got freaking B3 for E-Maths.

But oh well, IT IS WHAT IT IS! I know right? I'll just do Ms Ho's punishment during the holidays then. Which was issued today, and the punishment is doing every single question of the entire TYS.

Also, my English results are more or less bittersweet.

For Paper 1, I surprisingly got the highest for the class for my composition which is the first time that I've ever done so so I'm quite happy. I got 23/30 and according to Ms Teo, Mr Paul rarely gives 23!

Sadly because of my format I only got a 19/30 for my Situational Writing. Nonetheless my Paper 1 adds up to 70%, an A2!

Unfortunately though the entire cohort did shittily for Paper 2, and even the highest from 4E1 is a B3 overall.

And I got 22/50. I did really badly for both components, but I didn't think my summary would be so bad that I only got 10/25 for it. 2/10 for Language?!

Mr Leong told me during the Cross Country last Friday that my weakness is that I over-analyze questions. After all, I am a very deep person. Ahem.

The question asked what is an obstacle a CSI would face without applying for a search warrant. The answer is that the evidence gathered cannot be submitted in court, but I said in my answer that the obstacle was the law.

And thus, my overall is just a pathetic B4. Nonetheless, I can't say I'm not satisfied because I'm still within the upper quartile.

Also another surprising thing is that I actually got B4 for my Chinese SA! Shock of the year! A2 for Oral somemore! And my CA is a B as well if I'm not wrong.

I managed to score an A2 for SS though at 35/50, but my Combined Humanities still remains at B3, which is disappointing for me anyway.

So at the end of it all, my overall results are shitty after all!

I've realised that at this point of time competition is truly intensifying, or at least I think that way. It's scary to see people progressing way faster than me! People I don't like are catching up with me! Oh no!

But for those that didn't score well, don't be disheartened because it really isn't the end yet. There's still 5 months and I'm very sure it's entirely possible to catch up within 5 months! Just work hard, that's all I can say.

That being said I know it's a bit inappropriate to say I have disappointing results when others are getting F9s for everything but hey, everyone has different expectations for themselves, and I just didn't meet mine!

And if you're one of the people I don't like, pui I hope you fail everything. I'm talking to you, Najuice.

We've also started the Mother Tongue Intensive programme because our MT O Level's Paper is just this coming Monday! I am fucking scared, and that is an understatement!

But I find the classes extremely useful, and can be further beneficial if the class would actually shut the fuck up for once.

We combined class with the 5N, and I don't understand how LLT stands it. Because I can't concentrate at all! The fact that they, until today, still don't realize how deep they have sunken in shit, is absolutely ridiculous.

Can't wait for them to score badly and see them 悔不初.

I am completely fine if they want to fail everything, because at least the bellcurve will then shift to my advantage (Though MT don't have, I just want something logical to say) but don't be such a selfish fuck and affect those around you right?

And they are so noisy that LLT has to continually stop and yell at them which obviously does not work and you have no idea how time-consuming it is.

The best part is how they fail to realise how much time they're wasting and keep asking what time they'll be able to go home.

Well maybe if you just shut the fuck up and listen properly, we could have all been dismissed as much as 30 minutes earlier, isn't it? Dumbfucks.

It's not my fault people are so stupid.

First batch of results

So today was pretty much a neutral day because in the morning I received the worst results of the day and towards the end I got really pleased for some subjects so yea, overall I guess I am rather satisfied.

As expected I failed my Physics paper though I didn't expect myself to get an F9. The best part is how after combining scores with my Paper 1 and Practical results, I got 49.0 exactly! What the fuck!

I don't know why but teachers really enjoy marking my papers really accurately so I can't squeeze for that 1 mark.

I am really pleased though that I got 14/15 for my Physics practical paper! That's right! My highest for a practical exam ever! So now I only have CA to help me obtain that 1 mark to get a C6, which in all honesty isn't that hard anyway.

At first I felt like I disappointed Ms Czarina for not performing up to her expectations (I feel like Edrie and I are amongst the people in her class she had high hopes on) but turns out both of us despite our shitty results actually got "promoted" to the best class ie. Mr Shah's class.

And I don't like that! I have people I don't like over in that class and I'm sorry but I just don't like Mr Shah's teaching methods. It's not helping at all upon knowing that there are people in his class in Semester 1 that has dropped to Mr Anwar's class which is the last.

I would have said nastier things but my blog is monitored by certain people (you know who you are! ;)) so I'll just leave it at that.

I also scored rather miserably for Geography, at least for my case, because I only got 34/50 which is 1 mark away from an A2.

Even at B3 I just feel like I've not performed up to my expectations and Mdm Ruby agreed too. After all, shit I didn't study for decided to come out. I can only hope that Social Studies can pull me up which is pretty unlikely for me.

Chemistry was also extremely pathetic! Once again, I got 32 for the paper when the passing mark is 33 but like I said teachers enjoy marking my paper so accurately I couldn't squeeze for more marks.

Not to mention I made a lot of stupid mistakes worth getting shot for, and I doubt my CA will be able to save anything.

Thus, as a whole, my Combined Science is fucked. It's either a C6 or a D7 right now for Mid Years.

On happier news though, I actually did well for my A-Maths Paper! Thank holy god of mother Krishna! Although comparatively I think I'm ranked slightly towards the lower side of the class, I am extremely pleased considering how I thought the paper was really difficult.

I got 64/80 for Paper 1 (80% | A1) and 65/100 for Paper 2 (B3) so it adds up to 72.5%, an A2! Don't have to do Ms Ho's punishment of doing the entire AM Textbook now. If magic happens, my CA just might pull it up to an A1.

Now to cross the final hurdle for Mid Years which is E-Maths because I cannot afford to get B3 or below!

I also did considerably well for Computer Studies which I got a B3 for. Second in class, losing out to Kristle, so I am essentially the first Singaporean in the class!

And I am really proud of myself considering how for the entire year so far we did not touch textbook material at all because of our coursework. I also think it's the highest I've ever scored for a CS exam.

So yep, things have been looking good for me except Science. I'm looking forward to getting back my results for English and E-Maths tomorrow, and if I have the time I'll probably blog then.

Vesak Partay ~may the pictures gross you out~

By Vesak Party I really mean staying at home doing nothing! The benefits of not being religious. But Happy Vesak Day to all Buddhists!

Anyway I went to visit Dr Ho for my braces once again and I'm glad to announce I don't have to wear elastics this month!!! Woohoo!!! Goodness knows how many elastics I have ingested. Yea because sometimes I'm so lazy I don't even want to take them out when I eat.

Right now you must be really grossed because it looks like I didn't brush my teeth but I did. I can't help it the clear bands make my teeth look dirtily yellow.

I think I better make this my last month of putting on clear bands because I've consumed too much curry for my own good staining everything HAHA

Teeth for the next few months will be progressing very slowly since it takes quite a while for the jaw / teeth alignment whatever to adjust itself. But I just realised I'm making progress! The centre line (between front teeth) is starting to become more aligned for both rows.

Would probably blog hopefully in 2 days' time? I also have Cross Country this Friday, which I have been asked to do first aid duty again! No running for me woohoo!!! Yea I'll never get to experience cross country again but I can't be bothered honestly.

BRB going jogging

So now that it's the exam period and the graduating batch is either doing hardcore studying or hardcore slacking.

But before all of these started going on, I realised that more and more Sec 4s were starting to carry out this jogging regime, or as I like to call it, a SHIT-SON-YOU-SERIOUS regime, and still are!

And it frustrates me because everytime I talk to a friend online, more often than not, the person is going jogging.

Ok maybe I'm exaggerating a bit too much but I really don't like it when people don't want to talk to me on MSN and instead go jogging because I don't have friends and I'm... ... ...lonely. (Or am I?)

In fact back then in Sec 2 I asked people to go jogging with me but they'd just blatantly decline. Now when I'm at this advanced stage of laziness the opposite is happening and frankly I think it is pure kismet that I'll be eternally unfit.

Furthermore, people telling me about them jogging and exercising and shit like that is like another lesson of social studies and geography, and at the same time, a slap in the face for me.

Because it's like reminding me about widening income gaps except you replace the money with weight.

And while we're on the topic of fitness, I also do not understand some people's obsession with muscle training and such. Likewise, people do not understand why I choose to be in such a miserable state but that's another story for another day.

I mean... okay, NS is probably a factor for many but hey -- What if they suddenly realise you actually have some disease during the health checkup then in the end no need serve NS??? All the efforts also waste right?

Besides... women like having sex with the more meaty males because they can... grab their lumpy bits. My source is Edrie so anything go find him.

I mean okay la got health benefits la I'll give you that but still... anyway Singapore food so unhealthy I think eventually you still become fatty bom bom. First world problems! Malnutrition in the form of obesity. ~Geography role model~

And I won't name names but it's funny how I know people that are weak in English, but instead of trying to make an effort for a decent paper qualification and improve their language, they choose to borrow not a storybook from the library but a book about training with weights.

Also, recently there's been this ridiculous woman who wears a tank top and denim shorts with slippers and goes jogging every morning.

When I first saw her I thought maybe she was rushing somewhere but it started to become a daily occurrence since a few weeks back so since then she became the first person I'd judge every morning, and that is providing the mirror in the bathroom fogs when I bathe so I won't be able to see myself.

Like really man. Every. Morning. Slippers and denim shorts.

Ok la in case you're all offended I'm just kidding! Or am I? Just do whatever you want, just make sure you don't get knocked down by a car and die.

Singapore GE 2011

Before I say anything else, yes, I am not a very political person. Yes, I am only 16 years old and not in the position to say my thoughts about the elections or whatever. LET ME SAY WHAT I WANT LA HAIYER.

So the country has voted, and PAP is once again in power with two-thirds majority in parliament at 81 of 87 seats.

Which means they can pass any bill or law in parliament as and when they like, once again.

The Worker's Party is the only opposition party in parliament with 6 seats, the highest in Singapore ever.

Honestly speaking, given the amount of hype that was given towards opposition parties, the results were actually rather underwhelming to me.

I am not a hardcore supporter of either parties but I do want more people in the opposition parties in parliament, that's all.

I am glad though that the opposition is slowly catching up. Right now it's all just a matter of time, and that's assuming 2012 doesn't happen!

What I feel like voicing out is how people, after reading Xiaxue's views on the elections, just blindly follow her and become super hardcore-PAP.

Not that there is anything wrong with XX's decision, but can't people at least have views about this themselves?

If they are that keen in politics then they should have at least done their own research.

But it's okay, because the people have voted and even though the political tsunami has yet to happen, at least we can look forward to THIS tsunami!
"Please remember: We still need 900,000 foreign workers on work permits (excluding those on S and E passes)" - MM Lee Kuan Yew, 24 April 2011 (CNA)

When shit gets overcrowded, when these people flirt with girls in the MRT (Trust me I've seen these before), don't complain like nobody's business lor, that's all.

BUT I won't completely blame it on the government, because I partially understand that manpower is essential for Singapore's continual growth. That, I understand.

However, on the other hand, what I don't understand is... is there no alternate solution? Not that I can think of any, but just putting it out there since it's not my job anyway LOLOLOL

Another thing some people really need to know is that ALL Singapore newspapers, under SPH, is controlled by the government aka PAP.

Obviously, everything you're going to read relating to politics is biased. If you know about the Cooling-Off Day fiasco involving TPL, it wasn't published in the news though you can say it did stir up some drama.

Singapore is ranked one of the lowest in the world for press freedom.

Which is why I really do hope that in time to come, there will be a revival of press freedom and freelance writing in Singapore. Without this, together with the influx of more foreign talents to come, I don't even know what my future prospects in Singapore are anymore.

And to those who are going to be so pro-PAP after reading all sorts of propaganda because it makes you appear so ~intellectual~ then maybe you would like to do some research. Maybe you can start with Operation Coldstore!

But really in all honest opinion PAP has the most capable leaders that have potential to truly lead the nation. Which is why I doubt any opposition party will ever become the ruling party.

A lot of people are also pissy over George Yeo's loss. Yes, I am upset too because I know he is genuinely a kind and caring man.

But it's not the end of the world!! He can still contest in 5 years, and he can even run for presidency. I know the president's job is different, but like I've said it's not the end of the world.

It's disappointing to see people calling the voters of Aljunied "retarded" and tell them to REPENT (lol) because having an opposition GRC would lead to no upgrading. Yes, I give you that, but you have to understand:

Low Thia Kiang.
Sylvia Lim.
Chen Show Mao.

They're like the top-notch politicians of WP in one team! Shit doesn't even get better than that! People are obviously going to have a hard time choosing who to vote!

Furthermore stop hating on Low Thia Kiang. Apart from the fact that he's not a good speaker, just so you know in 2006, MM Lee challenged LTK to step out of his Hougang SMC and contest in a GRC.

Clearly, he accepted the challenge and won. If anything, it's not his fault if you ask me.

But I will not discredit the PAP.

They have brought Singapore to where it is today and I am eternally grateful for that.

But after so long, I feel like things have changed.

Think about this:

If you are the ruling party and you truly care for every single resident, will you neglect GRCs that are under your opponent's parties? Does it really matter that much to you if most of the residents in that area decided not to choose you, thus resulting in you ignoring them?

I feel that at the end of the day, it's not about competition, it's about the welfare of all Singaporeans.

When Chiam See Tong was the MP of Potong Pasir SMC, he tried to appeal in parliament to grant Potong Pasir a HDB upgrade. HDB blocks in that area had lifts that needed upgrading, concrete that needed maintenance, ceilings that are leaking and other problems making everything unpleasant and unsightly.

Flat-out ignored, just like that. Now, Potong Pasir SMC has chosen Sitoh Yi-Pin as their MP but I'm not upset since they'll finally get their upgrades!

Low Thia Kiang in parliament asked Grace Fu back then when will Hougang SMC, then under him, finally give residents the HDB upgrade as well.

Her reply? All you need to know is that she just went around the bush over the matter, never giving a final conclusive reply.

And end up what happen? The people who denied them that opportunity called them a slum, making it as though it's LTK's fault. Which makes Hougang a very admirable SMC for being resilient and not give in to the alleged "PAP dangling carrot" as others have asserted.

Just a little thought by the way: The redrawing of electoral districts remind me a lot of the conflict in Northern Ireland caused by electoral districts being often redrawn in favour of the Protestants, lol! Just that nobody cares here.

Bottom line: I'm more or less neutral towards both ends, albeit slightly towards the opposition. All I want in future is that the opposition occupies more than 1/3 of parliament and make freelance writing + press freedom present again in Singapore.

Have a nice day!

On a lighter note, one day I'll probably set up my own political party. The DDPP - Dance Dance Party Party! How about that? I make sure my party contests all 87 seats in Parliament!!! Hahahaha (Once again, assuming 2012 doesn't happen)

p/s. Just to piss Worker's Party haters off: Vote for Worker's Party! Towards a First World Parliament! Pursuant to Section 49, Sub-Section 7E, Paragraph A of the Parliamentary Elections Act, I hereby declare that it's Hammer Time!!!

CDs of the month! (#16)

Today is a very sad day because it's already May, and also 13 days to my Mother Tongue O Levels! Now why did I just remind myself that (sigh)

So in an effort to improve my mother tongue this post shall be entirely in Chinese!!! 好不好? 开玩笑 la.

25 April

(2011.04.20) ayumi hamasaki - ayu-mi-x 7 -LIMITED COMPLETE BOX SET-

Like I've said before it was originally intended to be released on 30th March but was postponed because of the Japan earthquake.

The seventh of the ayu-mi-x series comprises 4 CDs which are included in the box set along with a bonus disc. Needless to say, it costs a bomb.

Divided into ayu trance 4, HOUSE, Acoustic Orchestra and ayu-ro mix 4 (which is basically eurobeat).

See, electronic music can come in so many variations! (sans AO) Don't you feel educated.

Wa la! Lé inside. The four CDs to the right and to the left is the bonus disc and 13 vinyl record-sized posters of the covers for all the past ayu-mi-x s! Lol.

Everything just looks more high class and expensive (well, it technically is) when the obi is the same colour front and back.

Everything spread out~

27 April

(2011.04.27) Mika Nakashima - Dear (First Press | Alternate Jacket Sleeve)

Mika's latest single~ and the first since the recovery of her illness. This year is also her 10th anniversary year! Everyone's getting so old.

And that is pretty much it for the CDs. Today I also received something!

A HPE T-Shirt which is a project initiated by ViVi with ayumi hamasaki! All proceeds go to the earthquake relief so it's for a good cause :)

Alright that's the end of everything now. I initially thought Namie's Checkmate! and Koda Kumi's DH3 would come by yesterday but apparently not!

...because comparatively, the best venue to have pizza is in school, not at home

Today was our Combined Science practical paper for the Mid-Years and my class was one of the few other classes that were in the very first shift, so after the paper at 9:30AM we had to be quarantined in the AVA Room until all classes have taken the paper at about 2PM.

I do not get how stupid some people display themselves to be.

People of a certain class of a certain level / stream decided it would be very funny to order Pizza Hut, thinking they'd be able to consume it in the AVA Room.

When the deliveryman came and was already outside the school, the person who ordered it was contacted and then told the teacher then in-charge, Mdm Aisah to let them go and collect it outside the school.

I wouldn't say I like Mdm Aisah very much but I totally support her decision to not let them go collect!

After which Mdm Lin Lan Theen came in to investigate the situation and immediately, cleverly, spotted the loophole.

When they entered the room, all handphones were handed to the front of the classroom, because it was against the school rules and practical examination rules which state that handphones could only be used in the canteen.

Which begs the question...


But that's not the end of it all! When Mdm LLT asked that, Some smart aleck immediately riposted,



It's not even POSSIBLE to order from Pizza Hut before the start of the exam at 8AM because Pizza Hut's delivery service only starts at 10:30AM.

Then again, I don't know how they even managed to order but even if it was all a made-up story it just makes them a thousand times more pathetic for making such a big hoo-ha out of nothing.

Let's say it IS true that they managed to "preorder" the delivery.

So how did they manage to receive the message that the deliveryman was there?

Exposed again! And they actually thought they could get away from it?

And when they landed into trouble they were still fucking indignant thinking they weren't in the wrong.

When Mdm Aisah's shift was over and left the room they started hurling offensive words at her. Or rather, the closed door.

Saying she's damn stupid and a total bitch for being such an asshole and whatnot.

Which is really ironic because they not only fail at trying to act smart and try to fool teachers thinking they can get away, but also think they are smarter than them! Really? You think you're smarter than Mdm Aisah? (and that actually says A LOT if you get what I mean)

But the most important thing is that... why would anyone in the right mind order ANYTHING and want to eat it in the cramp AVA Room?

Don't even say Pizza Hut, be it from McDonald's to NTUC I would rather go there myself to eat or order at home! Got so hungry or not need it NOW?

Or are you just trying to act like you're damn rich in front of teachers?

And speaking of that, one of them repeatedly said "Nevermind I am very RICH" or something along those lines when they eventually couldn't get their meal.

Hello please look at yourself if you're in this state one day all those money will be diminished!

Can't even manage what others perceive of you still want to boast how rich you are without evidence... I can also say I'm not a virgin what.

But really... ALL THIS HOO-HA OVER A MEAL?!?! You need help immediately!

Not to mention they almost started a riot in the venue. I can't fully concentrate on studying because of the ruckus they were creating.

The funny thing is how all of us are to take our O Levels in the same year yet you can clearly distinct how hardworking the pupils of each single class are.

Furthermore, to begin with, their stream/level or whatever isn't a particularly reputable one either. God knows how many times in my Secondary School life have I been told not to underestimate / not to look down on them.

But after witnessing how incredibly mature they are, HOW CAN I NOT LOOK DOWN ON THEM? Respect is to be earned!

And on a random sidenote, the girls in their class really need to eat more. They all look like they were deprived of food for 2 months and/or suffer from anorexia / bulimia.

But hey, it's their life, yea? I can't help it if they are going to have such shitass behaviours and forever be a burden to the society. There, I said it. I don't even care if they get pissed reading this because all those really happened, and it's just too bad if they fail to see their flaws!