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I think if I were given a choice to put up with the stupidity of some people or to go through 2012, I would rather have 2012.

For someone like me who is full of shit, it means A LOT if I think someone is full of shit. And not just full of shit, but also very stupid.

As George Carlin would say, "People are fucking stupid."

And this leads me to what I really am going to talk about today -- JWSS. You know what they say (by 'they' I really mean nobody), everybody will have their fall one day.

I sincerely with all my heart think that JWSS is about to reach that stage.

First of all, I am inside that school, so I have been making the school shit since 2008. But as if that isn't as miserable as it is already, today, I have finally come to a consensus that batch after batch, JWSS gets shittier and shittier.

But if you think I'm just being really stupid check out this piece of shit.

Yesterday, my form teacher told me about a Sec 3 boy who I feel is an utter embarrassment to mankind.

Not only did he not hand in a simple E-Math assignment SINCE THE START OF THE SEMESTER, but when she went to find him yesterday in class to hand it in while they were still having lessons, he decided to be a smartass, activate his ninja mode and sneak into the next door's class to hide.

What... a piece of shit.

At first, he didn't know how to do the assignment, so my teacher suggested he stay back after school to do it under her coaching, which is something he had been doing for some time. But he didn't. Then he just didn't do anything about it, which led to his class not being able to have a class test.

In addition to that blasphemy, Sec 1s and Sec 2s are also hiding under tables and then asking the teacher, "Eh cher, you realise got some people missing??"

I was about to type "Are they being serious?" and then I realised they obviously aren't.

Even back then when I was in Sec 1 nobody did stupid things like that. Really? Hiding under tables? Were you born in a barn? Would you like some hay?

It is one thing to be clueless about something (eg. homework) but it is a totally different thing to make a complete idiot out of yourself in front of the whole world.

Goodness knows 10 years down the road JWSS would become a pig sty.

But in all fairness NOT EVERYBODY after my batch is shitty la, okay? But some people are really nasty! Like I'm talking about awfulness to an extent where it's almost unbelievable! I truly believe that some people are so ridiculously shitty that they really outweigh the genuinely good ones.

If I were a teacher and I have shit students who hide under tables, I will look at them with a deadpan expression and say, "Really?"

Or worse still, have a student who doesn't hand in work for EVEN ONE WEEK I will fucking call his/her parents and say as much shit as possible no matter how defensive their parents are. Some people really need to get their shit together.

And then I'll probably end up being sacked for being such a "shitty teacher" but it's okay because I always tell myself that "beauty fades, dumb is forever". It's not my fault people decide to be so stupid and think they are geniuses. (Like me, which means this last line doesn't make any sense at all)

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