BRB going jogging

So now that it's the exam period and the graduating batch is either doing hardcore studying or hardcore slacking.

But before all of these started going on, I realised that more and more Sec 4s were starting to carry out this jogging regime, or as I like to call it, a SHIT-SON-YOU-SERIOUS regime, and still are!

And it frustrates me because everytime I talk to a friend online, more often than not, the person is going jogging.

Ok maybe I'm exaggerating a bit too much but I really don't like it when people don't want to talk to me on MSN and instead go jogging because I don't have friends and I'm... ... ...lonely. (Or am I?)

In fact back then in Sec 2 I asked people to go jogging with me but they'd just blatantly decline. Now when I'm at this advanced stage of laziness the opposite is happening and frankly I think it is pure kismet that I'll be eternally unfit.

Furthermore, people telling me about them jogging and exercising and shit like that is like another lesson of social studies and geography, and at the same time, a slap in the face for me.

Because it's like reminding me about widening income gaps except you replace the money with weight.

And while we're on the topic of fitness, I also do not understand some people's obsession with muscle training and such. Likewise, people do not understand why I choose to be in such a miserable state but that's another story for another day.

I mean... okay, NS is probably a factor for many but hey -- What if they suddenly realise you actually have some disease during the health checkup then in the end no need serve NS??? All the efforts also waste right?

Besides... women like having sex with the more meaty males because they can... grab their lumpy bits. My source is Edrie so anything go find him.

I mean okay la got health benefits la I'll give you that but still... anyway Singapore food so unhealthy I think eventually you still become fatty bom bom. First world problems! Malnutrition in the form of obesity. ~Geography role model~

And I won't name names but it's funny how I know people that are weak in English, but instead of trying to make an effort for a decent paper qualification and improve their language, they choose to borrow not a storybook from the library but a book about training with weights.

Also, recently there's been this ridiculous woman who wears a tank top and denim shorts with slippers and goes jogging every morning.

When I first saw her I thought maybe she was rushing somewhere but it started to become a daily occurrence since a few weeks back so since then she became the first person I'd judge every morning, and that is providing the mirror in the bathroom fogs when I bathe so I won't be able to see myself.

Like really man. Every. Morning. Slippers and denim shorts.

Ok la in case you're all offended I'm just kidding! Or am I? Just do whatever you want, just make sure you don't get knocked down by a car and die.

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