Did anybody stay up until 3AM to see the total lunar eclipse? Yea, me neither.

It's just a bloody moon (pun unintended) to me and it's not like you will get an epiphany or achieve nirvana or see Chang Er prancing around naked.

In fact I managed to have a good night's sleep AND view pictures of the red moon later in the morning. Talk about a win-win situation.

The only time I'd ever care so much about the moon is during the mooncake festival and even then mooncakes aren't even related to the moon.

Anyway, teeth update!

Navy for the top and green for the bottom. The Navy actually looked better on the transparent board but it was too late to change my mind anyway.

I also have to go back to using elastics! But this time it's a more hardcore pattern as I am about to show you

From one hook extended from the wire to looping around the top hook ending at another bottom hook attached to a bracket. In other words, an inverted V. Bloody tight! Don't you like how it's so wrong to say V and bloody tight so close to each other.

But yes it really is damn tight and my ability to open my mouth wide is very restricted. I know.

It's also one of the last stages of completing my treatment but I've been cheating and not putting them on for like 12 hours a day.

Not because of the pain since I've gone through that for too long to care but this time it's more of the discomfort that's putting me off. So now I only put them on when I sleep.

So the end of the holidays are coming and I've been playing Millionaire City way too much for my own good. I also have class outing tomorrow that I'm not looking forward to and my prelims for English oral is in 6 days!

For now I shall continue reading my book and play Millionaire City until my butt starts aching, so bye!

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