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The prelims are officially over and Teachers' Day is right around the corner. The last time I actually bothered to buy presents for my teachers was way back in K1, and even then I only bought fake roses.

So I went to look for some gifts for some teachers to give presents to and I was utterly shocked at the exorbitant prices things were sold for. My definition of "exorbitant" is anything over $5. Sorry I am very giam siap.

Therefore if any teachers are reading this right now, if you don't receive a present from me, it's not because you're insignificant but it's because

1) I don't have the money

2) I can't find a gift that's suitable for you

3) It's hard to find a good practical gift that you will keep that you will not end up giving to your children to gift to their teachers instead.

Don't you think? I'm looking at all the things on sale and they are all decorated with childish designs that aren't even worth keeping. The only people who would buy those type of gifts for their teachers are those that do not have common sense or those who hate their teachers.

I'm also unwilling to buy cards because it's too much of a "mainstream" gift and more often than not they cost more than $5. Not to mention the classic red pen gift. Erm, no.

Look at the wonderful effort I put in to get a good gift for teachers! You're most welcome!

I also queued at KOI for the first time in my life yesterday. Fortunately, the queue wasn't long at all so that was a pleasant queuing experience for the first time.

Unfortunately, the service is pretty fucked up. Which makes them no different from the overpriced mini mart below my house -- the service sucks but they don't care because you won't have anyone to complain to and you know you will still be coming back for more!

I can only describe the service there as "robotic".

So the moral of the story is... you don't queue for KOI. You ask others to buy them for you at the same time when they are. Saves time, saves money! (Because time = money!)

The Presidential Elections are also tomorrow. This is going to be a life changing moment for me because for the first time since my start of school, I won't be having President S R Nathan and his wife's portraits hung in my schools!

But other than that, I can't really be bothered, as long as they do a good job (being bo chup constitutes to doing a good job too btw) during their... TANure. *ba dum tsh* Thank you

So here is what I know about the 4 candidates.

1) Tony Tan: I think he's too old and rich to bother so he should stay in whatever rich apartment he lives in. I also think he has an ~impeccable~ command of the Chinese language as evident here.

2) Tan Cheng Bock: If I were of legal voting age I would vote for him wholly because he looks exactly like me along with countless other Asians when he smiles. Then again, I wouldn't because I can't take anyone whose logo is palm tree seriously.

3) Tan Jee Say: Probably has the logo that makes the most sense out of the four (ie. Heart [of the nation]). My classmate who is full of wisdom judged the 4 presidents based on their looks and said he looks like a rat. Not I say one hor.

4) Tan Kin Lian: I know he used to be some big shot in NTUC. When I think of NTUC, I think of the supermarket, NTUC Fairprice. I just hope that if he is elected, the prices of goods will go down.

In other worldwide news, I just found out that by 2030, nearly half of the men in the UK will be obese. At least now I know where I will be heading to 20 years down the road because it'll be easier to get la... ots of friends.

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