Being Racially Harmonious (or is it?)

Shiela is definitely one of the funniest and lulziest people in the book of pinoy records.

Not only did she wake up late for school last last Friday, but our little Ms Arroyo decided to take a taxi to school!!!

Unfortunately upon approaching the school gate around the roundabout the security guard was already closing the gates!

Just like in any other action movie, our foreign talent decided to open the door WHILE IT WAS STILL MOVING and commando rolled out of the taxi!!!! TALK ABOUT INTENSE!!!

Seriously you have no idea how much I laughed when she told me the story. She ended up sustaining super disgusting injuries. Best part is how she didn't make it to the gate after all, but the security guard pitied her miserable state and let her in anyway.

Shiela has officially made my escape plan if I ever get kidnapped come to reality by jumping out of the car while it was moving and now it doesn't seem like a good idea after all. I'll just ask them to touch me then.

Anyway, last last Thursday was Racial Harmony Day!! Our last one in JWSS too so that's kind of sad. Nonetheless it was a fun day because OUR CLASS WON THE MOST HARMONIOUS CLASS AWARD!!!

Look at Shiela's disgusting cum face. You say deserve to drop out of taxi or not???

With Racial Harmony in human form

With Miss India

Oh yeah

Embracing foreign talent. In your face SG Government!

With Datok G (OSTS)

See how racially harmonious I am??? I take picture with all races!! Unlike some people... ahem ahem

And Edrie's birthday also falls on Racial Harmony Day! Which is ironic since he's so racist. (or so they say) The cake quite nice leh cuz I was a freeloader hahaha!!!

So yea sorry for the lack of updates because exams are nearing, homework is piling and free time is shortening as well as my penis (just kidding) (Or am I?)

Will probably blog once every weekend from now or maybe more if you're lucky when I am very free / want to blog something very short so deal with it!


IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was my initial opinion just after watching the movie. After giving it some thought, it actually is


Like really oh my god David Yates did not disappoint!!! I'm so happy!!! Some scenes were done just perfectly, some of the additional scenes were also good and I'm just overflowing with emotions!!!


I teared THRICE!!!

I first cried before Snape died. The moment Lord Voldemort ordered Nagini to kill Snape it was like "Nagini, kill. *0.1 millisecond pause* BAM!"


And I cried again when they played the memory Snape gave Harry right before he died. LIKE EVERYTHING WAS EXECUTED PERFECTLY!!! OMG the scene where Snape was crying and hugging Lily Potter's dead body after she was killed WAS JUST... ARGH IT WAS JUST TOO MUCH TO HANDLE!!!

Then I cried again during the part where Harry used the resurrection stone!!! Omg I can't believe this is the first time I actually teared in the bloody cinema.

To be fair, everyone else was! Including this woman who even cried before the Warner Brothers logo even came out.

DISAPPOINT: (grammatical error intended)

I really hoped for them to stick as closely as possible to the book's rendition of the Battle of Hogwarts with all details inside, because it's essentially part of the climax! It was so intense in the books!

I really REALLY wanted to see Professor McGonagall send the benches and tables in the Great Hall charging towards the Death Eaters! I also really wanted to see Professor Trelawney throwing her crystal balls, as well as Harry witnessing Fred's death etc etc

Nonetheless, the mini-duel between Professor McGonagall and Snape made me love her more than ever! You go gurl! Only makes sense that you detest the person who stole your headmistress position!

The death scenes were also so brief! The Goyle dude was like, Ahhh! *dead and done*, Fred was like, just there, and so did Tonks and Remus.

And Bellatrix's death scene... I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO IT SO MUCH!!!

I was expecting Molly to really angrily bellow out "NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH!!!"

But what really happened was *frown* "Not my daughter, you bitch." *duel ensues*

First of all Molly and Bellatrix weren't even in a duel!!! Molly was supposed to hit a ~*harmless*~ spell squarely in her chest, causing her demise!!! That scene was really underwhelming. It was supposed to be done when everyone was looking, and Voldemort is supposed to get SUPER pissed because his best lieutenant died!

I also really wanted to see Neville kill Nagini in front of everyone :( Everything after Harry "died" went downhill steeply. Wasn't Harry filmed naked for the scene where he meets Dumbledore after he dies though? Not that I want to see that... *ahem*

So yea, I guess the Battle of Hogwarts was a letdown. Everything else was okay... I still feel sad though that there isn't going to be another movie, or even another book. I haven't read The Tales of Beedle the Bard yet! (Those who watched Part 1 / read the book would know)

But overall I think it really wraps up the whole franchise nicely.


I remember myself watching the Sorcerer's Stone when it first came out and I ended up sleeping halfway through. Also happened for Chamber of Secrets and my mother didn't bother to bring me to watch one ever since HAHAHA.

I'm feeling very sad now so I shall stop typing anymore so I won't keep thinking about Potter. By the way I heard now the books selling for only $8 leh. Nabei. But mine is hardcover and they're selling the shitty paperback ones!!

It All Ends Here... or so they say






To some people it is the end of their childhood. To me, it's the end of... 2 years? Well, either way, I REALLY HOPE I DON'T CRY THOUGH I AM QUITE POSITIVE I WILL. Thinking about everything ending right now makes me feel very emotional inside already.

I will do a, hopefully, full review of the movie when I come back. In fact, when you see this I'm probably at the cinema already.

Omg omg omg me me me so eggcited

Stop being bald

*DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER* All my opinions so not happy don't read

So recently there has been an alarming trend in people shaving their heads off. What... a load of shit.

And the fact that some people are doing it based on what I would like to call "contractual obligations" is clearly redonkulous.

On some people having a crew cut looks nice. But on some people it just looks nasty! In a word of... *ahem* fairness I don't have the perfect hair but at least I don't go around looking like I've starred in Prison Break.

Speaking of which unless you are Wentworth Miller or you are saving costs on shampoo I don't see the point in getting crew cuts. Especially when you'll be getting one for free in a few years, if you know what I mean!

Why do men have to shave their heads before entering NS anyway? I don't see the benefits at all aside from the truly bald people not feeling alone that way.

You know what they say. No money, no honey, no hairy, no marry! Ok no I actually just made that up in my mind.

Nonetheless no matter what a nobody like me says there will always be people around who enjoy tormenting others through their looks. A perfect example would be myself.

And on that note let's look at some teeth!

Sorry ah, run out of colours already. I refuse to get other colours available because I have my reasons (eg. I don't get red because it looks like blood)

They're starting to look really gross because of the severe staining going on. I SAY AGAIN AH I BRUSH VERY CLEAN ONE HOR!! *ahem* I do

And there's no progress because I haven't been using my elastics as often as I should. I always want to but it hurts! Like a lot this time!

I usually put them on when I sleep but it gets so painful after around 5 hours that I wake up in the middle of the night to take them off. I'll probably try again tonight.

In other news I *might* be doing some blog maintenance to improve performance! Sounds damn cheem right actually I'm just intending to work on the codes a bit because I'm still very bugged by how my blog looks like shit on Internet Explorer (USE SOMETHING ELSE CAN OR NOT) So we'll see how it goes.

And in case you care about what I've been doing in school... I like Blueice. Should I go donate blood on July 20th? Never done it before.

Also I received a box of highlighters from Miss Teo for getting in the top 3 for MYE English! I didn't even know I was! I like how at the back it even says "proudly made in the peoples republic of china".

I also think it looks like a box of tampons which makes sense because you can uncap, insert, and afterwards use it as a red highlighter! Ok bye

CDs of the month! (#18)

Hello it's me again!

(2011.04.20) Utada Hikaru - WILD LIFE
(2011.05.18) Koda Kumi - KODA KUMI 10th Anniversary ~FANTASIA~ in TOKYO DOME

2 DVDs; 1 of a lazy ass and the other of someone who works her ass off.

(2011.06.15) Superfly - Mind Travel (CD+DVD | Limited Edition)
(2011.06.15) Aoyama Thelma - WILL (Limited Edition | Bonus Tracks)

I thought WILL was a pretty good album but it's really a pity that she'll flopping harder than BoA. In fact she's getting dropped. It's really sad considering this shits all over her previous album!!!

Mind Travel is also a good album and apparently the first pressing comes with a random sticker selected representing one of the album tracks, of which I got one for Free Planet! Not the best-looking sticker, but is definitely one of the best songs.

The other sticker types if you even care

The Born This Way vinyl to add to my ever-useless vinyl collection! It's sad that the UK doesn't produce those cute little 7" vinyls anymore for her singles.

The back

Voila! Le inside

That's all for this month! Couple of posts coming up in the next few days so keep your pants on.

Happy 10th Anniversary! (4 stories)

Today has been a VERY intense day in JWSS.

1) First of all, it was my Mother Tongue O Levels Oral!!! And I did badly.

The passage was actually manageable. Then the conversation topic was, unfortunately, the very antithesis of myself.

How can the school help students be outstanding athletes?
And how the students can help themselves be outstanding athletes.

I said about how it must start from the heart then go on to their bodies where they have to keep it healthy all-day by eating healthy foods, drinking 8 glasses of water daily and sleeping 8 hours daily.

And of course start exercising from young so that when you grow up it comes naturally! No?

Then the last question was

How do you think the school is able to develop these outstanding athletes?

Then I ended up saying that schools should organise competitions (raised cross country in our school as an example, but I didn't know how to say cross country in Chinese so I said marathon HAHA) and award these athletic people, hoping that people who are interested will be spurred on to be outstanding and let their talent shine!

Whatever la they can't hide their poker face from me. One of them is a china woman and she must have been like "Son, I am disappoint because your Chinese sucks". She looks like Nicole Seah some more.

2) In other exciting news, I trolled Mdm Ruby today!!! Omg Mdm Ruby is so funny I think one day I just might dedicate an entire post filled with Mdm Ruby quotes.

So I've been trying to master drawing the trollface and today I decided to draw a small one in the morning (to troll Mdm Chan) in the homework section of the whiteboard with a "Trololololol!" below the face.

After recess before Mdm Ruby's Geography lesson I drew a bigger version right beside it.

Mdm Ruby walked in, saw the masterpiece and gave the WTF face then ignored it.

Halfway during her lesson she was writing on the whiteboard until the trollface then she erased it and was like "AIYO WHAT IS THIS AH??!!"

Right after erasing that she saw the small one right beside it and went "AIYO WHY IS IT EVERYWHERE?!?!" AHAHAHHAA

Then she was like "WHO IS THIS???" then we were like "You la!" then she said...


OMG I FUCKING DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Then after that because she was teaching us genetically modified food, she drew a picture of a corn that vaguely looked like a penis and the class started to giggle. Then she was like "AIYO YOU ALL!" then erased the corn and instead drew an X, labelling it "corn".


So yea, that's the end of the lulz Mdm Ruby moment of the day. Should I do a "Mdm Ruby lulz" segment every week?

3) And here comes the most intense happening today! In conjunction with the SAF day and the day JWSS celebrates its 10th Anniversary...

the school was on fire.

I think I'm allowed to say this because it's already EVERYWHERE on the net, but I'm not going to say anything more than that because I don't think it's appropriate.

Somehow a classroom ~*exploded*~ and 70% of everything inside is now reduced to ashes. The police are still investigating the cause and some lucky staff even got pictures of the interior, which I am REALLY curious to see because I am very kaypoh.

So here's the story from MY point of view!

Exciting or not?? I purposely didn't mention anything earlier on because I knew you wouldn't pay attention that way.

Around 1PM+ after we had our oral last-minute revision we were having lunch in the canteen. The stupid fire alarm suddenly rang and as usual, EVERYONE knew it was a false alarm because it happened so many times before.

So I was munching on my noodles going "Are you fucking kidding me? No way am I leaving my food." and the ringing stopped.

Right after my MT Oral, I was outside the counselling room opposite the library with Yi Ting, Shandy, Darren and Rajes.

Then I looked at the opposite block where all the Science labs are and I saw SMOKE from BEHIND the building coming to the front! Suspicious or what?

Right after I saw the smoke getting heavier the alarm rang again. This time I thought false alarm again because it stopped after a while.

Then I saw Mdm Lock running.


But I heard she was damn heroic! When she learnt about the fire she immediately ran to the canteen to make sure everyone was alright!

Then we saw Miss Teo running from the General Office and she shouted at us "GO ASSEMBLE!" then we thought it was only the teachers having an urgent assembly or what.

I ended up saying "So late already I'm going home!" because I had to rush home to bring back and hand in my Chemistry workbook assignment due BEFORE THE SPEECH DAY EVENT (which was in like 30 minutes then) to Mdm Lock.

The moment Darren and I reached the ground floor everyone was being ushered to the music terrace and I realised the smoke became damn heavy. Then they don't let me out of school!

Meanwhile, upstairs in the hall Mr Leong was at the microphone saying "All performers please assemble at the parade square now." Turns out is at music terrace la anyway.

That was when I heard a classroom was on fire!!! Omg exciting much? I even went to take a closer look from the cyber café and I'm not joking when I say it was a big fire. Not very big la, but big until I could see the flames poking out the windows.

I thought it was a hilarious sight because all the students were treating it like nothing and chillin' their way to the music terrace while the teachers were panicking like crazy!

So we were evacuated to the hockey pitch because the field was closed until the firefighters came (which led to tumultuous cheers) and everybody had to sit there for very long. Which was why during that time I tweeted lots of shit! (follow me)

After the fire was put out everybody started making their way back to where they should be because speech day was already going to start. The show must go on!

When Mr Aziz came I was like "Mr Aziz did you see Mdm Lock?!?!"

"No, why?"
"I actually supposed to go home take my workbook for her :((("
"Nevermind la forget about it I'm sure she will understand."

What I hope will happen: She understands
What I think will happen: "Then who ask you never remember to bring in the first place?!?!

Based on the rumours I've heard and eyewitness accounts from my friends, I can somehow form a string of events that actually makes sense. I know right? I can be that man from CSI.

I realised that it could have started from the alarm at 1PM+. I believe there has to be some sort of smoke alarm somewhere in the classrooms or corridors so obviously the alarm went off when it was still a small fire.

"How would the small fire be caused by?" You must be asking.

Someone could have been smoking in there. As impossible as it may sound, but hey, I did find 5 people that did last month.

The person could have thrown the still-lit cigarette butt in the rubbish bin causing the fire to build up. Then when it reached something flammable, say, a bottle of perfume, that's when the explosion happened. Don't ask why there will be a bottle of perfume, there just was. *ahemconfidentialahem*

However there's a loophole to the story which I will not say.

Or conjecture number 2 which is less credible, hence being number 2:

Some people could have been playing with fire there, accidentally lighting up something in the process.

In a fit of panic, they don't know what to do, so they find pathetic ways to stop the fire only to fail.

They run out just so they don't get into trouble. Unfortunately, based on an eyewitness account, around 1PM+, he saw 2 people fighting near the scene. Remember how the alarm went off around that time too?

What could have happened is that they started blaming WHO exactly started the fire. Then they start pushing blames. Then they start fighting. You know, like drama like that?

But it has the same loophole. So in conclusion, both stories are likely to be false! Did I just waste your time or what?

At the end of the day, *DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER* these are all mere speculation! Don't jump to conclusions! I myself am waiting for the investigations to finish.

I am, however, extremely disappointed with people who are saying that they are actually happy it happened and that it should have burned down the whole school. It's very sickening to see that.

You know what? Fuck you. Nobody told you to come to this school, and you should be grateful that you're even in this school. Be thankful for what you have and don't be such a sick pussy. Some people really don't know how lucky they are. Hope your house burns down.

I'm not trying to be an asshole because I already am one so I don't need to try but isn't it exciting for the teachers that an actual fire happened?

Of course no accident is the best la but after months and years of fire drills, isn't it good to know your efforts are finally being paid off? Plus you can be the hero and evacuate all the students! Those that used to hate you will have a new found respect for you!! Ouis? Non?

4) Anyway I also attended speech day as an audience member. Can I just say it was fucking mindblowingly good? I am honestly, really honestly, bloody impressed.

Not only was the entire event as a whole SUPER high-budgeted (being 10th anniversary and all), the concert was also really good!

Normally during typical school concerts we'd be disappointed with certain items, but in this, none at all. Okay la, to be fair there was only one, but it was a long one what!

I liked the speech day video where they showed pictures from its opening all the way to events this year. Maybe if it's up on YouTube I'll post it some time in the future.

I also really, really enjoyed the musical. I don't know what others are saying but I really liked it. Their acting was actually decent! I'm in fact quite jealous they even get to act in anything, seeing how I initially wanted to join drama club before its disbandment and all.

Either way the concert was a really enjoyable one but it's also sad to know that... I've never won anything for speech day before ;_;

BUT JUST YOU WAIT!!! I'll make sure I get the top for ~something~ and next year, I'll get invited, and I'll finally get to enjoy the BUFFET!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!

p/s. Since this is probably one of my longest posts in like, 2 years, I want this to be at the top and have my efforts glorified as much as possible! Long story short, CDotM delayed till next Saturday.