This is hilarious

Today I came across a newspaper article scan uploaded online (of course, since I don't even read newspapers primarily because I'm too lazy to buy one) from a local newspaper and I literally lol'd!

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First of all, that picture is anything but flattering and that new hair colour is absolutely hideous.


I thought such over-conservative parents would be long gone and everyone was starting to open up but this article definitely brought me back to reality. Then again we're in Asia isn't it.

What this woman really needs to do is to calm. her. tits.

To begin with, in an English speaking country, if somebody is going to listen to English music, chances are, the person would have probably heard/read/understood the lyrics, so some whiny assed parent questioning a journalist's ability to read English is pretty insulting.

Also, as far as I know, Born This Way was actually pretty well-received in the States and last time I checked, despite some people being Catholics or Christians, they didn't at all mind the lyrical content of the album. You know why?

Because nobody is so shallow-minded to take everything LITERALLY!!! Lolololol!

Lyrics of Bloody Mary, Judas, Black Jesus † Amen Fashion bordering on blasphemous, well, you can say that.

But what I realised is that... if anyone didn't know, Judas was banned from airplay in Singapore. It is considerably less embarrassing than Malaysia banning Born This Way (song) for the gay rights statement.

And then she not only talks about Judas, but other 2 album tracks as well!!! What can I say? She most probably is a Gaga fan herself and perhaps even bought the album. So whose fault is it now? Can't be she whole day sit in the store listening to the store playing it right.

I personally do not think it goes against the country's values of respecting different faiths and beliefs. I strongly believe that Gaga probably knows more about the bible than this random woman's clamour for attention. The feet-washing, betrayal thingies from Judas all biblical references what! It's all in there, what's wrong with her?

This woman is actually starting to freak me out because who knows she could belong to the West Boro church people thingy who are a bunch of scary people.

And speaking of having a "mammoth task" to teach their children how to discern what they read in the media, why can't they just sit down and deal with it and not push the responsibility to the media? It is their job after all, likewise how it is, at the end of the day, still her job to teach her children. You know what they say, you can't have everything in life!

I am also rather skeptical about 10 year olds reading newspapers. Children nowadays bother to read articles ah? When I was 10 I only bothered to read on Runescape.

And I don't know where she has been but she makes it seem like a big hoo-ha that there's no parental advisory printed on the album.

As an example, Britney Spears' Femme Fatale also no parental advisory what. Yet I hear lyrics like "You can be my fuck tonight"! Let your child listen to that instead la. Let him/her go find fuck buddies.

And then what's even more incredulous is when she even wants the MDA to BAN it! Wa biang woi! Is this woman secretly the real Mdm Nancy Goh? I don't think anyone actually gives a fuck (except maybe the publisher of the article), especially not when, from what I heard, the album has been selling well here.

So I strongly suggest that she either suck it up or lock her child away from the real world! Latter's a good idea isn't it?

It makes me really sad that such over conservative parents are still around because I really feel sorry for these children.

These are the kind of people that end up being social outcasts, unable to socialise properly and eventually become depressed and things like that. But I'm just generalising based on one person I've met so far so don't trust me.

But on the other hand, yea yea I know it's just for the sake of her child's well-being that she's even bothering to write in and all that. But hey, it's not our fault, okay? Neither is it Gaga's fault for writing music only to have its lyrics mistaken by shallow people. Just saying.


  1. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Yes, Leonard Glenn Freeman really needs to calm 'her' tits.

  2. one of my favorite rants by you so far! lots of loling moments