CDs of the month! (#19)

CDz 0f lé m0nthxzsxzsxz. You rikey rikey?

Beyoncé's 4 Deluxe Edition! I'm not really a Beyoncé fan but this album really caught my attention because the album is actually pretty solid! Run The World was such a misleading lead single.

Alicia Keys' Songs In A Minor 10th Anniversary re-release Collector's Edition~ this thus completes my Alicia album discography! This album is also really really good. Now I understand why many didn't like The Element of Freedom because it pales in comparison to her other works.

(2011.07.27) MISIA - SOUL QUEST (Limited Edition | Bonus Disc)
(2011.07.27) JASMINE - ONLY YOU

MISIA's latest album and JASMINE's latest single! SOUL QUEST was actually better than my expectations, and probably better than her last album. Too bad it kinda flopped on the charts for her standards. Likewise for JASMINE. The world of J-Pop is going to be dominated by AKB48 and SNSD!

First Press poster for SOUL QUEST~

(2011.07.27) Namie Amuro - NAKED / Fight Together / Tempest (CD+DVD | First Press | Special Packaging)

The queen of lazy is back with a new single exactly 364 days after her last. I like how they made the cover and everything transparent at the background which they aptly named "NAKED packaging"

So that's all for this month! There's going to be an onslaught of J-releases within the next 2 months and I am so excited.


  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    LMAO!! at namie being lazy!! in her defense she did just release checkmate like 2 months ago. its not like we're talking about hikki or anything :p

    Are esited about "FIVE" ayu's upcoming mini album?

  2. Hahahaha that's true. Hikki is the ULTIMATE queen of lazy! And I'm quite excited for FIVE, not VERY though. I just hope the collabs aren't shitty lol. progress is AMAZING though!

  3. oh i wanted to ask do you recommend soul quest?

    anyways "Progress" is the definition of EPIC, i really have a feeling that "another song" is gonna suck but oh well.

    the collab with Juno seems random.

  4. Yep I'd definitely recommend SOUL QUEST! There are quite a number of really good tracks and only a few sounded like filler tracks :) I'd say it's probably on par with JUST BALLADE