My life is over

To those who were in school today, you know what happened. YOU KNOW!

Today during Assembly we had a talk on, surprise surprise, cyber-bullying! (again)

But this time there was a good part of the talk specifically targetting on blogs. Ahem ahem.

Of course my friends know me TOO WELL because they not only kept looking at me but at one point the powerpoint presentation had a slide with a big assed "WHO HAS THE BEST BLOG" or something like that on the screen.

Things were still fine. And then the speaker went on to "WHO HAS THE BEST BLOG IN THE SCHOOL?"

What I had expected to be the worst to happen had happened.

What sounded to be almost 90% of 4E1 and 4E2 unanimously shouted with extreme enthusiasm:


I died.

And then they shouted the same thing again which made me die again.

Casey lagi best. It is acceptable if you just shout Travis but Casey thought it would be very funny to shout "MEATPAO! MEATPAO!" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH talk about the last straw that broke the cameltoe's back.

So yea, if you are here because of what you heard today, no, this is not the best blog. The best blogs belong to all the ah lians that have shitty blogs that contain posts with only one word per line in horrendous grammar yea? I get a real kick out of those!

And god forbid there be teachers coming here because of what they heard. But if you are, hi! Though frankly it's starting to become blasé.

So other than the most embarrassing 15 seconds I've had today (did I mention after they did that my natural instinct told me to hide my head behind my bag like it was an invisibility cloak?) the whole talk was pretty much... meh. It's not anything we've never learnt before and SPEAKING OF WHICH


That is a lie.

Yes, I have cyber-bullied before, but notice how it's in past tense? Yep yep. *ahem*

Seriously as far as I know I have not cyber-bullied anybody this year nor last year, because I can't be bothered anymore. Which is why when I am in need of an appetite suppressant, I read my archives before that. Best diet plan ever.

I do have friends that actually used to actively read my blog because of the shit I write about others. I'm just satisfying the demand!!! (By demand I really mean 2 people)

At least I'm not pretending to be someone I'm not (insert joke about me trying to be food) like the ridiculous video they showed. Also, what kind of shit class is so childish to incessantly humiliate a classmate because of some photoshopped picture? Like, whatever?

Nonetheless it's still one of the better talks we've had for assembly so don't call me an ungrateful bitch, not appreciating what the school does blah blah blah. I do okay! I do! (or so they say)

Since we're on the topic of cyber-bullying, I heard about a case that took place this year in our school. Absolutely ridiculous because the accused person is, in actual fact, innocent.

What can I say about the accuser? Dia yang makan cili, dialah yang terasa pedas. If you eat the chilli, you taste the spice. If the shoe fits, go ahead and wear it! ;)

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