Si gin na

Contrary to the aggressive and absolutely vulgar title, this is going to be a happy post!

So I got back my report book last week and I must say I am pleased!

I don't care that I have Cs inside because I am still satisfied anyway!

As every person with low targets would say, at least I passed everything! Needless to say my C6 for Science was shocking because I thought I got D7. Confirm got some magic that happened behind closed doors.

And my L1R4 is 14! Very happy about that because it's just 4 points away from my intended target, which is a good sign that I'm on the right track.

Compared to last year's results, I improved by 1 position in class! For the first time since Sec 3, I am not directly on top of Edrie. (Not sexually)

Edrie got 10th and the person in the middle is Aliyah. I was about to make a sexual joke about 3 people but I scared later tio hoot by her boyfriend.

The school's system is also redonkulous. I've never been absent at all this year! Apparently some people also got 89/90 when they have perfect attendance also lor.

And of course, Miss Teo just has to put some cheem vocab word I don't know in the comments. So I went home and found out that adroit means "Clever or skillful in using the hands or mind."

Of course I am skillful when it comes to my hands.

Also, the top 10 in the class got a gift from Miss Teo! Positions 10-5 got a ~motivational banner~ and this was what I got:

The top 5 only got a small box of mints! Which I found out later was actually pretty moist inside because I assume it was inside the cold staff room so it's all a sticky mess in there. Thank goodness I got this! Talk about a blessing in disguise.

So yep yep yep hope everybody is also happy with your results and even if you aren't, there's still 4 months! Or 2 months to Prelims la whichever you want to console yourself with.

Speaking of which... holy shit it's getting nearer and nearer! Oh well, time is a bitcchhhchchchch

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