Stop being bald

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So recently there has been an alarming trend in people shaving their heads off. What... a load of shit.

And the fact that some people are doing it based on what I would like to call "contractual obligations" is clearly redonkulous.

On some people having a crew cut looks nice. But on some people it just looks nasty! In a word of... *ahem* fairness I don't have the perfect hair but at least I don't go around looking like I've starred in Prison Break.

Speaking of which unless you are Wentworth Miller or you are saving costs on shampoo I don't see the point in getting crew cuts. Especially when you'll be getting one for free in a few years, if you know what I mean!

Why do men have to shave their heads before entering NS anyway? I don't see the benefits at all aside from the truly bald people not feeling alone that way.

You know what they say. No money, no honey, no hairy, no marry! Ok no I actually just made that up in my mind.

Nonetheless no matter what a nobody like me says there will always be people around who enjoy tormenting others through their looks. A perfect example would be myself.

And on that note let's look at some teeth!

Sorry ah, run out of colours already. I refuse to get other colours available because I have my reasons (eg. I don't get red because it looks like blood)

They're starting to look really gross because of the severe staining going on. I SAY AGAIN AH I BRUSH VERY CLEAN ONE HOR!! *ahem* I do

And there's no progress because I haven't been using my elastics as often as I should. I always want to but it hurts! Like a lot this time!

I usually put them on when I sleep but it gets so painful after around 5 hours that I wake up in the middle of the night to take them off. I'll probably try again tonight.

In other news I *might* be doing some blog maintenance to improve performance! Sounds damn cheem right actually I'm just intending to work on the codes a bit because I'm still very bugged by how my blog looks like shit on Internet Explorer (USE SOMETHING ELSE CAN OR NOT) So we'll see how it goes.

And in case you care about what I've been doing in school... I like Blueice. Should I go donate blood on July 20th? Never done it before.

Also I received a box of highlighters from Miss Teo for getting in the top 3 for MYE English! I didn't even know I was! I like how at the back it even says "proudly made in the peoples republic of china".

I also think it looks like a box of tampons which makes sense because you can uncap, insert, and afterwards use it as a red highlighter! Ok bye

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