Being Racially Harmonious (or is it?)

Shiela is definitely one of the funniest and lulziest people in the book of pinoy records.

Not only did she wake up late for school last last Friday, but our little Ms Arroyo decided to take a taxi to school!!!

Unfortunately upon approaching the school gate around the roundabout the security guard was already closing the gates!

Just like in any other action movie, our foreign talent decided to open the door WHILE IT WAS STILL MOVING and commando rolled out of the taxi!!!! TALK ABOUT INTENSE!!!

Seriously you have no idea how much I laughed when she told me the story. She ended up sustaining super disgusting injuries. Best part is how she didn't make it to the gate after all, but the security guard pitied her miserable state and let her in anyway.

Shiela has officially made my escape plan if I ever get kidnapped come to reality by jumping out of the car while it was moving and now it doesn't seem like a good idea after all. I'll just ask them to touch me then.

Anyway, last last Thursday was Racial Harmony Day!! Our last one in JWSS too so that's kind of sad. Nonetheless it was a fun day because OUR CLASS WON THE MOST HARMONIOUS CLASS AWARD!!!

Look at Shiela's disgusting cum face. You say deserve to drop out of taxi or not???

With Racial Harmony in human form

With Miss India

Oh yeah

Embracing foreign talent. In your face SG Government!

With Datok G (OSTS)

See how racially harmonious I am??? I take picture with all races!! Unlike some people... ahem ahem

And Edrie's birthday also falls on Racial Harmony Day! Which is ironic since he's so racist. (or so they say) The cake quite nice leh cuz I was a freeloader hahaha!!!

So yea sorry for the lack of updates because exams are nearing, homework is piling and free time is shortening as well as my penis (just kidding) (Or am I?)

Will probably blog once every weekend from now or maybe more if you're lucky when I am very free / want to blog something very short so deal with it!

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