Soooooooo this past month has been very... exciting.

As we all know I ~ALWAYS~ strive to live life on the edge and as such I would like to take this marvellous opportunity today, because I am very free, to enumerate my accomplishments this past month. And I use the word "accomplishments" very loosely.

1) I injured my finger attempting to peel an unripe orange which I thought was ripe

What can I say? I have soft, smooth hands.

2) I found out not 1, not 2, but 5 people in school who took up smoking this month! Or at least when I found out.

Scandalous or what? It's not everyday you find out so many people secretly smoking like a bunch of losers.

In fact one of them recently got attached... AGAIN! Scandalous²! I don't even know if it's with a human being or a cigarette. Spare the 'last long' wishes, cigarette addiction can last pretty long.

Smoking is so cool because when you die, your lungs will be black! I like that colour! Just kidding don't smoke they be trippin

This is, ladies and gentlemen, the excitement that JWSS brings you! Thank you thank you

3) I went shopping

I'm too lazy to take pictures, sorry

4) I unintentionally called a classmate a "dumb bitch"

Talk about being an asshole. Anyway as I said it was UNINTENTIONAL.

I was thinking about something else during our SL meeting and then she caught me totally off guard by saying "TRAVIS I NEED YOU TO BE TRANSLATOR" because we were visiting a nursing home of some sort with only Malay and Cantonese-speaking elderly.

Of course, I didn't switch on my filter as usual and neither did I think before saying anything as usual so I immediately sputtered, "I'M NOT FLUENT IN CANTONESE YOU DUMB BITCH"

In front of the whole class.

I felt really bad afterwards so I went to apologize only to be shunned. Well, once again, dia yang makan cili, dialah yang terasa pedas. If you eat the chilli, you taste the spice!

And I am a dumb bitch myself which is why I think I am eligible to call others a dumb bitch as well. Just ask Philana! She's a dumb bitch!

5) I have once again proved that I am a very good neighbour

The post office lady put a Starhub letter inside my letterbox slot but it wasn't for my unit but someone else's living on the 3rd floor.

It actually happened before for a 6th floor unit and I even personally delivered it to their house! Don't say I very stupid dunno how to just slot inside their letterbox cuz they were both stuck like mine to prevent fliers.

But I was very lazy that day so I did something very smart.

I leaned the letter towards the other end of the letter box in a way whereby it will definitely fall out when the post office lady opens it again the next day. AND IT WORKED!!! Woohoo!

6) Had my EL Oral Prelims

And I ~thought~ it went pretty well. My invigilator was, unfortunately, Miss Teo. Not that I don't like her, but I wanted another teacher because I think it'd be more thrilling and slightly more realistic, no?

The passage was actually a disaster for me because I spoke like shit in the beginning. Then from the middle portion onwards it went pretty smooth cuz I sort of warmed up already.

My picture was the one with people dancing with the disabled elderly. For some reason the conversation led to whether I was an organised or messy person.

I said I was a very organised person and cannot quite stand people who are messy with poor personal hygiene. (Obviously your possessions dunno how to take care let alone yourself right)

I wanted to say "I am very anal when it comes to cleanliness" but it ended up being "I want to say something vulgar but I know I shouldn't so... I really cannot stand people that are NOT clean."

She then went on to ask if discrimination of the handicapped prevails in their workplaces to which I said yes. Then she asked if there are any measures taken to prevent this, but I said I didn't think so.

Then she was like, "So if you were a boss of a company you would discriminate handicapped workers?" to which I defended "I DON'T MIND handicapped people but AS FAR AS I KNOW there's nothing done to the discrimination."

She also asked what other activities can be done between the handicapped and the non-handicapped and I said ball games like basketball but definitely not soccer. Lol.

I ended up not knowing how much I exactly got cuz Ms Teo purposely never circle on the feedback form while others had them. I didn't have anything written for areas of improvement under the picture discussion though. Surprising siol.

7) Me trolling Ayu without success

But one day... one day...

And I know the topmost tweet looks very pathetic and cheesy but she eats them up like nobody's business

8) Made 4E2 unofficially declared by Mdm Ruby to be the horniest class of the cohort

This of course dates back to a long time ago and I remember once she told us to do page 69 of the Geography workbook. Naturally I went "oooOOOooOOOoo 69! I'm going to do this page so well."

Then on our last lesson she was telling us to read up on GM Food on the internet followed by a "you can do all sorts of things on the Internet!" to which Edrie and I were like "oooOOooOOoo ALL SORTS ;) ;) ;)"

Then Mdm Ruby was like "AIYO THIS CLASS AH SO DIRTY MINDED BECAUSE OF THE TWO OF YOU! AND YOU ALSO!" then she point at Shiela HAHAHA. Then Shiela was like "susupeki!"

Anyway, guess what! My Mother Tongue O Level Oral exam is tomorrow. I don't know about you but I'm getting kind of excited.

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