So my results are actually pretty disappointing.

First time ever I actually failed my Combined Science. My Physics is at 49% which I will pass after adding CA, however, my Chemistry is D7 for SA and F9 for CA! It's impossible to pass it entirely! Sigh.

Another disappointing thing is that I got freaking B3 for E-Maths.

But oh well, IT IS WHAT IT IS! I know right? I'll just do Ms Ho's punishment during the holidays then. Which was issued today, and the punishment is doing every single question of the entire TYS.

Also, my English results are more or less bittersweet.

For Paper 1, I surprisingly got the highest for the class for my composition which is the first time that I've ever done so so I'm quite happy. I got 23/30 and according to Ms Teo, Mr Paul rarely gives 23!

Sadly because of my format I only got a 19/30 for my Situational Writing. Nonetheless my Paper 1 adds up to 70%, an A2!

Unfortunately though the entire cohort did shittily for Paper 2, and even the highest from 4E1 is a B3 overall.

And I got 22/50. I did really badly for both components, but I didn't think my summary would be so bad that I only got 10/25 for it. 2/10 for Language?!

Mr Leong told me during the Cross Country last Friday that my weakness is that I over-analyze questions. After all, I am a very deep person. Ahem.

The question asked what is an obstacle a CSI would face without applying for a search warrant. The answer is that the evidence gathered cannot be submitted in court, but I said in my answer that the obstacle was the law.

And thus, my overall is just a pathetic B4. Nonetheless, I can't say I'm not satisfied because I'm still within the upper quartile.

Also another surprising thing is that I actually got B4 for my Chinese SA! Shock of the year! A2 for Oral somemore! And my CA is a B as well if I'm not wrong.

I managed to score an A2 for SS though at 35/50, but my Combined Humanities still remains at B3, which is disappointing for me anyway.

So at the end of it all, my overall results are shitty after all!

I've realised that at this point of time competition is truly intensifying, or at least I think that way. It's scary to see people progressing way faster than me! People I don't like are catching up with me! Oh no!

But for those that didn't score well, don't be disheartened because it really isn't the end yet. There's still 5 months and I'm very sure it's entirely possible to catch up within 5 months! Just work hard, that's all I can say.

That being said I know it's a bit inappropriate to say I have disappointing results when others are getting F9s for everything but hey, everyone has different expectations for themselves, and I just didn't meet mine!

And if you're one of the people I don't like, pui I hope you fail everything. I'm talking to you, Najuice.

We've also started the Mother Tongue Intensive programme because our MT O Level's Paper is just this coming Monday! I am fucking scared, and that is an understatement!

But I find the classes extremely useful, and can be further beneficial if the class would actually shut the fuck up for once.

We combined class with the 5N, and I don't understand how LLT stands it. Because I can't concentrate at all! The fact that they, until today, still don't realize how deep they have sunken in shit, is absolutely ridiculous.

Can't wait for them to score badly and see them 悔不初.

I am completely fine if they want to fail everything, because at least the bellcurve will then shift to my advantage (Though MT don't have, I just want something logical to say) but don't be such a selfish fuck and affect those around you right?

And they are so noisy that LLT has to continually stop and yell at them which obviously does not work and you have no idea how time-consuming it is.

The best part is how they fail to realise how much time they're wasting and keep asking what time they'll be able to go home.

Well maybe if you just shut the fuck up and listen properly, we could have all been dismissed as much as 30 minutes earlier, isn't it? Dumbfucks.

It's not my fault people are so stupid.

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