...because comparatively, the best venue to have pizza is in school, not at home

Today was our Combined Science practical paper for the Mid-Years and my class was one of the few other classes that were in the very first shift, so after the paper at 9:30AM we had to be quarantined in the AVA Room until all classes have taken the paper at about 2PM.

I do not get how stupid some people display themselves to be.

People of a certain class of a certain level / stream decided it would be very funny to order Pizza Hut, thinking they'd be able to consume it in the AVA Room.

When the deliveryman came and was already outside the school, the person who ordered it was contacted and then told the teacher then in-charge, Mdm Aisah to let them go and collect it outside the school.

I wouldn't say I like Mdm Aisah very much but I totally support her decision to not let them go collect!

After which Mdm Lin Lan Theen came in to investigate the situation and immediately, cleverly, spotted the loophole.

When they entered the room, all handphones were handed to the front of the classroom, because it was against the school rules and practical examination rules which state that handphones could only be used in the canteen.

Which begs the question...


But that's not the end of it all! When Mdm LLT asked that, Some smart aleck immediately riposted,



It's not even POSSIBLE to order from Pizza Hut before the start of the exam at 8AM because Pizza Hut's delivery service only starts at 10:30AM.

Then again, I don't know how they even managed to order but even if it was all a made-up story it just makes them a thousand times more pathetic for making such a big hoo-ha out of nothing.

Let's say it IS true that they managed to "preorder" the delivery.

So how did they manage to receive the message that the deliveryman was there?

Exposed again! And they actually thought they could get away from it?

And when they landed into trouble they were still fucking indignant thinking they weren't in the wrong.

When Mdm Aisah's shift was over and left the room they started hurling offensive words at her. Or rather, the closed door.

Saying she's damn stupid and a total bitch for being such an asshole and whatnot.

Which is really ironic because they not only fail at trying to act smart and try to fool teachers thinking they can get away, but also think they are smarter than them! Really? You think you're smarter than Mdm Aisah? (and that actually says A LOT if you get what I mean)

But the most important thing is that... why would anyone in the right mind order ANYTHING and want to eat it in the cramp AVA Room?

Don't even say Pizza Hut, be it from McDonald's to NTUC I would rather go there myself to eat or order at home! Got so hungry or not need it NOW?

Or are you just trying to act like you're damn rich in front of teachers?

And speaking of that, one of them repeatedly said "Nevermind I am very RICH" or something along those lines when they eventually couldn't get their meal.

Hello please look at yourself if you're in this state one day all those money will be diminished!

Can't even manage what others perceive of you still want to boast how rich you are without evidence... I can also say I'm not a virgin what.

But really... ALL THIS HOO-HA OVER A MEAL?!?! You need help immediately!

Not to mention they almost started a riot in the venue. I can't fully concentrate on studying because of the ruckus they were creating.

The funny thing is how all of us are to take our O Levels in the same year yet you can clearly distinct how hardworking the pupils of each single class are.

Furthermore, to begin with, their stream/level or whatever isn't a particularly reputable one either. God knows how many times in my Secondary School life have I been told not to underestimate / not to look down on them.

But after witnessing how incredibly mature they are, HOW CAN I NOT LOOK DOWN ON THEM? Respect is to be earned!

And on a random sidenote, the girls in their class really need to eat more. They all look like they were deprived of food for 2 months and/or suffer from anorexia / bulimia.

But hey, it's their life, yea? I can't help it if they are going to have such shitass behaviours and forever be a burden to the society. There, I said it. I don't even care if they get pissed reading this because all those really happened, and it's just too bad if they fail to see their flaws!

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