First batch of results

So today was pretty much a neutral day because in the morning I received the worst results of the day and towards the end I got really pleased for some subjects so yea, overall I guess I am rather satisfied.

As expected I failed my Physics paper though I didn't expect myself to get an F9. The best part is how after combining scores with my Paper 1 and Practical results, I got 49.0 exactly! What the fuck!

I don't know why but teachers really enjoy marking my papers really accurately so I can't squeeze for that 1 mark.

I am really pleased though that I got 14/15 for my Physics practical paper! That's right! My highest for a practical exam ever! So now I only have CA to help me obtain that 1 mark to get a C6, which in all honesty isn't that hard anyway.

At first I felt like I disappointed Ms Czarina for not performing up to her expectations (I feel like Edrie and I are amongst the people in her class she had high hopes on) but turns out both of us despite our shitty results actually got "promoted" to the best class ie. Mr Shah's class.

And I don't like that! I have people I don't like over in that class and I'm sorry but I just don't like Mr Shah's teaching methods. It's not helping at all upon knowing that there are people in his class in Semester 1 that has dropped to Mr Anwar's class which is the last.

I would have said nastier things but my blog is monitored by certain people (you know who you are! ;)) so I'll just leave it at that.

I also scored rather miserably for Geography, at least for my case, because I only got 34/50 which is 1 mark away from an A2.

Even at B3 I just feel like I've not performed up to my expectations and Mdm Ruby agreed too. After all, shit I didn't study for decided to come out. I can only hope that Social Studies can pull me up which is pretty unlikely for me.

Chemistry was also extremely pathetic! Once again, I got 32 for the paper when the passing mark is 33 but like I said teachers enjoy marking my paper so accurately I couldn't squeeze for more marks.

Not to mention I made a lot of stupid mistakes worth getting shot for, and I doubt my CA will be able to save anything.

Thus, as a whole, my Combined Science is fucked. It's either a C6 or a D7 right now for Mid Years.

On happier news though, I actually did well for my A-Maths Paper! Thank holy god of mother Krishna! Although comparatively I think I'm ranked slightly towards the lower side of the class, I am extremely pleased considering how I thought the paper was really difficult.

I got 64/80 for Paper 1 (80% | A1) and 65/100 for Paper 2 (B3) so it adds up to 72.5%, an A2! Don't have to do Ms Ho's punishment of doing the entire AM Textbook now. If magic happens, my CA just might pull it up to an A1.

Now to cross the final hurdle for Mid Years which is E-Maths because I cannot afford to get B3 or below!

I also did considerably well for Computer Studies which I got a B3 for. Second in class, losing out to Kristle, so I am essentially the first Singaporean in the class!

And I am really proud of myself considering how for the entire year so far we did not touch textbook material at all because of our coursework. I also think it's the highest I've ever scored for a CS exam.

So yep, things have been looking good for me except Science. I'm looking forward to getting back my results for English and E-Maths tomorrow, and if I have the time I'll probably blog then.

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